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…Alluring Violet…

When Hidan was lavishing his naked chest with hot open mouthed kisses and the occasional sucks that would leave marks he was curling his long fingers in the platinum hair lifting his head from the pillow just to see Hidan with the violet eyes closed pleasuring his body, the almost white hair messed making Hidan look simply godlike, the harsh breathing pleased him too and the hardness rubbing against him pleased him immensely.

He absolutely loved his nipples being played between Hidan's teeth, it left him breathless and it made him erupt in small moans and whimpers as his body squirmed and his hips bucked each time Hidan put pressure with the teeth on his little hard nubs.

Hidan visibly liked his reactions because the Jashinist took a second to pull back and look at him with a little satisfied smirk before the man went back to tease him out of his sanity with the teeth and that damn hot lively tongue.

When he was about to whine and moan at Hidan the man apparently got bored and started to move lower on his flat stomach which quivered as Itachi watched Hidan lick it barely moving to his abdomen that quivered too at the touch of a hot tongue and lips, the hot tongue was dipped into his navel causing him to squirm and whimper and then Hidan pulled back and one firm hand started to gently stroke his stomach and his side while the violet eyes followed the moves.

"Beautiful... so pale, flawless...perfect... Jashin damn it, fucking perfect..."

Hidan wasn't even talking to him he was sure the Jashinist was more like stating a fact to himself, he smiled and bit his lower lip feeling smug.

Hidan licked a hot we trail on the brim of his pants and he started to squirm all anew when fingers curled in the pants pulling them just a tiny bit lower to lick at his hip bones and then bite on one of them rather harshly, he moaned and bucked his hips up as Hidan soothed the harshness with the smooth tongue.

"Hidan..." he breathed before the man could rid him of his pants, oh no, he wasn't shy, not anymore, he was damn needy and anticipating but if Hidan would take off his pants surely the man would turn this into one sided thing... because he couldn't cooperate in any way if Hidan would once more start playing with his cock... so being as selfish as he was for the moment he nudged Hidan's shoulder and when the violet eyes locked with his black half lidded ones he gave a little smile and bit his lower lip.

"Lay on your back..." he panted... it was not an order, dear god no... more like a plea.

He pushed on the broad chest lightly as he laid over the man brushing his kiss heated lips on Hidan's wet ones. "Come on..." he urged when Hidan seemed hesitant about the sudden change and refused to relax remaining pressing the elbows on the bed. "You might like it, if you guide me that is, because I surely haven't done this before..." he finished breathlessly and as seductively as he could trying out his bedroom voice for the first time in his life, it probably worked because Hidan laid back and simply watched him, the purple eyes went half lidded and Itachi took it as a boost to his courage.

He smiled and sat up just to see the reaction and his smile turned into a smirk when Hidan growled grabbing his hips while he wriggled slightly on the man's lap feeling the length rub between his ass cheeks. "You like this..." he stated wriggling, he of course meant the position and his statement was confirmed when Hidan returned his smirk looking him all over.

"Who the hell wouldn't?"

To that he simply smiled and leaned down passing the tempting lips and connecting his lips with the flawless neck, he didn't stay long there though he moved lower leaving a wet trail behind on Hidan's skin, reaching the nipples he introduced them with his tongue briefly just to move lower still, when he was at the belly button Hidan grunted, a hand laid on his hair gently fisting them.

That was okay, he liked it, he really did hope Hidan will guide him through this, it was still okay and very likeable when the hand in his hair tightened the grip, all because he was now nicely with his face above the clothed bulge in Hidan's pants straddling the man's lower legs comfortably... his fingers curled in the pants and he blushed when he felt no underwear, his curiosity got the best of him when he never looking up to Hidan's eyes pulled the pants down with Hidan lifting the hips for him to do that and then he had to move his bum the get the fabric completely off and when he sat back on the now naked legs and turned back to see the prize he gulped...

