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There are times in a persons life when they question their existence

Even the smallest being has a desire for more

Some will sit while they hope, dream, and pray for a different chapter

Others will go out of their way to write it themselves

Similar to how people live their lives, books aren't written by themselves

sometimes going out of ones way to write is necessary

in the end only those with the will and determination can pick up the pen

"Today's the day. Todays the day. Today is the day." You're probably wondering who's this weirdo repeating one sentence over and over again? Well his names Takasu Ryuuji, Our stories Heroin- i mean hero. "Today is definitely the day." What day is he talking about you might ask? Well Takasu Ryuuji was unfortunately, no ordinary 16 year old boy with his short blue hair. He was a boy who dreamed of Adventure. Today was the day he planned on leaving his town in hopes of making a name for himself. Ryuuji, (as few would call him.) has sanpaku eyes, meaning his iris's take up less space than the whites of his eyes. Needless to say he scares many people. He may look scary but hes actually a pretty nice guy. That was his main motivation for leaving his town in search of better life. There was no point in staying in his hometown of "Tristeno". He wanted people to look at him with respect, not fear. He longed for a chance like today to leave this place and head out to see all of Dasten Garde, which was the Territory his town resided was one of the four territories in the land of Euphoria, along side Vaarden, Shaden, and Laya. Ryuuji felt his life to be awful and unfulfilled. He wanted more. He wanted to change.

"Go Ryuu-chan!" Came a cheerful voice from behind him. It was his mother Takasu Yasuko. She was one of the few people who weren't afraid of him. She was often drunk, yet still loveable. With Her honey blonde hair and youthful looks she was popular as a hostess.

He smiled at her happy to know she was always cheering. She was his only parent after having his Father run out on her while she was still pregnant. She's raised him by herself, but due to her job Ryuuji had learn to take care of himself when she wasn't around. This lead to him being quite the cook and cleaning freak. Sometimes he's the one who takes care of her, but he doesn't entirely mind because he's grateful to her for not abandoning him.

Ryuuji always wanted a different life, ever since he had met his first and best friend Kitamura Yuusaku. Today Like every other day he truely believed he was ready.

"Today's definitely the day" Repeated our hero for the fifth time as he stood at the entrance and exit of his hometown under the tall wooden archway. He was finally gonna do it. He was gonna leave this place with its oak wood buildings and Stone paved roads. He had everything he needed in sack slung over his shoulder. The inside consisted of clothes and his favorite spice collection. He also had a wooden stick on the sash that wrapped around his waist for protection. He was sweating under the sun. He was surprised because he had dressed pretty light. On his upper torso was a blue shirt with a tanish brownish open slevless vest. His pants were regular dark blue trousers that stopped just before his ankles. he wore flat stringless shoes and no socks. "Today...is definitely the day." He said again with a stern look on his face as stared forward into the wild forest that was just on the brink of his town. He was sweating due to nervousness. He'd never really been outside his town before. Anything bad thing could happen.

"You can do it Ryuu-chan!" Shouting his mother Yasuko. Every day he attempted to leave, his mother would stand behind cheering him on.

He kept repeating the phrase trying to reassure himself as many negative thoughts raced through his head. his first thought was of dying just after stepping one foot outside of town. Getting Mauled by a wild bear, after a few steps in the forest was the next as always, and last but not least being kidnapped and sold into slavery, after falling asleep outside of his hometown was another far off theory he had. He looked pale after recounting the string of negative thoughts.

"T-T-today is definitely...not the day." He sighed with his pale scared expression. He spun around and walked towards his mother who looked at him with disappointment. Even so, she still smiled at his decision and embraced her son. Ryuuji had to face it. He wasn't strong. He also wasn't what you would consider brave. He believed he had heart, or atleast that's what his mother convinced him to think. To ryuuji changing his life for the better was a dream. 'Maybe this dream is too far for my reach.'

After making their way back home, Ryuuji put some hot coals in the furnace. He was preparing to make dinner for His mother and himself. using his favorite spices and some ingredients from the local market he was gonna make friend rice. He held a sad expression in his eyes as he mixed rice in the skillet. His household was filled with silence apart from the crackling of the furnace and the skillet. His mother sat kneeling on a cushion at their small wooden table. She was playing with their pet bird inko-chan. He was a sickly looking parakeet. She also had dissatisfied look in her eyes as she turned towards Ryuujis back in the kitchen area across the room. Their hour consisted of 4 rooms 2 of which were bedrooms, and one of which was a living room dining room and kitchen mixed into one and the last was a bathroom. due to the irrigation system of the town they had running water for baths and the loon.

"Ryuu-chaaaaan" his mother groaned in a bored fashion signaling for his attention.

"Hn" He grunted in return, signifying that she had his attention.

"theirs always tomorrow. Always keep your head up, ya-chan doesn't like seeing ryuu-chan sad. After all Ryuu-chan is the coolest person Ya-chan knows" she said trying to cheer up her teenage son. He really didnt understand why she really liked calling him by that nickname or why she enjoyed talking in the third person.

"Is that so.." Those were the only words he could mutter back towards his mom. Her pep talk didnt work on him. " Yasuko," he started "when do you have to leave for work?" She gazed out one of the 3 windows in their home at the soon to be setting son.

"In a little while." she replied to his back.

"Well then time to kick into overdrive." He gave a stern response. His eyes had to glint signifying that something was about to go down. in a lightning fast motion he reach for one of his spice jars and sprinkled some of the contents of the skillet. And just as he set the jar down, a wooden spoon as if moved by some magical force appeared in his hands. Ryuuji began to elegantly mix the the rice in a fury of motions. Witnessing it all from behind him, his mother utter a laugh of glee. Ryuuji then with the speed of a cutting blade being, whisked the food onto plates and set them upon the table with spoons and cups in a matter of seconds. He grinned with a terrifying expression on his face as he seated himself in front of his mother.

"ahaha!" His mother laughed gleefully at her sons expertise in the field of cooking. "Ryuu-chan is soooo cool. Just like his papa!" Ryuuji dreaded the end of her sentence losing his grin and fierce expression.

"You really need to stop bring up that old man." Ryuuji raised his voice, with obvious anger in his tone. Running out on his mother wasn't the only sin of his father that ryuuji hated him for. Cursing him with the eyes of a high way bandit was also fuel for his anger.

"Ya-chan can't help it ahaha!" she continued to laugh before devouring all of the fried rice ryuuji had prepared for her. Ryuuji could only sigh and eat as well.

After dinner Yasuko dressed herself in her sensual attire which consisted of a frilly blouse and extra short skirt before leaving ryuuji to go work her usual night shift at the hostess bar.

After cleaning the dishes from off the table ryuuji turned toward his clean small home. One of the windows was open letting in air and revealing the night sky.

"Oh a crescent moon tonight." Ryuuji said as he looked towards the moon. He continued to stare at the beautiful moon as his mind drifted into a flashback.

"There's always tommrrow. Keep your head up. After all Ryuu-chan is the coolest person i know."

" Takasu...havent you ever hoped for more?"

"What if theirs more waiting out there for people like us?"

"Theres no dream too far as long as you stretch your arms and increase your reach."

'Keep my head up and Increase my reach huh?' He thought to himself as he continued to stare out at the moon lost in thought. ' Just how do they expect me to do that...' He trailed off in his thoughts before snapping back to reality. He abruptly closed the windows curtains and blew out the candles bringing darkness to the house. After retreating to his room and shutting the door quietly, he climbed onto his bed. His thoughts were still lingering in about in his head. ' Always tomorrow?' he sighed dismissing his final thought and soon drifted off to sleep.

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