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chapter 1.

Mori P.O.V

The door of music room three swung open and I looked over my shoulder to see a rather disheveled young man standing wide eyed in the doorway, thick glasses sliding down his nose. He was in the Twins' class, but they knew nothing of him.

He was Haruhi Fujioka, the only commoner in the school, an honour student.

It was obvious he was shy and normally uncomfortable.

It was also obvious that Tamaki and Honey was making him even more uncomfortable.

He was backing away, and Tamaki advanced, and I saw the ending coming before they did. Haruhi knocked an 8,000,000 yen vase to the floor and shattered it. it was Tamaki's fault, but everyone seemed to blame him.

He fell to the floor.

And that is the story of how the honour student became our dog.

Haruhi bought us 'commoner' coffee, aka instant coffee. Tamaki then made a big production over drinking it. I drank it on a regular basis, it was my favourite type. I heard Haruhi mutter 'damn rich bastards' under his breath and for the first time in two years had to struggle to repress a smile.

I set Honey on the floor before his adoring fan girls, but he ran off to hug Haruhi. He offered the boy some cake, and when that was declined, he offered him Usa-chan. That was an honour. Usa-chan was precious, so if Honey was giving him to Haruhi, Haruhi was special indeed. I was going to keep an eye on the honour student. There was something to…cute…about him.

Honey began to roll in the lap of one of the fan girls, and I watched him while listening to Kyoya threaten Haruhi. Said boy then got freaked out when Tamaki stood way to close, breathing down his collar. he murmured something, and Tamaki went off on one of his melodramatic self-centered rants.

I laughed when Haruhi called our 'king' obnoxious, and he went off to sulk and grow mushrooms in a corner. People who heard looked at me amazed; I never laughed. The Twins enjoyed his rebuttal, but Haruhi apologised, and Tamaki was back.

I sighed.

Kaoru and Hikarou took Haruhi's glasses, and Honey, Kyoya and I looked on. When his eyes weren't hidden behind bottle top lenses, they were wide, gorgeous chocolate Bambi eyes. I blinked at him, a little clock in the back of my mind yelling 'error error something wrong here!' but I ignored it. I could drown in Haruhi's eyes.

Our king snapped his fingers and we stood to attention. This was serious. As Hikarou and Kaoru sped our errand boy down a hallway to get changed, and Kyoya rang up a hairstylist, I went running for some contacts. Tamaki had an idea in his head, and for once not even Kyoya was going to attempt to dissuade him.

Not that we could, anyway.

An hour later I shoved some contacts behind Haruhi's modesty screen. This boy had the most unusual eyesight, ever. His contacts were virtually non-existent. he had better be worth it.

Another half hour went by and all we'd heard was the rustling of some clothes and the shuffling of feet. The twins were impatient, and Tamaki was restless. Kyoya just looked at his laptop screen while Honey ate cake. My eyes never left Haruhi's shadow behind the modesty screen. Something was not right with that boy.

Then the screen drew back, and my breath left me. Haruhi was stunning. His dark hair had been brushed now, and fell into his blinking, melted-chocolate eyes as well as laying sleek, almost like a cap, over the rest of his head. There were small healed scars on the lobes of his ears, scars that reminded me of something that I couldn't put my finger on.

The peacock blue fitted blazer over white shirt suited him perfectly, and I felt like a fan girl when I admired how the matching trousers hung off the small boy's hips.

That was another thing; his size. He may not have been quite so small as Mitsukuni, but he came close. He was tiny, and the thought entered my mind again that he was…cute.

Something broiled in my stomach as I looked at everyone staring at him. a faint blush now shaded his cheekbones. I had the insane urge to shield this innocent, Bambi-eyed boy from their gazes. It was crazy, but the feeling was there all the same.

Everyone was exclaiming over how cute Haruhi was, one of the Hitachiin boys commenting that they would have helped him ages ago if they'd known that's how he really looked. There was something wrong about that sentence. It shouldn't matter that this was how he really looked. You should help people anyway, no matter the appearance or gender. It was what was on the inside that counts, wasn't it?

Girls began to crowd around Haruhi, asking him questions. He looked so confused with what to do, so I kept an eye on him, ready to step in if he needed it.

To my surprise, and everyone else who was watching, he did fine. He spun a few stories, which I knew from his voice-stress levels was completely true, and the girls were begging for him to speak with them again. We were all watching him, whether openly like our king, Shadow king Kyoya and the Hitachiin twins, or discretely like me. We were all astounded at the new Host, this 'natural'.

Tamaki beckoned for him, and Haruhi excused himself with grace, before going over and smiling at whoever Tamaki had wanted to introduce him to. However, the smile did not have the desired effect.

Tamaki latched on to Haruhi, swinging him round and round in circles, head secured to Tamaki's chest as the eccentric king cried out how cute he was and how perfect. The girl he had been talking to narrowed her eyes dangerously, glaring at Haruhi, and I decided I didn't like her, not one bit.

Then Haruhi called out my name, called for me for help, hand stretched out imploringly. My blood boiled as my eyes tightened, that image of Haruhi branded onto my brain: eyes wide, fingers spread, pleading for me to come to the rescue.

I was by the pair in an instant, grasping Haruhi under his arms and lifting him with ease, Tamaki's fingers dropping as I held the boy high. Haruhi looked down at me and I felt my eyes widen. This was another tableau to be forever burned at the forefront of my cranium.

