Gone, just like that. No warnings, no respawns, no nothing. Just this one time, the game doesn't work…


"Hey, PewDie," I say to the clueless Swede as we walk down a particularly dark corridor. He glances at me with a slightly annoyed expression, but otherwise keeps on staring ahead intently.


I smirk, guessing that he had no clue to what I was going to ask. I look at him out of the corner of my eye and see that he's trying not to frown. "What, Stephano?" he asks again, but this time it's more of a command than a question.

"Ah, PewDie," I say while leaning against the wall. He stops walking and turns around to face me with an unreadable expression on his face. "You should be a little more grateful to me. You'd never be able to walk down these dark corridors by yourself," I say to him teasingly.

He looks at me with narrowed eyes. "What are you trying to say?" he asks, not even hiding the anger evident in that simple question. I crack my neck and smile. It was just so fun to tease PewDie.

"I'm trying to say that I'd like to see you walk down this hall," I see him shrug, and I tilt my head to the side. "Without your lantern," his face pales slightly, but doesn't show what he's feeling. "And," I continue, "without me." PewDie's eyes widen, but he takes the dare anyways.

I take a deep breath. "Alright," I say, my French accent slurring the words slightly. "You have to go all the way down the hall." He nods and hands me the lantern, hands shaking slightly.


PewDie starts to creep slowly, like a child on Christmas would so they wouldn't get caught looking at the presents. He glances back at me a few times before walking almost half-way to the end. I can tell that he's gaining confidence as he goes on, and by the time he reaches the end, he's practically jogging.

PewDie turns around with an exultant smile on his face, clearly pleased with himself. I smile and shake my head. "Good job, PewDie. I never knew you had it in y-"My praise was cut off by a garbled cry.

It was PewDiePie.

I saw the Bro behind him, and I knew it meant trouble. I ran down the corridor as fast as a lightning strike, but froze just in front of them, not believing my eyes.

The Bro's claws were sticking through PewDie's chest.

The Swede's eyes were wide with fear and pain, but were focusing on my face.

"H-hel-p me-e," he said, almost pleadingly. Fueled by fear and anger, I took out my sword and decapitated the Bro with one quick flick of my wrist. The Bro slumped to the ground, and PewDie fell on top of it, unintentionally driving the spiked claws farther into his back.

I gulped nervously while watching PewDie writhe on the floor.

"Oh, PewDie," I whisper, trying not to show how badly the situation affected me. He whimpered in pain as I lifted him into my arms. Gravity slowly dragged the claws out of his back, and I could see how badly PewDie actually was injured. Blood was pouring out of the wounds and I couldn't seem to stop it.

PewDie's breathing was ragged and labored, but he kept moving his lips, as if he was saying something. I gently set him down on the floor, ignoring how much blood was pooling around him, and knelt next to him. I slowly put my ear to his lips and heard the faintest whisper. "Goodbye."

I sat up, stiff as a statue, and looked at PewDie. "No," I said, proud that my voice didn't falter. "You won't die… you can't. Piggy needs you, Mr. Chair needs you, Jennifer needs you," I looked down at his bloody hands and took one of them in mine. "I need you."

PewDie just looked at me with sad eyes and smiled.


Now, I am on the dusty shelf again, just a statue. Just a nameless piece of junk with no reason or purpose.

My heart is gone along with the Swede who took it the first day we met.