Not very sure he would be able to do what Hidan did to him earlier... by all means he wanted to and for reasons unknown his mouth was watering looking at the proudly standing cock, but... so damn big.

That's why he had doubts about his capability to please the man with his... little mouth. His cheeks flared up furiously and he felt his mouth parted slightly with his tongue sneaking out to wet his lips, well if he wouldn't be able to do anything else at least he would lick it all over

"Damn, you make me feel somewhat... outclassed..." he murmured with his flaming cheeks.

Hidan simply grinned not a hint of awkwardness on the handsome face. "You shouldn't... I'll show you later why exactly..."

To that his black eyebrow cocked up, he didn't know what did Hidan mean with it but he would wait and see.

Both his hands laid on Hidan's hips as he averted his attention back on the well endowed manly part he leaned down slowly, slowly enough to hear Hidan growl in an encouraging way, he liked that but what he liked more was the low throaty moan he got when the tip of his tongue shyly lapped at the head of the cock, he moaned too when he pulled his tongue back in his mouth with the drops of the liquid he had licked off... salty, he decided that it's the taste of sex ad he decided that he liked it.

To get more or maybe to hear that throaty moan again he poked his tongue out experimentally playing it over the tip vigorously lapping at it and wetting, he felt his own erection twitch in his pants when he pressed the underside of his tongue over the tip and rubbed gently, the man under him squirmed and a hand grabbed his hair, Hidan's breathing fastened up audibly.

He hoped he's doing good or at least alright. He hoped Hidan enjoys him just like he enjoyed Hidan.

He opened his mouth widely to get the large tip inside without scraping it with his teeth and when he rather easily managed he hummed on his tasty lolly starting to suck and roll his tongue randomly, the effect was instant ...Hidan gasped explosively and pushed him down urging him to take in his mouth more. he complied and lowered his mouth on the hard pole, he really did groan unhappy with himself when he couldn't take more than half in his mouth, he whined and put his fingers on the part he couldn't please with his mouth trying to make It up for Hidan as he sucked lightly with more of the salty taste filling his mouth.

Hidan however sounded pleased, growling, gasping and squirming under his mouth ministrations, tightening the grip on his hair Hidan pulled him away till he had only the tip in his mouth then he was pushed back down till he pressed on Hidan's hips with his hands to show that he couldn't take it deeper, that's how he started to move his head up and down while sucking

Okay so maybe he would blush terribly when this would be over, maybe he would get a constant blush for life because he was so willingly sucking on guys cock but god he liked the way Hidan moaned for him, he liked the hand in his hair guiding him faster and faster, he liked Hidan's hips bucking under his hands and he simply loved when Hidan choked out his name breathlessly just to repeat it again this time murmuring something he couldn't understand.

"F-fuck Itachi... good..."

he popped the hard erection out of his mouth and lapped at the head licking the pre-come flowing out, he took the tip in his mouth sucking harder coaxing more of the taste if he could, his tongue swirled all around the flesh and his hand sneaked under Hidan's cock where he gently cupped the soft sacs.

As soon as he did Hidan bucked the hips violently and even though his other hand was still on the hip the cock was pushed in his mouth deeply where he didn't hesitate and sucked it harder than before.

The next moment Hidan pulled him away, by his hair too... he looked at Hidan's face. the Jashinist was gasping for air with the alluring violet eyes squinted shut lovely faint blush on the cheekbones and the hips bucking in the air few more times, then the purplish eyes opened half way and found his black orbs.

"You're amazing. Come here!" Hidan pulled him up and he complied with a tiny smile crawling back over the man and getting a rather hot and passionate kiss.

Hidan parted from the kiss watching him closely and with lust, he knew its lust, the violet eyes were shining and Hidan's lips were parted making the man look worthy to be a sex god... well he was sure Hidan is a sex god, at least for him definitely.

