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"I can deal with that jerk making fun of me but his dad is all rich and intimidating." Misaki's maid uniform sagged a bit as she sunk in chair. The Igarashi visit was imminent and she couldn't help but sulk.

"What did your mom say?" asked Aoi, sitting across the small table, looking handsome in men's clothes today. This was becoming the norm ever since the big P hit like a ton of bricks.

"That's the worst part. I wanted an excuse not to do it but when I told her she just excited. Shintani is the only guest we've had in a while." Misaki took a breath and straightened up. "I'm just complaining. It won't be so bad."

"Really?" Aoi leaned in, supporting his chin on one hand. "I'm surprised you're not more nervous."

"Why?" Misaki asked, only half paying attention.

"Isn't it obvious? They are going to be judging everything about you and your family. How you live; how you behave; what your house looks like; everything. And if you suck, they probably will not even bother with you afterward." Sticking his nose in the air, "Frankly, I don't think you're cultured enough to deal with them, especially not someone as important as Akira Igarashi."

Thanks for the support, she thought sarcastically. "Well I'm going to have to learn to deal with people like him" She picked her hair up into a messy ponytail and spoke with effortless confidence. "And that's it."

Strands of hair dropped in rebellion around her face. Her smile was soft but determined. Aoi couldn't help but believe in her. He wouldn't ever own up to this though, so he hid his embarrassment through condolences, "At least you'll be on your own turf."

Oblivious, Misaki agreed, "Yeah, and Tora will be their too. He's a jerk but he's good in situations like this."

Erika popped in and called out for Misaki's help with an influx of customers. The girl happily excused herself and left Aoi alone. He hated to admit he was nervous for her.

But if anyone could pull this off…

He wondered off towards the kitchen where he made the mistake of looking distracted in front of Misaki's very bubbly (and still very kicked out) father. The man easily coaxed the story out of the boy. Aoi didn't think much of talking about the diner between a wealthy boy's family and the man's estranged wife and daughters. Though he probably should have…

"Is this it?"

"Do people really live like this?" Igarashi father and son stood cringing in front of the Ayuzawa residence. The black Benz and sharp western suits looked out of place in the workaday neighborhood.

Mr. Igarashi hesitated in ringing the doorbell of the "shabby" home. Before he could run from the entire situation however, the door flew open.

"Hello" Suzuna said plainly.

"Hello" the two wealthy men quickly replied in surprise. There was an awkward silence as Suzuna stared blankly at them while the two attempted to hide the discomfort of being so out of their element.

"Well come on in!" Shintani popped up behind Suzuna, finally breaking the awkwardness. The Igarashis breathed a sigh of relief and followed.

Entering they gawked at the stained walls and uneven floor. "Regretting this yet?" Tora whispered to his father who only gave a death glare. The teenager had to suppress a laugh.

Misaki soon appeared and quickly gave an awkward apologetic bowed, "Um, welcome, Mr. Igarashi. Oh and you too."

Tora gave a raised eyebrow, which Misaki knew to mean; Don't you do this for a living?

Misaki glared but collected herself and gave introductions. She began with the Igarashis then went on to Suzuna and Shintani. Feeling more at ease, she was going to lead everyone to the table when her mother popped in for a hello.

The fresh-faced, apron clad woman instantly caught the eye of a certain wealthy philanderer. "And who might this be?" asked Akira.

"Oh, this is my mother, Minako Ayuzawa. We-"

"Mother! Impossible! You look like one of my boy's school friends." He took her hand and kissed it.

Minako gave a charmed smile, "Oh stop. We're very glad to have you."

Shaking his head disapprovingly the senior Igarashi declared, "With all your remarkable daughter has done for my son I am ashamed to not have paid my respects sooner. The honor is all mine." Tora wasn't sure if his father was referring to the horse riding accident or if he was just talking out his ass.

"Well thank you for coming. The food will be ready in a few minutes." She walked to the kitchen. Akira could have sworn there was an extra wiggle in her step. He smirked. "I'll help."

"Oh there's no need-" Misaki began.

He did not even bother waving her off and took to the kitchen.

Tora grit his teeth at his father's behavior but his face sure didn't show it. He was completely pleasant when he asked the small group, "So when will Mr. Ayuzawa be joining us?"

"I doubt he'll be here," said Suzuna flatly. Hinata impulsively butted in and basically told the entire story of the girls' father. Suzuna nodded with a small smile at his enthusiasm. Tora listened somberly.

"I know things will work out though! Isn't that right Misaki?" Hinata end happily.

Misaki had her face in her hand in shame at the plainness with which they spoke about the whole situation. "…Yeah" This is just ammo for that jerk (meaning Tora).

"Let's sit down?" Suzuna offered, oblivious. She led the way with Hinata at her heel like an excited puppy.

Misaki fell in step with Tora. She gave a suspicious glance at him, expecting a snide comment about her family, home, something, but instead he said, "We have to get my father away from your mother."

The seriousness of his tone sent a chill down Misaki's spine. "Why?" She asked sharply. She didn't care how much money that bastard had, if he did anything to her mom she would make him suffer.

Tora shushed her, but the leading pair didn't seem to notice, "He'll charm her, get what he wants then leave in the morning. Which will needlessly complicate things."

The four teenagers sat down. Hinata was babbling loudly about something nonsensical and Suzuna was smiling and nodding. Misaki gave a side whisper to Tora, "Is that all? He's not dangerous."

