In God's Plan

I force my eyes open and my eyes rest upon a scene of utter annihilation. Chaos surrounds me. My flames are gone and cold water has replaced its burning power. Smoke flies out from under the dying embers of my feet.

The dark poisoning clouds billow up and over the trees. The blue sky is hardly visible as the grey smoke masks its light. Almost as if the dark presence of evil over takes Panem. As if god is condemning these villagers to eternal darkness.

I can see people shooting one another, disarray in the frenzied massacre causes blood shed. Actual blood shed covers the ground, women scream in fear as they run away with their children gripped to their breast.

My ears go deaf at the sound of the guns firing. I glance to my right where Snow had once stood condemning me to my death. He isn't there any more, I wonder what happened to him.

I hear a knife cut my binds and Haymitch's rough hands grip mine. He drags me from my place and I can feel the blisters of my burns rip open. I can feel blood break the barrier of my skin. I'm leaving a trail of bread crumbs I presume.

My legs tingle as the air rushes passed them in my and Haymitch's escape. Deep in the woods I can still feel the ominous air surround me. The black clouds still puff up around the edges of my skirt.

I see a break in the woods and in the center is a black stallion standing proudly and beautifully.

Haymitch throws me on the back of the horse, and I some how manage to straddle it.

He jumps behind me and kicks the horse into gear. That is really all I witness before everything fades away.

When my eye lids find a way to lift I see total bleakness surround me. Not black endlessness of sleep but a dark ominous glow surrounding wooden boards. My eyes wander the ridges of the worn wooden planks.

I see Haymitch standing in a corner his head tilted downward either in prayer or in slumber, I cannot tell which.

It is odd, as I feel like I am being rocked to sleep as a child is rocked by its mother.

Upon further inspection of the room I notice Peter pacing by the foot of my bed. His eyes snapped shut with tears leaking out of them.

"Where….." I whisper only slightly, for my throat almost sears at the exit of the words.

"Katniss." Peter turns and smiles when our eyes meet. "You're awake." He hastens to my bed side and kisses my hand. Haymitch looks up from where he stands.

"And so soon, they said it could be weeks before you woke." He puts his hand through my hair.

"What…." I ask feeling the residue left behind by ash still in my throat.

"It's a long story." Haymitch sighs.

"When the witch trials first sprung up initially everyone was afraid. However, when Cloves father was killed in Salem a few weeks prior to a witch sighting of our own. A few of us came to a consensus to fight off the witch hunts.

"That team was Haymitch, Clove, Cinna, and Gale." Peeta looked at me sadly, "Initially, it was only them, but your father soon joined. He convinced a few other towns men to join.

"However, Judge Snow found out about them. How large their group was growing. He made Abigail, Kathleen, and Mary believe they were actually being possessed.

"When Sae and Rue were taken to trail, Snow put the entire committee of those against witchcraft on the jury so they would have to condone the hanging of Sae and the pressing of Rue.

"He heard you outside his window on the night of Sae's hanging."

"Yeah nice going kid." Haymitch scoffed. I squinted at him with a sour laugh on the side.

"And he was convinced you had seduced him. At Rues pressing he demanded she tell him who Sae had given her powers to. He made everyone believe it was you." Peter shook his head. "Your family had already left town by then, because the committee knew what would happen.

"When you were arrested and not even given a trail the committee knew they had to do something. I joined with them once we found out I'd be the next one arrested.

"When they began your burning a fight broke out between the committee and the towns folk. We managed to escape and save your life." He smiles so softly at me.


"We're on Gales ship right now, Madge, Finnick, Annie, and Clove are here with us. But Panem was… Destroyed in the massacre." I nodded before I let the realization hit me.

I began to cry heavily with gasping breaths as the ash burned my throat, "It's over…. It's all over." I whisper in a hoarse tone.

"Don't cry Katniss." Peter sooths, I am in hysterics and nothing can break them. I'm smiling and laughing now.

I can't pick an emotion so I have chosen all of them. My home is gone forever, but I'm safe and Peter is holding me in his arms.

"I'm free." I whisper as my tears subside and I can think clearly once again.

"We're headed to London, we'll be living with your grand father." Peter says softly not to provoke me.

I smile and nod tears still staining my face sticking hair to my cheeks, however I can only think of one thing that has nothing to do with all that has just happened around me.

He said we, he said we would be living with my grandfather. Together, he and I. How selfish I must seem that this is what I love most. He and I together, my dreams and all of my prayers had been seen and heard.

God has granted me love, and God has given me his most perfect man. He has allowed me to love and I feel now to be loved in return.

"I love you." I whisper no matter the pain it brings to my throat. I love him and there is now, as there always was, an ever present fire in my skin.

Well three chapters left my lovelies now what can I fit in three chapters you might ask? Everything