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Pooh always loved Piglet,He would always try to tell him but Pooh feared he would not feel the same today is the day he is going to tell him.
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One day in the Hundred acre Woods there was Pooh pacing between a rock and a tree."Okay today is the day i'm going to tell Piglet that I love him."Said Pooh then he frowned."But how do i tell him."Said Pooh as he sat thinking,he was thinking until..."Aha i'll talk to this tree until it sounds right."Said Pooh as he walked to the tree."Hmm what to say...oh! I know."Pooh cleared his throat."Uh Piglet I've always wanted to tell you this and I hope you feel the same way."Pooh let out a sigh."Piglet I love you.I've always love you ever since the first time i met you."Said Pooh then he breathed a sigh of relief."Now all i have to do is memorize it."Said the all of a sudden Piglet came."Hey Pooh."Said who was startled by Piglet's presence was still in shock but quickly recovered."Ah what did you say?"Said Pooh confused.

'Hmm Pooh's acting a little strange.'Thought Piglet but just shrugged it off."Umm I just said 'hey Pooh'.Said Piglet as he watched what would Pooh say."Oh okay,hey Piglet."Said Pooh.'Well this is my chance to tell him.'Thought Pooh."Hey I just came here to say do you want to play tag with me?"Asked Piglet tilting his head to the side.'Oh he's so cute.'Thought Pooh then he said."Of course i will cutiep-"Said Pooh he stopped himself before he could call Piglet 'Cutiepie'.Piglet stared at Pooh weirdly before he turned back to normal."Okay c'mon lets go."Said Pooh breathed a sigh of relief before thinking.'Wow that was a close one.'Then he ran after Piglet.
When he catched up he remembered he wanted to talk to Piglet."Umm Piglet i wanted to tell you something."Said looked at him then said."Okay what do yo-"Then Piglet saw Tigger."Hi! Tigger want to come play with us."Then Tigger looked up and saw Piglet."Okay sure Piglet!"Said Tigger
After playing three games of said he had to help Rabbit with something so he had to go now.'Finally,now i can tell him.'Thought breathed a sigh then said."Piglet can I talk to you for a second."Said turned around and said."Okay."Said Piglet."Umm Piglet i been feeling this for the..."Said Pooh.'Oh crap! I forgot what i was gonna say,hmm maybe i will just say what is on my mind yup that's what i will do okay.'Thought Pooh."Uh opps forgot what was i gonna say Umm...I've been having this feeling since I first met you Piglet,uh all I want to say is that I love you Piglet."Said Pooh then he looked down at the ground because he didn't want to see the expression Piglet would then piglet said something that made him want to look said something that made him want to laugh and made him want to protect Piglet of the evil horrors of the hundredacre want to know what Piglet said,he said"I love you too Pooh-bear."

The End

Finally done.