"This is where you take over Hidan..." he whispered lowly in case Hidan was expecting something from him but Hidan just kept looking at him. Looking at him like he would be Hidan's god... like he would be the Jashin that Hidan worshipped, he pretty much liked that look.

Hidan lift the hand and he shivered when nimble fingers caught his hair at one side of his hot flushed face and guided the locks behind his ear, the touch was affectionate, if he would be a cat he would purr at that touch and rub his cheek against the man.

Felinity left aside his world spun suddenly when Hidan putting the hands on his back firmly flipped them around he even emitted something like a surprised yelp to which Hidan chuckled chasing his nervousness away further. But Hidan... Hidan apparently wasn't going for the main course just yet...

he watched the man kneel up, he didn't object when Hidan pulled his pants off in a heartbeat sending them flying in the corner of the room, he squirmed under the violet gaze and then he blushed one of his furious face burners when Hidan spread his slender legs widely exposing him fully, his hands fisted the sheets as if they could provide him with courage, forgot his shyness when Hidan's strong hands both laid on his inner tights squeezing the soft flesh gently and then stroking feathery to his knees and back down to his thighs.

"Relax... don't hold back, I won't have it."

He nodded somewhat obediently and then chewed his lower lip when the sex god laid down on the bed with the head between his still spread and bent legs, he started to shake just because of that and because of the way Hidan's hot lips traced his inner thighs while Hidan's hands squeezed his hips.

"Hidan..."he breathed out quietly, his erection was throbbing painfully at each hot kiss and suck Hidan planted on the sensitive skin on his thighs and he couldn't stop from bucking his hips, he couldn't help but look down seeing Hidan face so close to his stiff cock...

the Jashinist grunted out what sounded like an agreement and the next moment he was gasping and arching his back with his hips bucking madly upwards because Hidan had taken the very tip of his arousal in the hot mouth just like the first time and was sucking on it gently, he moaned loudly not caring how he sounded, it felt too good to hold himself back, the only thing he didn't like right now was Hidan's strong hands holding his hips in a steel grip not letting him buck up and push his cock deeper.

Suddenly he got his wish and his mouth opened widely letting out shocked loud moans as he watched his cock buried to the very hilt with his black pubic hair surely tickling Hidan's nose...

Hidan was doing magic, sucking him hard and bobbing the head fast and then... humming on his hard flesh, that's when Itachi couldn't even keep his weight on his elbows anymore his back met the bed just to arch up from it with him whining out his pleasure.

Uncontrollably both his hands went for Hidan's platinum hair fisting them, he couldn't stop fisting the hair even when he realised it could be near painful for Hidan.

"Hidan... ahh I'm... oh god...I'm... nhhaa..." talking wasn't really possible either, he felt his head moving side to side in abandon, his whole body shaking, he was so close... so very close.

He heard Hidan growl somewhat encouraging, that hot mouth and the lively tongue surely knew what they're doing.

He lift his head to look at the man, Hidan chose that exact moment to pull back keeping only the tip in the mouth and then there was Hidan's tongue swirling around while the man was still sucking him, when he felt the tip of the tongue probe at the slit of his cock he arched back, his body went rigid completely, it was too intense the pleasure too hot and too good for him to last.

His body started to convulse with his hips jerking up and his hands clenching In Hidan's hair while he was riding out the pleasure.

Itachi was gasping for air hungrily when Hidan crawled back on top of him, grinning at him with the corner of the hot mouth smeared with creamy substance, he lifted his head managing to sloppily lick it up and swallow while the violet eyes watched his actions.

He felt Hidan's hardness poke his thigh and he felt that he himself was far from losing his aroused state. He guessed that the fact that he really, really wanted the man above him was at fault that the mouth wasn't quite enough.

Desire... that's what it was... for the first time in his life he realised just what true desire feels like.

His shaking hands laid on the back of Hidan's neck pulling the man closer, begging wasn't the thing he would willingly do, he didn't want to sound desperate even if he was, but still he had to do something to urge the man on.

