Latios' Warning

The training with Lando was particularly grueling as expected from a former Champion and a Dragon Master. Not only did Lando put Latias and her beloved Ash through some intensive stamina building exercises which were designed to improve both the trainer's and his Pokémon's concentration during a battle, he also went on a rather long lecture about the nature and specialty of Dragon type Pokémon. Needless to say by the time both Latias and Ash returned to their rooms at the Pokémon Center, they were exhausted to the point of collapse. Just as Ash entered the bathroom for a long shower in preparation to turn in for the night, Latias snuck in. Although Ash still did not notice, Latias had made it her habit to sneak into her beloved trainer's room whenever there was a chance to do so. As Latias sat down on Ash's bed, she undid her human disguise and sighed longingly at the closed bathroom door.

If only my powers are not limited by obstacles, thought Latias to herself.

Just as her imagination went into an overdrive about the possibilities she would have if her psionic power is not so limited, Latias recalled something from Lando's lecture.

I wonder what exactly did he say? puzzled Latias, He said something about objects and surroundings… and about how Dragon types can amplify power through focusing on the aura of their… Urgghh… Why did that old man talk so much? Maybe if he actually talked less, I would have remembered.

Feeling a little bit frustrated, Latias once again cast a longing look at the bathroom door. Concluding that putting Lando's lesson into practice would not hurt her interest, Latias closed her eyes and allowed her psychic power to ripple from her. At first, there was nothing but calm and silence of the night, but as Latias focused more, she suddenly noticed a bright glimmer from the window sill. Feeling curious, Latias reached out with her mind at the glimmer was surprised that the glimmer was none other than the Soul Dew.

What is he doing here? wondered Latias, isn't he supposed to be with Bianca at all times?

Shrugging off the issue as a simple oversight by her best friend Bianca, Latias turned her full attention on the Soul Dew. Even with her eyes still closed, Latias could she in her mind the mesmerizing depth of the Soul Dew; the constant swirling of light and shadow within that contained her brother's soul. For some reason, the Soul Dew appeared to be extra active with the swirling becoming more intense, resulting in the glimmer. Ever so curious, Latias decided for the first time in a few months, to dive deep into the Soul Dew with her mind. As she did, she was pleasantly surprised by the amount of energy stored within the Soul Dew. Her body felt warm and relaxed as the fatigue from earlier training was washed away completely. This was the first time which the Soul Dew acted in such manner, which in turn began to make Latias uneasy. Her feeling of uneasiness began to solidify as her swirling surroundings started to combine and take shape, as if…

Suddenly, a spike of pure mental power drove into her mind with the force of a rampaging Rhydon. Latias snapped open her eyes in pain and shock, but other than the dimly lit room and the sound of steady trickling of water from Ash's bathroom, Latias did not see anything or anyone that could be the source of the assault. As Latias desperately tried to reach out to Ash hoping he will notice the danger, knowing fully that it was a futile effort, the mental spike turned into a roaring presence similar to Flamethrower used by a thousand Magmars. Feeling her consciousness slipping away, Latias decided to lash out desperately with her own psychic power at her assailant. To her surprise, the attack subsided immediately. Instead, her mind now filled with senses of bewilderment, apprehension and anger that were not her own.

Latias? An echo-like voice filled the mind of Latias as if someone was calling to her from the depth of a deep well. Latias! It is you! Where am I? Where are we?! This is not Altomare, did we fail? Are we captured again? Why is it so cold and dark? And is this… is this human taint I sense on you? By the Eons! What have they done to you, Latias?!

As the initial shock wore off and the realization began to settle in, Latias' eyes began to fill with tears.

Big brother Latios…

Yes, yes, I know, everything is going to alright now, Latias, soothed Latios. I promise I will get both of us out of here. But you will have to help me, Latias; I can't feel my body, so you will have to help me move until this paralysis wears off… And then…

But Latios, you're dead! said Latias, you are a Soul Dew now and all these situation is not what they look like.


For the next few minutes Latias summarized as quickly as possible the events which took place since Latios' heroic sacrifice at Altomare. She also confessed her love and affairs with Ash and how she plan to follow Ash on his quest to become the Pokémon Master. When Latias had finished her narration, Latios was stunned for at least half a minute.

What a terrible disaster! exclaimed Latios, putting aside the fact that you have shirked your duty as Guardian of Altomare, broke a taboo of human law and risk MY existence to boot, you decided to go on this… this… idiotic relationship with a human kid?! I know you were always susceptible to moronic impulses, but this has just gone too far!

At Latios' insult, Latias burst into a tirade.

What do you know about us?! Screamed Latias, throwing all her rage and frustration at the mental presence of her big brother. We love each other, we understand each other, and we are special! I will not let anything or anybody come in between our relation, not even you Latios!

Latios sighed, or at least created an effect of a sigh within Latias' mind.

My foolish and naive little sister, chided Latios. Let us suppose all the thing which you had said are all true and will maintain as the truth. What happens then? Both of you will mature mentally and physically. You, Latias, are blessed with longevity of our species, while Ash will age rapidly. Sooner or later he will start to desire a mate to carry on his legacy. Before long Ash will have a family of his own and Latias, you will forever stay in the shadows, living in torment day after day!

No, you are wrong, Latios! countered Latias, Our love is strong; we will find ways to overcome!

