Hi everyone! This is just a little one-shot I thought of while reading other stories. Also for all of the Musso fans if you go on YouTube and search Mitchel Musso Lonely one of the videos that shows up is by someone called Mussolicous and they recorded a live chat with Mitchel himself where Mitchel actually plays his new song Lonely so if you search that you can hear the new song. Enjoy the story!

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No One's POV

They were going on a double date. The girl had beautiful long brown hair, bright hazel eyes, and tan skin. The boy had raven-black hair, brown eyes that shined, and tan skin. She had a boyfriend and he had a girlfriend. Nothing was ever supposed to happen between them. They had never met before so their dates had to introduce them to each other. After the greetings the four sat down together and ordered, the gentlemen ordering for the ladies. During the whole date the dates, Candis and Lucas, talked up a storm with one another while the boy and the girl, Brady and Mikayla, stayed silent. Something that wasn't noticed by the dates was that Brady and Mikayla kept sneaking glances at one another and would blush and turn away embarrassed if they happened to lock eyes. Once the food arrived everyone had begun to eat before only a couple minutes later Candis excused herself and was followed by Lucas a few seconds later.

This left the two silent people alone to eat and stare at one another in silence. When they both looked up they locked eyes and sat there for a few moments before the waiter interrupted them by handing Brady the check. He quickly pulled out his wallet so he could pay for all four of them. He was, after all, a king. After paying the two stood up and walked together to the front of the restaurant where they met up with their dates that had mysteriously disappeared during the meal. When asked where they had been Candis replied in the bathroom while Lucas replied he was waiting for her. Brady and Mikayla each nodded before Brady led the way back to the castle, hand in hand with Candis while Lucas was behind them hand in hand with Mikayla.

While walking back home Candis and Lucas were talking again and chatting up a storm while Brady and Mikayla were still silent because they couldn't get a word in otherwise. Once reaching home Lucas kissed Mikayla good-bye on the cheek before she turned to head to her room. Once she was gone however, Lucas winked at Candis before leaving the castle. Brady had gone to his room so he could get his present for Candis before he walked her home. Once he was back with her and have given her a beautiful necklace, having helped her put it on, Brady grabbed her hand in his own and led the way back to her house.

When they reached Candis' house Brady brought her hand up to his face before gently kissing it which in turn caused the girl to giggle and smile at him before walking inside. Once she closed the door the boy had a big grin on his face though it wasn't because of his girlfriend. The girl he had met earlier was running through his head over and over again. Brady quickly hurried home so he could be closer to Mikayla. That night when he went to sleep instead of dreams and happy endings of him and Candis his dreams were filled of the beautiful brunette guard-girl.

When he woke up in the morning and was getting his dressed his thoughts were divided between Candis and Mikayla. He knew he shouldn't be having any thoughts of Mikayla but he couldn't help it. He was hurrying so he could meet up with Candis. When he was rushing downstairs he accidently ran into someone. When he looked up however he saw that it was Mikayla. They had both quickly apologized to one another before heading off in their separate directions. After quickly eating breakfast Brady noticed he had ten minutes before he was going to meet Candis in the plaza. Brady then decided he might as well wait for her in the plaza.

Mikayla herself was getting ready to meet Lucas as well. She had finished putting on a black dress and black feather earrings. She had on silver gladiator heels and her hair was slightly curly. She quickly grabbed her clutch and her phone before leaving her room. When she rushed in to the hallway however she ran in to someone for the second time that day. When she looked up though she was met with brown eyes that were sparkling with amusement. "You can't seem to get enough of me can you?" Brady teased her as he helped her up. Mikayla blushed in embarrassment at this and looked down at the ground. Brady smirked at this before using one of his hands to lift her chin up so she looked him in the eyes. When their eyes did lock however it was like they were in a trance. To them, nothing existed but each other.

They both started to lean in and shut their eyes before their lips met softly. Her arms wrapped themselves around his neck while his found her waist. Their lips moved together perfectly and both were on cloud nine. The kiss lasted for a few moments before slight yelling could be heard. "Brady where are you?" Candis' voice came ringing through the castle. "Mikayla! Where are you?" Came Lucas' voice next. Brady and Mikayla jumped apart at this. They were both blushing. Candis and Lucas finally walked down the hallway to find their other half. Candis wrapped her arms around one of Brady's while Lucas wrapped an arm around Mikayla's waist. "Looks like our lovers were getting to know one another! How sweet!" Candis smiled. Brady and Mikayla smiled at one another before they were dragged off in different directions by their lovers.

The kiss was an accident. Of course it was. Or was it?

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