Warnings: Yaoi! Some kind of unknown drugs. Innocent Itachi and maybe a bit too nice Hidan. OOC-ness. Stupidity.

Pairings: Hidan/Itachi...

Summary: Hidan saves Itachi from Pein's clutches and then later on maybe he has the chance to show Itachi something the younger Akatsuki had no idea about.

An: I proudly (not really) present another Hidan/Itachi story... this is a bit different and most likely odd, and I don't really even expect it to be liked much... yeah... enjoy x.x and heed the warnings before you read!

An: yes, Pein is the bad guy here, but you know I love him so... no hard feelings? :P and say what you will but this still is AU -.-


Alluring Violet...

Itachi groaned it was the weekend and all the members of Akatsuki were off missions and that meant that they would all get absolutely drunk... and then they would fight each other while being drunk and they would fuck each other...

He was better than that and he never took part in these kind of weekends. Actually he made sure to disappear from the base as soon as he got to know that more than three of Akatsuki were off missions.

Because seriously Pein had stated that they all deserve a retreat from the missions and crimes they were committing and that they shouldn't be overly humble when it came to body pleasure... putting it simply anyone could bloody well fuck anyone given the right persuasion.

And what did he expect from bunch of wanted criminals anyway... of course they screwed each other and besides he definitely didn't like the way Kisame kept looking at him whenever the man got the chance, he was sure Kisame long since planned to get him spreading his legs... or bend over... no, thank you.

There maybe was one that he would have some difficulty to say 'no' to, but that was beside the point...

He was already sneaking to the door to escape when he was stopped by Pein grabbing his wrist, his eyes flamed up as he turned never changing his stoic facial expression.

"Itachi, you can at least stay and have a drink, you need to relax sometimes too, not like anyone will force you into anything."

Who was Pein trying to fool... he could see the man undressing him right there him with those strange eyes.

And he really had better things to do than get drunk and raped, for example, he could sit outside in the woods sulk and get all depressed and unhappy, feel sorry for himself, why ever not. Not like he didn't have the reasons to do that.

And plus there was that fact that he simply knew that the whole lot would just love to pull him in a dirty orgy where he of course would be the slut for them. The great Itachi Uchiha a slut... once more, no thank you.

It was like... he would really be scared shitless for the first time in his life if Kakuzu or Kisame... would want to be rough with him, he was sure he would be in two pieces come the morning... so really... let the Akatsuki fuck, but leave him out of it.

The last thing he could say about this all ordeal was that, the person to whom he maybe wouldn't be able to say no, never even as much as looked at him... and that person just like himself never really took part in the parties or as much as he had heard, that person always got drunk like fuck and then mystically disappeared...

"No Pein, I have things to attend to..." he said importantly yanking his wrist out of the man's grip.

"No you don't... now come and sit down..."

Uhh that's when Itachi's eyes started to dart over the room looking for an escape, his troubled eyes meeting violet-by-nature-sad-looking-eyes for a moment, the thing was that he couldn't really refuse Pein.

He was rather roughly pushed down on the couch and then there was a glass forced into his hand and even though he growled and groaned flickering his crimson eyes around... no one listened, he really didn't like this... but as soon as he was to object the drink was literally forced down his throat.

Now who said the criminals are all drunkards, he spluttered on the strong alcohol flowing down his throat and when a hand laid on his mouth not letting him to spit it back out and pushing him firmly against the couch he realised that he just got drugged...

So that was bad...

He was sure it was one of Sasori's drugs because as soon as the stuff was down his throat his vision blurred and somehow the word didn't seem as shitty suddenly, his back connected with the couch and he wondered will Pein at least have the decency to take him to the room, away from others or will he get owned in front of everyone for Pein's sick pleasure...

Yes, Pein was going to make it public, he understood when a hand laid on his upper thigh stroking inwards, he lifted his hand barely and tried to bat the unwanted touch away that's when he heard his throat make a strange whimper as the hand squeezed his leg hard and another hand yanked his Akatsuki cloak ripping it open at the front, exposing his net shirt.

He was trying to glare at Pein when the man leaned over him stroking his upper body with somewhat cold hands, he felt his body shudder when a cold hand sneaked under his shirt, Pein pinched his nipple hard, oh he was squirming, or at least he tried to, his body didn't cooperate with him and all he could actually do was mumble a weak 'no'... his hands laid on Pein's shoulders trying to push the forceful man off but that didn't work very well and he whimpered again when sharp teeth bit his neck just to go for his ear and bite the fleshy part of it.

"Mm Itachi-chan, you're going to love it..." Pein husked in his ear, that's when he squinted his eyes shut refusing to believe how helpless the drug made him.

He couldn't concentrate very well on anything not even the offensive hands sneaking down at his side just to squeeze his hips harshly, then they moved and cupped his limp cock starting to fondle it too harshly for his taste, at least too harshly since he was not aroused.

"Pein... Itachi-chan promised himself for me."

