To say Billy was nervous was an understatement. "Do you really think he'll listen to us Bart?" He asked. "I mean he's like-"

The speedster covered his mouth. "Please be quiet." He asked the 15 year old. They continued down the hall of the Watchtower until they came across the door they were looking for. Bart knocked on the door. Doctor Fate opened the door to the 2 teens.

He let them in, only because Zatara talked into it. Nabu should have smelled a rat when he saw the size of their smiles.

"Umm...Nabu, could you help us with a humongous favor? Like…bigger than Cassie's Zeus big!"

"Who's Zeus?" Fate and Bart both turned to look at the 15 year old. "Zeus is like this big God who was like head honcho of all the Greek Gods. Got his dad Cronus to literally sick up all his brothers and sisters (They were still good. They're immortal) by feeding him some goo. (Real nasty stuff!) They all came up and used his own sickle to er…take apart…his body. Their mother Rhea was kinda shell-shocked and all but was happy they were all ok. Himself and 2 of his brothers Neptune and Pluto…"

"The planets? Zeus' brothers were planets?"

"Actually their Greek counterparts were Poseidon and Hades." Nabu said. "They 'Big Three' drew lots to see who would get which realm. Zeus got the sky, Poseidon the sea and Hades got the realm of the underworld."

"I feel bad for Hades."

"Now about that favour…?" There's no stopping a speedster is there?

A/N: What is the favor? Why did I Greek out? I dunno the last one actually but I give you the cliff hanger to last you till Halloween! Early Happy Hauntings Guys and Ghouls!