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Five minutes early, the woman stepped into the bar and looked around. She found her dark haired friend instantly, but held off moving toward her just yet as she wasn't alone.

There was a blonde haired man of average height standing beside her stool, and their closeness spoke of intimacy. They seemed to be wrapping up a conversation as the man leaned in with great familiarity and kissed her goodbye.

Feeling an intruder, she could feel her insides melting, hand on her heart and unable to escape the "aw" that passed her lips when the couple parted, smiled and leaned in to kiss each other briefly once again.

She stood rooted to the spot as the man stepped back and passed her on his way out of the bar.

Looking back she could see the dreamy look on her friend's face as she too observed the attractive man's departure.

"Cassie Reynolds as I live and breathe," exclaimed Taryn Arkansas as she approached the small bar table and slapped her handbag down onto the table.

Cassie was instantly wary, backing away at her abrupt action. "What?"

"You're in love!"

Ten minutes later, and drinks firmly in hand, Taryn quizzed her friend. "You're acting like a teenager."

Cassie snorted, but couldn't hide the smile. "Am not."

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Am not."

"Are too."

Caught out, Cassie shook her head in amusement.

"Whatever happened to Little Miss Independent?" demanded Taryn. "The one who swore she didn't need a man?"

Cassie flushed. "She met the right guy I guess."

Taryn took a sip of her wine before reflecting on the guy her friend had chosen. "Could do worse I suppose."

"Tay!" replied Cassie, mortified.

"Hey," snorted Taryn. "Considering your previous choices, he's a godsend."

Cassie groaned as she reached for her wine. "Don't tell Ollie that - his ego is big enough as it is."

Taryn raised her own glass in a silent salute. "Something tells me you can handle him though girl."

Cassie grinned, full of the confidence that comes with love. "Every little bit."

Something from the early days of a relationship in its baby stages.