The question was a bit confusing to Tora, "He won't do anything vulgar if that's what you mean."

"Well my mom may be a bit gullible but she's not an idiot. She can handle a flirt."

Hinata was giving a very animate telling of a work experience. The three nodded and smiled, though only Suzuna paid any real attention.

"My father is a man with money and power." He gave a nod at Hinata's story before solemnly whispering back at Misaki, "and women are frivolous when it comes to any one of those things, let alone all three."

A vein pulsated at Misaki's forehead. Through clenched teeth she said, "I think you're confusing us with men."

His eyes shot at her for a moment but he remained poised, "Don't take it so personally. You girls are pretty and can get away with being weak so you do. It's society's fault really."

Misaki was pissed. He honestly believed this crap! She would have continued arguing but Suzuna was suddenly paying attention to them. "So is your mom working?" Suzuna asked Tora innocently.

Though a bit taken aback, Tora was still courtly in questioning, "Why do you ask?"

"Because she is not here." Suzuna said bluntly. Misaki suddenly became aware of the fact that she has never even heard a word about the woman.

Before Tora could answer, a deep grave voice replied, "She's passed." Misaki didn't know what to make of the quick but violent glare Tora gave his father.

"I'm so sorry," said Minako filled with sympathy as she came up behind Mr. Igarashi.

"You are too kind my dear, but that was long ago. No need for sadness," he replied. "Now then, shall we eat?" he added enthusiastically.

" Of course!" Minako brightened up and began passing plates.

The actual dinner part was less awkward than most expected. Misaki was nervous about behaving incorrectly in front of Mr. Igarashi but her absolute loathing of his son tempered this. It seemed like the night would end fine, until she saw a pair of all too familiar eyes peeking back at her from the bushes outside the window. Oh God why?

Her mother noticed them too. The woman's brows furrowed. Hmp. That man… She stood up and walked around to the other side of the table, in front of the window. She leaned needlessly far forward to pick up plates. This put here rump in total and clear view of the window; however, it also put her breasts at Akira's eye level. "I hope you all are ready for dessert," she said with a forced smile, angry at the thought of her unwelcomed guest.

"I know I am," said the suave voiced man. Akira's eyes shamelessly traveled down the curves of Mrs. Ayuzawa as she headed to the kitchen. Tora wanted to bash his own head against the table, repeatedly.

Taking her chance, Misaki discretely excused herself for a moment and ran outside.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?" she whisper-shouted at the man who was still in the bushes.

Not listening, her father drunkenly asked, "Who is that fancy looking guy?"

"No one! Get out of here!"

"Shhhh shush. They're in the kitchen." He began peeking through the window once more.

"Dad! I know you've been drinking. Come on." She yanked on his arm, "Get out."

"Look at how close he's getting to her!" He visibly reddened .

"DAD! You can't stay out here!" Misaki exclaimed.

He turned to her abruptly, much to Misaki's surprise, "You're right!" Misaki didn't have time to be relieved; he then shouted, "I have to get in there!"

"WHAT?!" She began pulling him once more. "No-"

"And fight for my woman!" he rolled up his sleeves in determination. "I'm not taking this laying down!"

Misaki yanked him down. "SHHH! No! Now is not the time."

Someone cleared his throat. Mr. Ayuzawa jumped back up. Crap, was all Misaki could think.

Tora stepped forward with a friendly smile. "Well hello!" He shook the drunken man's hand warmly. "You must be Mr. Ayuzawa. I've heard so much about you today. I'm so glad I get to see you! I'm Tora Igarashi."

Misaki was embarrassed and, frankly, freaking out, but Mr. Sakuya Ayuzawa was happily shaking Tora's hand. "Hello there!"

A high-pitched giggle followed by a suave chuckle came from the kitchen. Sakuya frowned, remembering his original mission, "I'm going in."

Misaki jumped in front of him, "YOU CAN'T GO IN THERE!"

Still smiling Tora walked up like an old friend and touched the man's elbow, leading him away, "You know she's right. You can't go in there Not like that at least."

Finally listening to his 'old buddy', Sakuya asked, "What do ya mean?"

"Coming back empty-handed. It'll just make you look bad, especially in front of a rich bastard like that." Sakuya cocked his head slightly in drunken interest. Tora elaborated, "You need to buy her a gift first. Something special a jerk like that would never think of." He threw up his hand in exaggerated defeat, "Otherwise, it looks like you just walked in after forgetting about her all day. You don't want that now do you?" His words were dripping with sympathy.

"No…" said the drunken man as he considered the boy's words.

"That's right." Tora put his arm around the man's shoulder in feigned empathy. "Now I can't stand by and let love suffer. Here take this," The teenager handed him some cash, "Go get her something nice. Or better yet," Tora gave a triumphant smile as if he thought of something genius, "Take her out tomorrow morning. A spontaneous romantic date will definitely make her happy."

"That's a great idea! Thanks!" Sakuya tearfully bear hugged the boy. Tora's pleasant façade dropped for an instant but he put it back on quickly, "Yes yes. Now go get things ready." And let go of me.

Mr. Ayuzawa waved goodbye, still sniveling, leaving the two alone. Misaki exhaled in relief, "Thanks. You really know how to handle people."

"It's a gift." Tora sparkled with conceit while wearing a fang-y smile. Dropping the sparkles he turned to face Misaki. "Now let's go get my dad off your mom's leg."

Misaki laughed, "Right." They high-fived in camaraderie. "Let's do this."