"Hidan..." words failed him but that too wasn't important because Hidan was getting off of him... what, wait!

"I want this to be painless for you..." Hidan murmured giving him a smile, he didn't have the time to feel awkward since Hidan jumped back on the bed after few seconds holding some kind of tube... he presumed it was lubricant... so they were about to do it... finally.

The sexy body settled between his legs spreading them widely once more, he bit his lower lip watching Hidan kneeling between his legs and unscrewing the tube squirting the liquid on the fingers, spreading it out and then Hidan leaned over him brushing their lips together.

"Are you ready, do you really want this?"

He would roll his eyes if he wouldn't be so needy and if he wouldn't think that Hidan's concern towards him was kind of sweet.

He caught Hidan's lower lip between his teeth pulling and biting on it rather harshly maybe just to show the Jashinist how impatient he felt right now. "Yes, do it... can't you tell I want it..." he murmured and then released the lip watching Hidan closely.

Slick fingers sneaked between his ass cheeks, he blushed mostly because the violet eyes were scrutinizing his face while the fingers were moving in circles on the wrinkled skin.

He closed his eyes letting himself to just feel. And he still liked what he felt. Hidan's lips were brushing on his lightly and then moved on his jaw line travelling for his ear.

"You need to relax... you're tense." Hidan whispered in his ear and he felt the fingers put pressure between his ass cheeks as if to show him where exactly he needed to relax.

He really tried his best and relaxed his lower muscles, his whole body, he heard Hidan hum approvingly in his ear, then he gasped and bit his lower lip when the hot tongue pushed in his ear right when a slick finger pushed into him as well, all the way before he had the chance to tense up because of that penetrating digit, when he felt it inside of him he felt his mouth part on its own accord, it didn't hurt... it didn't hurt one bit and the blush on his cheeks were there simply because in a twisted way he liked that wriggling finger.

He was once more chewing his lower lip in mild arousing embarrassment when the finger started to thrust in and out slowly while Hidan was breathing hot breaths on his ear nipping it with the teeth and lips time to time.

"Mmm Itachi... so tight, so hot..." the digit wriggled in him vigorously after those words and he gasped and held his moan inside, naughty Hidan was a major turn on for him, that's for sure.

The man's lips pressed on his, the fierce tongue curling in his mouth and nipping at his tongue. he moaned at the feeling of that and at the second finger that pushed into him along with the first one, it still wasn't painful.

A shy whimper cut off at the end escaped him when the fingers pulled in opposite directions stretching him out further, it felt so weird and it burned a bit.

"I'll make it up for you in a moment, trust me...put your legs around me."

He did, lifting them and wrapping them around Hidan's waist exposing himself better and earning a low throaty moan from Hidan.

The third finger was painful and he hissed but kept his legs firmly around the man, clenching his jaw he took it as the three fingers pushed into him slowly but with force, his head moved to the side with intentions to hide his maybe painful expression, a wet tongue licked his ear but the fingers didn't stop they were now slowly thrusting into him deeper with each time.

"It's that painful only the first time Itachi."

"It doesn't really hurt..." he mumbled, loving how weak exactly he could afford to be because they were both part of a cruel world after all, they both were ninjas and they both endured great amount of pain without complaining or in Hidan's case with enjoyment, but still, the fact that Hidan surely knew Itachi is capable to take great deal of pain and a lot worse than three fingers up his ass, but still the man was so careful simply because apparently Hidan didn't want to hurt him, it was nice and had to mean something.

"Good... I'll be honest Itachi, no matter how good I do this it will still be painful ... you know when..." Hidan husked in his ear and he couldn't help but chuckle weakly, yeah, he believed Hidan on this one, no way three fingers could possibly prepare him for the size of Hidan's assets. He would still take it though, god he was anticipating like never before.