Haruhi's eyes were once again wide, looking down at me this time, mouth slightly open and a blush just beginning to creep across his cheeks. Haruhi's arms were dangling in the air, and my hands, fingers hooked round the arm sockets, were…

Oh lord.

My palms, which before now had seemed small, thin and dextrous, now appeared to be great, meaty groper's hands. My fingers may have been grasping at Haruhi's armpits, but my palms were on his chest, and there was something there, something I was inadvertently feeling, that shouldn't be.

That was how I found out.

I blushed furiously, but to anyone else it would have looked like I was simply ever so slightly flushed from the heat. I felt so awful inside, like I was going to be sick, but the girl -girl!- whom I still held high above the ground just looked at me, bewildered, and said:

"You didn't have to go that far."

The girl. The girl who had glowered at Haruhi now sat at her table talking and sipping tea. They were talking about how Haruhi's bag had gotten thrown in the pond. I had my suspicions over who did it, suspicions that were only confirmed by what happened next.

That table wobbled, then toppled. The girl screamed as her chair flew backwards and Haruhi's hands instinctively went to the girls shoulders, grabbing her, trying to save her. Haruhi just ended up coming down on top if her.

The table lay on its side, spilt tea was everywhere and there were dangerous splinters of broken china littering the floor. Haruhi hovered over the girl, knees on either side of her waist, hands braced on the floor beside the girls head.

The girl then began to yell about how Haruhi had attacked her, and for somebody to do something. I stood and handed the Hitachiin brothers two jugs full of water. The three of us knew Haruhi was a girl, which negated the fact that she would do that for lustful reasons, plus it might only have been two days, but we knew her. She wasn't that type of person. The only reason she was on the floor in the first place was because she had tried to grab and save this vicious, lying girl.

The Twins nodded and walked away. I sat back down, ignoring Honey's curious eyes, and watched the magic.

The girl screamed as Kaoru and Hikarou upended the jugs over her head before helping Haruhi to her feet. Tamaki opened his arms, and the girl ran sobbing into them.

Whatever she was expecting, it was not what happened next. Tamaki admonished her, telling her how he knew it was her who threw Haruhi's bag out of the window and into the pond. For that alone I wanted to throw this horrible girl into the pond herself.

We all looked at the pair, who had become the centre of the room by now, and the rest of the Host Club wondered if Tamaki the Oblivious had figured it out.

"If there is one thing I know, it is that Haruhi is not that kind of man."

Or... maybe not.

The girl ran out, sobbing.

Sometime during all of this a tea-and-water soaked Haruhi came and perched next to me on the sofa. I looked at her dripping for a second before shrugging off my blazer and slinging it around her shoulders.

She looked at me in surprise, but I just lifted the corner of my mouth into a half smile. She smiled back, and her eyes began to speak to me. I was taken aback to say the least. How could she? Only Honey could ever…

She was talking in my language, through eyes and discrete body language.

A smile thrown in my direction. I like you.

A small sigh. This is exhausting.

Her head leant against my shoulder. I feel comfortable around you, enough so to do this .

a yawn, and her head nuzzling slightly into my shoulder. I'm sleepy, and you're comfortable.

A glance up at me. Are you okay with this?

A small hand grasping my own. Thank you.

Kyoya smiled somewhat evilly as we once again stood outside Haruhi's modesty screen waiting for her to finish getting changed. Tamkaki was the only one not here; he was off getting towels for her. Well, we knew she was a her, he still thought she was a he.

I looked at our Shadow King from the corner of my eyes.

"I gave her a girls uniform." He smirked, speaking quietly. I rolled my eyes. Trust Kyoya.

tamaki strode into the room at that moment, walking straight past us, towels in hand, and drew back Haruhi's modesty screen before any of us could stop him. there was a small gasp, and the sheet slipped between Tamaki's numb fingers. He blinked at the screen which now concealed a trousers and bra clad Haruhi, before turning to us. He paled considerably when he saw me looming over him, glaring.

But it was an accident, so with an additional glare to make sure he knew he did wrong, I turned and went back to Honey.

A second later Haruhi drew back the curtain and blinked at us again. She looked so pretty in the girl's uniform, the yellow skirt billowing from waist to ankles, the fitted corset and tight sleeves with puff shoulders, the white cuffs and collar, the loose red bowtie and white socks. She looked gorgeous.

Tamaki had a fit of screaming uncomprehendable gibberish.

"Look, Tamaki, I don't really care if you notice me as a boy or a girl." Haruhi said, fiddling with the bowtie. "I think it's better for a person to be recognised for who they are rather than what gender they are."

He words curiously echoed my own thoughts from earlier that day. Tamaki, however, was still having a mini seizure slash heart attack, and stood wiggling his fingers and spluttering meaningless sounds.

This abruptly stopped when she told him she thought he was cool earlier. His hand now covered his mouth and he was blushing furiously. The corner of my mouth twitched, and I joined the others in looking at our king with great interest.

Haruhi decided she would pretend to be a boy, and continue working as a host. Tamaki nearly fainted. Then she laughed, and it was the most beautiful laugh I'd ever heard. She turned to me, brushing some hair out of her big big big brown eyes, and those big big big brown eyes begged for my help through this.

I nodded.

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