Present - 2030.

Pam's body wracked with sobs so much that she felt like she couldn't breathe. A ridiculous notion seeing as she didn't breathe nor did she need to. Still, it was there, that gnawing feeling that she wasn't able to get enough oxygen into her lungs. And it hurt. It hurt lot.

She barely noticed the door open, or her progeny stepping inside.

Colin, surprised to see his maker in his room, let alone crying blood red tears, quickly hid the case he had retrieved from Andrea in one of the drawers.

Pam didn't notice it and for that he was grateful, he didn't know how to explain it to her yet. He still had to put the pieces together and Andrea had to gather more information from her various sources.

"What happened?" He asked, eyebrows scrunching together as he approached her cautiously.

Pam merely shrugged in response. She was never one to talk about her feelings.

He took in her appearance and noted that she only cried like that for one reason; Tara.

"Ugh," she exhaled, wiping under her eyes and in turn smearing blood on her fingertips. She grimaced at the sight and then used the end of the bed as leverage to pull herself to her feet.

"Where have you been?" She asked, choosing to change the subject.

"Scoping out the place," he answered with a lie. Though it was partly true, he had scoped out the place. It was a half truth and in time, he would reveal the full one.

He handed his maker a handkerchief from his pocket and Pam gave an appreciative nod before dabbing under her eyes and clearing her cheeks of the red mess that had been her tears.

Colin ran a hand through his brunette locks and paused as he felt Pam's eyes on him. He followed her line of sight to his hand and raised an eyebrow curiously. "What?"

Having discarded the handkerchief, Pam crossed the distance separating them until she was a mere few inches away from her progeny. She swatted Colin's hand away and replaced it with her own, running her silky smooth fingers through his rough curls.

"You need a hair cut," she drawled simply.

"I'm not gonna get out of this one, am I?" Colin asked, heaving a sigh.

Pam smirked. "No."


Jessica came to a grinding halt as she collided with Tara in the hallway of Emma's sanctuary.

"Sorry, I-" she went to apologise but stopped as she saw Tara's eyes, and how they were filled with both pain and rage. Her body vibrated with emotion and her jaw was set tersely.

"Are you okay?" Jessica asked instead with obvious concern etched in her voice.

"Damn fuckin' peachy," Tara retorted and brushed past the redhead, continuing down the hall.

Jessica just gave a shrug and carried on to her sleeping quarters.

Tara burst into the room where Emma and Eric were situated. Both occupants turned to look at the fierce vampire, who stood with hands on her hips and determination in her eyes.

"Ya'll better explain things to me real good, now."


"Ow." Colin whined and moved his hand behind his head in attempt to swat his maker's hands away.

Pam currently sat on the edge of the bed, with Colin on the floor, between her legs, as she trimmed his hair having been annoyed at how unruly it had become.

She placed her hands on either side of his head and set him into a straight position so she could snip at the hairs protruding from his neck.

"Stop complainin'," she murmured, not amused at his child-like antics.

"Then cut my hair and not my skin!" Colin exclaimed. He could hear Pam chuckle behind him and he rolled his eyes, sighing audibly.

"I'll cut somethin' else if you don't stop complainin'," she added quickly, a smirk tugging on her perfect plump lips.

"You gonna tell me what that was about, earlier?" Colin asked after a moment of hearing the blades of the scissors connect and snip off his hair.

Silence enveloped the room, Pam even stalled her movements. He could sense that he hit a nerve. She didn't respond and carried on her task of cutting his hair.

"Alright," Colin started after yet another moment of silence, "if you're not going to tell me about your love life then I will tell you about mine."

Stopping her movements, Pam gripped Colin's head and turned it upwards so she could face him. She had a look of confusion and curiosity and stared into his eyes for any hint of a lie that may be a way of getting her to open up about her god damn feelings. She found none.

"I wasn't aware you had a love life." Pam admitted, dropping his head carefully.

Colin smiled, almost mischievously. "Where do you think I get all my intel?" He laughed when he felt her purposely smack the back of his head but this time he didn't complain.

Pam went back to cutting his hair and Colin adjusted the towel around his shoulders making sure no freshly cut hair stuck to his top.

"Anyway, so there's this girl," Colin begin. "She's super gorgeous, intelligent, badass... But she's also like one of the guys, you know? She's this perfect blend of all these amazing things and we've been together a few times, I've even given her my blood on occasion. I think it could be more but I don't think she sees it that way."

Pam could tell that Colin was feeling deflated. His shoulders sagged and he wasn't complaining about the hair cut anymore.

This was the first she was hearing about a girl in her progeny's life. She felt like a mother hearing about her teenage sons first crush. She wasn't sure she liked being put in the position. Who was she to offer one advice on love, of all things.

Not to mention that, despite the fact that they were a year apart in age (at least in vampire years), he was still her progeny, her baby, and she didn't like the feeling of him 'growing' up, or so to speak. She still got nervous every time he left to consort with one of his so called sources.

"But then there's-" he came to an immediate halt. He couldn't talk about Andrea or about her involvement in the Resistance, he wouldn't jeopardize her life like that.

But Pam was his maker, he trusted her with all his being.

Pam put the scissors down and removed the towel from around Colin's shoulder and brushed away the cut hair. Her progeny turned and looked up at her, almost as if he was debating something. He seemed conflicted and in a way, it put her on edge.

"If I tell you something it can't leave this room."

At Colin's words Pam felt an uneasy feeling growing in her stomach. She wasn't sure what she was about to hear but she gave a slow, accepting nod anyway.

"The Resistance is still active, and I've got someone on the inside."

Sorry for the super late and crappy update, my muse has been lost on me. This was a slower paced chapter but don't worry, I have a lot of ideas for this story and from here on out it's only going to get more intense.

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