"I'm sure...nh... I can take it." he murmured blushing because surely Hidan too heard that little moan he just failed to keep in. he long since didn't dislike the fingers in him, he liked them, they were definitely good wriggling twisting and pushing fingers... a different kind of lust and pleasure overtook him, some foreign desire to be... taken... to be filled... fucked, to put it simply. A matter of blushing, yes. He didn't care though, he bit his lip to keep the next moan in but Hidan was smirking at him.

The fingers pushed deeper and Hidan's smirk grew, but it was a nice smirk, not evil or anything, still affectionate.

"If you're trying to keep it in Itachi and hide it from me then you're being silly... I wouldn't do this if I wouldn't want to see and hear and feel that you like it..." Hidan's lips then brushed on his firmly. "In fact... if you don't let me hear those sweet moans I'm gonna ...stop."

Naughty, naughty Hidan really did stop, he whined and bucked his hips demandingly, just to let out another high pitched mewl when Hidan pushed them in hard suddenly surprising him.

To hell with it all, it felt good, very good, he felt pre-come leak out of his cock when the man started to push the fingers in and out of him and he loved the friction. Hidan's words of course where at fault too, but honestly even if it wouldn't be so, he was sure he wouldn't be able to keep his moans in at this point and Hidan made it all so much better when the man took his lower lip and sucked it hard biting it afterwards, growling on his lips.

"That's better... such sweet sounds... mh."

"H-Hidan... ahh..." once more he was brought to the feeling that he's about to spurt himself off randomly though this pleasure was quite different that that when his cock was getting played with, both were extremely pleasing but this one was just so alien and... new, and surprisingly good.

The fingers in him once more stopped and to his dismay they were pulled out of him, leaving him empty and displeased, he growled and his hands clutched on Hidan's shoulders bucking his hips up harshly asking for more, he even felt his eyebrows knit together begging. To his surprise Hidan didn't smirk at him because of that, Hidan looked too needy to even as much as shush him.

He watched Hidan reach for the lube and with shaking fingers squirt the liquid generously onto his palm, that's when Hidan hissing and growling started to spread it all over the hard large shaft, the violet eyes on... Itachi blushed harder...the violet eyes looking right between his still spread and now bent legs, they slid up till they met his black lidded eyes, just like that looking in the alluring eyes his hips bucked up and he felt his erection throb painfully.

One of his slender legs was perched over a strong muscled arm and Hidan leaned over him first aligning himself with the prepared entrance, the tip rubbed against the sensitive skin.

"Don't feel shy to tell me if it gets too painful." And then Hidan was pushing into him.

His hands clutching broad shoulders, one of his legs bent and pressing against Hidan's side while the other was bent over Hidan's arm exposing his backside, his lips parted gasping for air as the large tip pressed forcefully through the tight ring of muscles.

So it was painful, quite a bit... but somehow, somehow... he really didn't want Hidan to stop... the leg which Hidan wasn't holding he put it around the man as best as he could and pulled Hidan in, while Hidan himself too was pushing into him. He whined but kept pulling with his leg... he wanted the man to be buried in him, god he almost felt like a slut.

Itachi lifted his head and his teeth clamped on the soft skin, Hidan was sheathed into him and he... he loved this as painful as it was.

Hidan released his leg then and he wrapped it around the manly hips along with the other one, his hands roaming broad back, feeling each muscle, feeling the sweat appear under his hands, feeling Hidan's body shake slightly. He himself was covered in a layer of sweat, all pleasure caused and He was relaxed, he was calm and he was so full... he tensed his lower muscles and moaned when Hidan emitted a helpless moan-like growl snapping the hips down and into him.



Short exchange... a question and a plea.

And then Hidan was moving, supporting the weight on the strong arm, the other hand was holding his hip in a steely grip and Hidan's soft lips were brushing his plump ones as the man pulled out slowly and slowly pushed back inside... burning, painful, stretching...filling.

"Hidan..." he breathed on the parted lips while Hidan kept thrusting slowly and steady even if the perfect body above him was shaking and he thought it was because Hidan was trying not to hurt him, trying too hard, because this wasn't hurting him, this was pleasuring him and he wanted more.