Itachi knew that voice, hearing that voice he felt his limp groin twitch and he shivered when two strong hands grabbed on his upper arms and pulled him up on his feet pushing the growling Pein off of him and since he couldn't stand the same strong hands grabbed on his ass and lift him up like a child on the man's hips.

Now those hands aroused him and he didn't know if that was the drug or himself all he knew was that he liked the hotness spreading in his loins when the lovely hands remained on his ass cheeks holding him.

"Hidan... you can have him later!" Pein barked and grabbed on his arm, that's when he decided to try and clutch at Hidan for his dear life, throwing his limp arms around the man's strong neck and locking his slender legs around the hips... and just for the record, he hoped Hidan was saving him...because the platinum haired and violet eyed guy lied when saying to Pein that he has promised himself for Hidan... that had never happened, but he of course didn't object wanting to get out of the drugged state, maybe Hidan being the immortal demon god Jashin follower could curse him out of it...or something.

"No, I can't have him later because he wants me right fucking now."

Itachi felt Hidan's fingers poke his side, the other hand was still on his ass making him somewhat tingly.

Feeling the poke he lift his head weakly wanting to laugh for reasons unknown... damn drug.

"I'm for ...Hidan." he mumbled and hid his chuckle by diving with his face in the neck where Hidan surely could feel him giggling and then he not really thinking on what he's doing bit down on the neck to stop his stupid behaviour, when he felt the strong athletic body shiver against him he remembered that Hidan had a thing for pain. He withdrew his teeth.

"What kind of drug was it?" he heard Hidan's voice ask in a somewhat angry way, oh the guy was maybe saving him but somewhere in the corners of his dulled mind Itachi realised that he is maybe being a fool thinking that Hidan might be the best of two evils.

Hidan was famous for his cruelty and brutality... maybe he was in the clutches of a greater evil after all, but then again, Hidan was the one who never even as much as glanced his way, that's why this all came as a surprise to him...

"Nothing special, just something to make him relax, something to...arouse and something to stop him from using Sharingan." Pein stated and Itachi felt Hidan start walking and he was blushing because he was still getting hard... just like that... all because of the drug of course, not because his crotch was rubbing on Hidan's and because he was so nicely pressed against a trim and all manly body...

"I feel all tingly..." he mumbled out lifting his head and glancing at the dark walls, he had no clue where Hidan is carrying him, he didn't care either... he would have to remember to kill Sasori for creating such a drug... or maybe he could order for some more, he liked the careless feeling and the excitement raising in his body, though he was still blushing because of the growing hardness in his loose pants.

"Yes, I can feel that Itachi..." Hidan retorted in a somewhat husk tone and Itachi gasped when two strong hands laid on his ass rocking his groin into Hidan's roughly, he couldn't believe the moan that escaped him. It sounded almost too shocked, damn him if he makes such sounds Hidan would realise that he's a complete stranger to such feelings as such...

"D-don't do that... I... why did you save me from him, uh Hidan do you mind to move your hands away from my...my... me." he blurted out trying to sound like he wasn't almost fully hard and trying to tell himself that it wouldn't be wise to think that his ass is safe...

"They're good as they are... isn't that so Itachi-chan?" Hidan then squeezed his ass and he be damned but he did whimper like a bitch at the rough treatment... yes, his ass was about to get beaten...

"No Hidan... don't... do it... not you." when it came out from his mouth he realised how it sounded and how the hot-headed immortal carrying him would take it... damn it.

"Not me, eh? Fine... I'll carry you right back , wait... let me get you fucking naked before I throw you back in there for everyone to go at you..."

He gasped at the harsh words and cursed himself for being so careless with saying stupid things, after all it really wasn't what he meant to say but it was too late, he was smashed into the nearest wall and his Akatsuki cloak was literally ripped off of him while Hidan was pressing against him with all weight, his own stupid legs were still locked around the man's hips, he raised his arms weakly trying to stop Hidan when that was yanking his fishnet shirt off roughly making him emit strange whimper.

"Hidan, no... It's not what I meant... don't do it... I meant something entirely else... Hidan..." he realised his voice was almost begging, but seriously if it was to beg or to be thrown in a room with seven drunken men who all didn't mind to get intimate with another man... he opted to beg.

It seemed Hidan really was a cruel guy because his whimpering and his words were totally ignored and Hidan had managed to fight off his shirt, he was so damn limp... unable to resist in any way. Hidan's hands laid on his shoulders pressing him into the wall firmly, the violet alluring eyes scanning his upper body, he shivered at the intensity of that look.

He seriously didn't think Hidan knew what he's doing...he didn't think the awfully handsome and well built man who was seemingly so experienced in life realised that even if Itachi had his arrogant and self satisfied demeanour... Itachi still was only seventeen...he put his trembling hands on Hidan's broad shoulders shaking his head in firm denial refusing to believe that the guy would actually feed him to lions.

"No... please don't... Hidan..." and only then the violet eyes snapped up piercing into his black ones because he apparently was unable to keep up the Sharingan because of his drugged state surely Pein's special demand to Sasori when he ordered the drug.

