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The end of the last Episod of True Jackson VP my way. Just a One-Shot

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True: At the end of every meeting we get Balloons!

Everyone: Starts to play with baloons!

lulu walks out of the room and sits on the floor and crys!

Ryan: Hears lulu cry, and walks out.

Ryan: you ok lulu?

Lulu shakes her head no.

Ryan just nodds and sits right by her

and hugs her while she crys.

Lulu: he cheated on me for Gia Hounds

Ryan: who did?

Lulu; Mikey J! ( she screams)

Ryan: Ok,then thinks.

Ryan then kisses lulu on the lips for at least 2minutes and lulu closes her eyes and kiss back

Lulu: Wow.

Ryan: Im so sorry Lu...( gets cut of by lulu kissing him again)

Lulu: I Love you Ryan.

Ryan: I love you too!

True and Jimmy comes out to see what going on.

True: whats going on you too?

both: Nothing!

Jimmy: Right you too

True: Ya right( trying to act cool to)

Both: It was really nothing!

True/Jimmy: Right, Bye guys!

Both: Bye, Wispers Idots!

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