The violet eyes looked at him half lidded and shining, god, he really, really loved those alluring violet eyes, Hidan's breathing matched his, harsh and erratic.

"Y-you're so... fucking hot Itachi... and you feel so damn good." the Jashinist choked out leaning down and denying him from giving an answer by moulding their lips together. Their lips parted but still brushed together as Hidan moved and Itachi felt the muscles on the broad back flex with each thrust.

"You feel good too." he mumbled, managing to sloppily lick at the soft lips afterwards before he arched back and moaned rather loudly, his words apparently made Hidan move faster and harder sending pleasure through his body.

Hidan bit his chin lightly and he leaned back down facing the handsome face his breathing coming in gasps.

"That's not the real pleasure yet..."

His black eyes widened looking at the violet ones and Hidan gave him a naughty smirk, that lovely smirk sent shivers and sparks through his body along with the pleasure he was getting because of the hard man flesh throbbing and moving rhythmically inside of him. His shaking hand laid on Hidan's cheek and the thumb stroked the lips as if to feel that smirk. Yes it felt good.

Hidan's hand however sneaked under him and grasped his ass cheek squeezing it and lifting his ass up a bit, he felt Hidan move deeper in him, Itachi's hand travelled in Hidan's hair curling his fingers in them the other hand was on the broad shoulder pretty much just digging the nails in the soft skin.

"More..." he moaned out surprising himself, blushing harder because he definitely liked Hidan touching and squeezing his backside.

The motion of Hidan kneeling up forcing his legs to unlock from the hips made him open his eyes in slits and watch the man as that grabbed his legs firmly with the thumbs under his knees, his legs remained bent nicely when Hidan pressed them upwards till his knees met his chest and his backside lifted in the air, he whimpered and squirmed grabbing on the sheets, feeling maybe a bit too exposed and...

He arched and his thoughts came to a crushing halt as the pleasure exploded in his body. Hidan had slammed into him hard and fast... he almost screamed as something that must have been the sweet spot was hit with that large cock, he squirmed on the bed gasping for air and trying and failing to wriggle his ass on Hidan to feel more.

"Oh god... Hidan." Shamelessly he moaned the name out as the Jashinist repeated the hard thrust hitting the same blessed spot and this time the man kept himself buried and rocked the hips into him with circle motions, Itachi couldn't take it, his little toes curling in pleasure.

"That's so good... good." he panted out watching Hidan through clouded eyes, Hidan's face was ecstatic, the violet eyes were lidded too watching his face with a small perfect satisfied smile on the wet parted lips.

His eyes went unfocused when Hidan started to move for real, banging into him and hitting the right spot with that huge cock each time and hard, he could only mewl and moan and scream when Hidan rocked the hips into him time to time, he couldn't even recognize his own voice.

Itachi heard Hidan get vocal after few minutes of the hard pace and then the man fastened it all up and roughened it up as well till he heard his ass connecting with Hidan's thighs with loud slapping noises and till he heard Hidan's cock shoving into him with squishy embarrassing sounds. Hidan's hands holding his legs pushed them higher up and closed them managing to hold them with one hand, he screamed out his delight when a hand spanked his ass hard without a slightest halt in Hidan's pace.

"Hidan...ah..." he blushed because of that slap but he also realised something... he... liked it...rough, he liked the pain. He grabbed Hidan's wrist, the same that spanked him and the violet eyes locked with his black ones for a moment there he couldn't decide what to do... ask or bite off his own tongue.

"More." so it was out and he was about to close his eyes and get a horrified heart attack but then Hidan growled purely like an animal, the hips snapped forward harshly and Hidan spanked him hard with a loud slapping noise, he arched mewling and moaning and tried to wriggle his ass even if he couldn't quite manage in the position he was in.