Something that he didn't recognize flickered in the oddly pinkish eyes and he felt Hidan's body press against his leaner one firmer. "Are you repulsed by me Itachi?"

Stupid man... stupid Hidan... idiot.

He shook his head in denial, closing his eyes.

"Good... then you won't mind much...I'll bring you back to them when I'm done with you."

Hearing that he never even opened his eyes and his mouth stayed shut too, clamped shut. How could he be so stupid and have hots for the man pressing him into the wall he didn't know anymore...

He stayed silent when he felt his pants being yanked, silent as the grave he would take the abuse... that didn't mean though that his eyes obeyed him he felt the hot liquid force the way out through his squinted shut eyelids, he promised himself that when the drug will wear off he will wipe the whole Akatsuki base... he will kill them all. At least at killing he was experienced enough...

Hidan's hands on his ass squeezed not entirely roughly but still firmly, he cursed himself because he liked those hands, he cursed himself even more because he whimpered again when Hidan grabbing his wrists pressed them against the wall and bucked the hips forward making him shiver all through when a hardness... a big, huge hardness pressed between his ass cheeks, his mouth parted and his eyes went wide just because of the size of Hidan.

The rough treatment stopped and he felt Hidan's cheek press against his Hidan's lips on his ear, Itachi's eyes sealed shut again.

"Stop fucking crying Itachi..." Hidan was whispering into his ear disturbingly sweetly... he hated himself when Hidan's voice like that made him shiver. "...You didn't see it but someone was peaking around the corner... I was putting on a show."

He gasped hearing that and then he not realising why or what threw his naked arms around Hidan's neck diving with his tear streaked cheeks in the soft neck nuzzling in there like a child would do after going through a great scare.

"I'd say it would be wise if you and I would disappear from the base for the rest of the weekend... because those fuckers sure as hell are waiting for our asses..."

He even managed a weak chuckle at the words, he loved Hidan's swearing and the blunt honesty the zealot sported. That blunt honesty was the thing why he got his eye on Hidan in the first place...

"Now, I know just the place, it's not far and I'll be able to carry you there in no time... if I promise not to jump you, will you come willingly? I'll bring sake..."

It almost sounded like Hidan wanted to... spend time with him... and it sure sounded like Hidan didn't have hots for him. The fact that he was pressing against the man for the last ten minutes and not long ago the man was ripping off his clothes and touching his ass... the fact that he could still feel a huge stiff cock pressing against him... told him otherwise but it was most probably how a body responded to a body, didn't necessarily mean that Hidan wanted him...

"Yes I'm willing..." he murmured shocked when his voice came out disappointed and almost sad because of his revelation... funny how his groin twitched and throbbed making him want to rock his hips forward hard... stupid drugs and stupid Hidan.

When Hidan supported him against the wall and he tried to stand on his own legs as Hidan leaned down picking up his net shirt that was laying on the floor, he wiped his cheeks watching the guy. "You act rather good Hidan..." he said before he could think better of it.

The Jashin follower didn't say anything to it and he didn't know what to make of that little grin on Hidan's sensual lips, Itachi regretted one thing though... Hidan could of... while acting... kiss him... just so he would know how Hidan felt... because he was wondering for a good while now... but there... if Hidan didn't it only meant that Hidan didn't want to...

He blushed for unknown reasons when Hidan helped him to get back in his shirt, he was sure the Jashinist noticed and again there was that little grin on the kissable lips but Hidan didn't say a word just turned with the broad back to him and ordered to jump on... which he did.

It took for Hidan fifteen minutes to go to the Jashinist's room where Hidan grabbed three... three bottles of sake throwing them in a backpack which Hidan tied around the hips having to struggle because he was attached on the guys back and then Hidan was transporting him ninja-style to unknown for him place.

When they got there it turned out to be a little house or more like a shed... abandoned probably but Hidan said there is everything they would need for two days, he didn't care as long as he didn't have to face the lions back in the base.

Al through those fifteen minutes Itachi was desperately holding on to Hidan and desperately clenching his jaw not to let out unexpected sounds because... ahem... he was still hard and truth be told it pained him a lot by now.

When they were in the house and Hidan put him down he clutched on the wall red in the face and groaning quietly.

"I think... I'll go... where is the... uhhh bathroom?" he breathed out getting redder in the face. And then to his horror Hidan grinned widely and chuckled.

"Yeah you should probably play with yourself a bit..."

Very funny... ha haa Itachi sporting a nice tent, his hands laid on his crotch, and he thought his face will melt right off, he looked somewhere at the ground and was about to curse Hidan into the ground when the man simply kept chuckling as if that wouldn't be a great deal at all.

"It's the drugs..." he gasped out defensively still refusing to look at Hidan he could still see the guy closing in on him till he could feel hot breaths on his face, it aroused him further.

"Well since you admitted that you're not repulsed by me... want me to help you out?"


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