And I will not stand by and watch my own sister walk down a path of self-torment and destruction!

Like I had said before, Latios, I will not allow anything or anyone to come in between Ash and I… And I will do anything to make that happen…even if it means destroying you myself, big brother, growled Latias, ruffling her feathers in anticipation of a fight.

And so, my little sister thinks she is all grown up now, Latio's voice narrowed dangerously, for years I've tolerated your foolishness, but now my patience wears thin. And it is truly unwise to test the patience of the Azure Guardian of Altomare!

With that a blast of energy exploded forth from the Soul Dew and engulfed Latias, but unlike the attack before, this time Latias felt like she was being drowned in great ocean depths. The presence of Latios turned cold and menacing, his fury barely in check, crashed down on Latias' mind like the tidal wave which threatened Altomare five months ago. Without realizing, Latias was shaking in fear, for she had not seen her brother so angry since the day she accidentally broke his Blissey doll back when they were still hatchlings. Desperately looking in the direction of the room's bathroom, Latias hoped her trainer would notice her danger and come to her rescue, but Ash was blissfully oblivious in his shower. Seeing there were no other choice left, Latias decided to apologize.

I am sorry Latios, said Latias meekly, I was wrong to be selfish and not listening to your counseling.

The energy bursting forth from the Soul Dew abated somewhat.

Good, at least I see not all of your senses had abandoned you.

But I am still not going to give up on Ash, added Latias.

Well, unfortunately for you, my dear little sister, you are now stuck with my voice in your head. And this voice will not stop talking until you truly have come to your senses, pronounced Latios with all finality of a judge.

Latias thought about what her brother had said for a brief moment. Suddenly, her face brightened and donned a mischievous grin.

Hey say, Latios, from my journey with Ash, I learned a great way to stop any Pokémon or human from talking. Do you know what that is?

Hmm? And what will that be? asked Latios suspiciously.

Now with a naughty gleam in her eyes, Latias hopped off Ash's bed and floated to her brother's Soul Dew in a slow and deliberate pace. As Latias got closer, a wave of realization hit Latios, from which he began to stammer nervously.

W-w-w-wait, L-latias… surely you don't mean…

Latias stopped at the window sill and slowly extended her neck forward, which caused Latios to enter a full blown panic.

Noooo! S-s-s-stay away! You can't… Don't do this! L-l-l-latias, are you listening to me?! P-please, we're- Hmmeergghhhurrgmmpf!

Latio's protest was cut short as Latias put the entire Soul Dew in her mouth.

There! proclaimed Latias triumphantly, no matter what you say, our love will triumph in the end!

"That's great Latias! But who are you talking to?" asked an amused voice her back.

Surprised by the sudden appearance of Ash, Latias swallowed hard without thinking, completely forgetting the fact that she had her brother's Soul Dew still in her mouth. She quickly turned around to see Ash, his hair still damp from the shower, standing near the now open bathroom doorway with the lights from the bathroom haloing him in contrast to the still dimly lit bedroom. Latias could not help but blush and feel a pang of disappointment to see her beloved Ash had already changed into his pajamas.

"Err… Nobody! I was simply celebrating by myself under this beautiful night about how lucky we are," said Latias nervously. With that she let out a cute little burp and blushed deeply.

"I feel the same way, Jewel, but tell me, why are you in my room in the first place?" asked Ash. Totally ignoring his question, Latias' eyes began to well up with emotions.

"You called me 'Jewel'," gasped Latias "I am so happy to hear that!"

"Well, yes, of course… that is your name now. Besides I call you 'Jewel' because you are the Jewel of my Heart from now until forever after… But you still did not answer my ques-"

Ash's words were cut short as Latias flew into him and kissed him passionately. The time seemed to stop for the two lovers as they shared their passion without the need of words. All too soon, the lovers were interrupted by a knock on the door. Latias glared at the door to see who was the insolent being dared to interrupt her moment with Ash. Seeing it was her best friend Bianca when the door opened, she decided to change her expression to a less hostile one.

"Good evening, Ash… and oh, hi, Latias!" greeted Bianca brightly, oblivious about her intrusion. "Sorry to disturb you such late at night, Ash, but I can't seem to find the Soul Dew anywhere. I don't have a feeling the Soul Dew was stolen or anything, as I can vaguely feel its presence nearby, but for the love of all Pokémon I can't seem to find it!"

At the mentioning of the Soul Dew, the complexion on Latias paled. She hurriedly tried to push Bianca back out the door as she desperately came up with some excuses.

"Oh come on, you worry too much Bianca," said Latias nervously, "I am sure the Soul Dew will be fine, in fact, it will turn up sometime tomorrow… probably… I think…" As both Ash and Bianca cast curious looks at Latias as to ask her what she meant, Latias quickly added,

"You know, elder brothers… they disappear without saying anything and come back without telling you anything? That is what they do, right?" At this point, Latias managed to dislodge Bianca from Ash's room. "Look, it's getting late and we have a long day of training tomorrow, so Ash, you better get some rest! Good night!" With that, Latias closed the door behind her with her psychic power while still pushing Bianca away from the room with determination.

"Well, kissing you passionately in one moment and can't wait to get away from you on the next, Pokémon or human, girls are sure tough to understand," sighed Ash as he lay down on his bed to sleep.