"Mh, you like it rough? G-good... I do too..." Hidan rasped and he heard it but he was too busy to enjoy the feelings. Because Hidan really was getting rough, spanking him till his ass felt hot and he loved it enough to gasp out Hidan's name every so often.

He felt drool slide down his cheeks, both of them, he was drooling madly and he was so close to simply let it go and cumm all over the place, and he would, if he wouldn't want this to last forever... to feel the big cock glide into him with such force hitting all the right spots each time... to feel Hidan's strong hands ruling his body, dominating him harshly, to hear Hidan's low throaty moans and animalistic possessive growls.

His legs were then spread widely open, one of Hidan's hands went under him holding his ass and lifting it up as Hidan restarted the fierce merciless pounding the other hand made him cry out in pain and ecstasy as it slapped his sensitive inner tights and then squeezed them roughly. He guessed he was a bit of a masochist... because he loved it, his body jerked at each slap each thrust rocked his body and each moan and growl he heard from Hidan pushed him closer to his undoing.

"Hidan... ah... I can't... I'm so..." Hidan was squeezing his ass harshly with one hand and his tender thigh with the other one rocking the hips into him till he felt the soft balls press against his ass as well.

Hidan moved laying over him where he welcomed the Jashinist in his arms wrapping them around the strong neck as his legs lifted high up and wrapped around Hidan's waist, his thighs and his ass burned and felt so hot from the abuse, all his body felt hot and on fire, his moans never stopped only increased in volume as Hidan guided a hand between them and gripped his cock starting to pump him while licking at his mouth, he couldn't return the kiss he could only arch and clutch on the man above him.

"I'm coming...Hidan." he choked, feeling his body go rigid and tingle, burn, he thought he'll combust in flames, instead his hips started to jerk as he came undone, hot white pleasure overtook him and he did hear himself scream out Hidan's name and he did hear Hidan growl his name in return, he also felt Hidan's hips jerk madly and rock his whole being with the strength of it. it was so intense, his nails dug into strong muscled shoulders when he felt hot burning liquid cover his insides and leak out of him while Hidan was still moving inside of him.

Soon all their movement ceased completely and they just breathed heavily and tiredly.

Staring into the ceiling Itachi was stroking and drawing patterns on Hidan's sweaty back with his fingers while the Jashinist was not moving at all.

Until after some while when they were breathing somewhat normally again he felt soft lips press a light kiss right there on his neck.

"How's the first time?"

The question made him chuckle and tighten his arms around Hidan. "Incredible..." he said lifting his head and pressing his lips on Hidan's shoulder somewhere, didn't matter where as long as it landed somewhere on the man. Hidan chuckled too and pushed up, he scowled, he wouldn't mind to stay close, he wouldn't mind it at all.

He scowled again when Hidan's soft cock slid out of him leaving a wet trail on his thigh, he closed his legs and watched Hidan take a towel from one of the night tables at the side of the bed, he had a suspicion that Hidan had put that towel there before.

Squeaking he tried to protest when Hidan wiped his tummy getting his cum off of it with gentle strokes, Hidan batted his hands away and spread his legs wiping the liquid away from there as well, he just covered his burning face with his hand and waited till Hidan was finished hearing a low chuckle, when he dared to take the hand away from his face Hidan was wiping himself and then threw the white towel in the corner of the room.

Hidan gave him a smile somewhat on the cute side because no teeth were showing. "Come here..." the man breathed out laying on the back and pulling on his arm, he got the hint and delighted scooted close putting his head on a strong shoulder and his hand on a firm chest resisting the mad urge to somehow get closer still and shivered when Hidan's arm around his shoulder tightened for a moment as if hugging him briefly.

He was watching Hidan's profile from close up while the man was pulling the blanket over their bodies and when that was done Hidan turned a bit till the violet eyes locked with his black ones.

"It's going to be one hell of a 'free weekend' Itachi!"

The violet eyes were sparkling telling him that this was only the beginning...



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