Mori's pov

Honey smiled and jumped around the plane, and Haruhi sat, gawping. Her brown eyes were as big as dinner plates, and she kept spinning round as if she couldn't take everything in. It's huge!

I chuckled at her as she flopped on the giant bed in the room me and Mitskuni were sharing in the mansion we owned here. A book was once more in her hands, and I still felt itching curiosity towards it, but left it alone, instead grabbing her ankles and whipping off the bed, reveling in her squeals and giggles. Then, without warning, I let her go and she tumbled, landing on the bed with a soft thump. She lay there, giggling, and then just panting for breath and placing her hand over her diaphragm. Mitskuni clambered up on the bed and sat on her stomach, causing her closed eyes to open and look at him, one eyebrow raised as an invitation to say what he wanted.

"Haru, you should come snowboarding with us!" the small boy exclaimed happily. Haruhi's eyes widened slightly in fear. I felt a rush of anger towards Mitskuni for frightening her, and then took a physical step backwards to steady myself. Angry? At Mitskuni? How...? But Haruhi was laughing sheepishly and rubbing the back of her head, and my attention zeroes in on the duo sprawled on the bed.

"I don't know how, sweetie." She said, smile an obvious cover up for the embarrassment painting her cheeks red.

"We'll Teach You!" mitskuni promised, childish cadence overjoyed and immediately trustworthy. Slowly, Haruhi nodded.

Haru's pov

I stood, mouth open, as Takashi snowboarded down the side of a mountain, doing flips and tricks and looking like a professional. A really, really handsome professional.

Mentally, i slapped myself, and focused on Honey, who was partly giggling at me and partly teaching me how to ski. How was it I managed to pick up kendo in a matter of days, but it had taken me the better part of a week to ski even the most pathetic hill? My shoulders slumped, and almost immediately two large hands began tickling my sides. Takashi. He could read me like a book. Without a word he lifted me off the ski's and set me on his board, and i clutched at his arm. A small smile curled the corners of his mouth, and he didn't let go, just as he had promised me at the airport coming here. Then, he began to run, pulling me on the board along with him. The wind whipped against my face and i whooped in exhilaration, and then the reassuring hands were gone and I was flying, soaring like an eagle down the mountainside that I had just witnessed Takashi conquer, and I was doing good! I laugh was torn away by the wind. floating far off, and then it was over, and I skidded to a halt at the end and stumbled into the pair of long, waiting arms. A slight squeeze told me that I'd done good and he was proud of me, and i flushed with happiness.

That night, thunder raged, and I cowered in the cocoon i had made of my thick blankets. Tears streamed down my face as I trembled, wishing for arms that would hold me and shut out the storm. As the loudest clap of thunder yet echoed throughout the room and bright lightning flashed, i let out a scream and bolted from the bed, through the door that connected my room to the boys', and dived into their bed. Four bleary eyes blinked at me, two a sweet chocolate brown, the other two a calm steely grey. Thunder crashed again and lightning lit up their sleepy faces, and four arms wound round me, cuddling me close. Honey curled up to me like a child or small protective pet, and Takashi tucked me into his chest, pressing my ear to his heart so all i could hear was its steady thumping. Slowly, we three all eased back into sleep, a tangle of three warm bodies.

I woke in the morning to the sun streaming in through the window, a shaft of light falling across my face. I moaned and rolled over, nuzzling my face into my warm pillow. Then last night flooded back in as a small snore sounded, and my eyes flashed open to see an expanse of bare skin. Taka had been shirtless! Oh god... The boy had woken up yet, and I watched as Taka's chest rose and fall with each breath, and how peaceful and open his face looked when he slept. I tried to get up, but Taka's arms tightened, pulling me closer. He curled around me, face nestled in my hair, and mumbled something incoherent. A small snore sounded again, and I snorted.

"He doesn't know he snores, you know." said a small voice, and Honey's head popped up over Taka's shoulder. He was fully dressed, cake in one hand and bunny in the other, an his golden hair fell in tangles around his face, so he obviously had not felt the need to brush it. Slowly I wriggled out of Takashi's embrace, feeling an awful lot like Houdini, and picked up the boy who looked nothing like his age. I sat on the sofa with him munching his cake on my lap, and took up a hair brush, slowly running it through his hair. He was a warm body, a comforting weight.

Brushing hair had always been one of my guilty pleasures. I'd loved to brush my mother's hair, and adored the feel of a brush sliding through my father's hair. When i had had long hair i would have spent hours just sitting and brushing it, thinking. No one but my father knew of this, of course, but Honey wouldn't tell. I zoned out, my hand running the brush through Honey's hair with care and attention, wary not to yank at tangles, and sighed in pleasure, all the muscles in my body relaxing. I would have to do this more often. Make one of my boys just sit and let me brush their hair. That would be heaven.

I don't know how long I sat with Mitskuni on my lap, patient while I brushed and brushed his golden hair, but when i looked up Mori was sat up in bed, looking on with a warm smile on his face, grey eyes dancing.