Chapter Nine: Consummation

Rating Warning: Mature Sexual Content

I believe this warning was quite expected. However, this is a – note – 'Fullfledged Sex Scene' and has some attention to detail. I will not claim to be a writer of erotica, but I do have half-decent skills. So, if anyone is sqmeaish in this regard, then it's advised to skip this entire chapter and only read the last paragraph as the whole chapter is dedicated to this warning.

Those of you who are averse to this and tread anyway? The the burden is on you.

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Sasuke firmly held Hinata's jaw and pushed his tongue in. Hinata's face flushed, and her heart hammered under her breast. She was finally going to step out of line? Was it too big a step? Her mind befuddled by the burden of her clan, and Naruto's words still haunted her like a curse from beyond the grave.

The wind outside didn't ease up; it clove through the air, cutting it swiftly, heralding the arrival of rain. Sasuke's hand snuck up between her legs, his fingers slithering over his nubile skin. They teasingly brushed her genitals and Hinata yelped and staggered back, falling down on the bed behind her. She sat up straight, breathing heavily and pulling up her Kimono to hide her skin. Sasuke looked amused…

"What's wrong?" he asked innocently, wearing a haughty smile. "I hope you didn't stop me here to bake rice-cakes… I must tell you, I am no good at them." He sniffed the earthy smell outside and looked at the window as it banged shut under the wind's assault … it seemed like a fine moment of distraction.

"I…I…" Hinata barely managed, catching her breath in a sigh and eluding Sasuke's gaze. Her eyes dropped down to his feet where his jacket lay forgotten. She couldn't believe she had pushed it off his body herself. Her lips trembled, unable to register the boldness of her actions. What was she doing?

"Always … so indecisive," Sasuke said, sitting down on his knees. "Naruto didn't please you enough?" He snickered, pulling her legs gently apart that she had clasped so firmly together. "It's understandable. Sakura can be … demanding at times, despite her inability to perform at anything."

Hinata's body convulsed with the feeling of such desire that her mind went blank. Her eyes filled to the brim with lust, pushed away the fear hovering over them. She didn't know what to say. She was not a master of words like Sasuke was. She was not born with a silver tongue. Sasuke had stolen her last words. "I…don't think… we…I mean y-you…" she stuttered, watching as Sasuke kept teasingly pushing her kimono up, knowing that this was empty talk.

Sasuke's lips had that ghost of a smile on them. Hinata could see his pulse flickering like a delicious candle flame under his skin. He was aroused but not as heady as she was. He was probably good at bedding women, while she … a virgin robbed of her virginity. A strange paradox for someone who never felt desire or pleasure, when she had lost her innocence five years ago.

He didn't say anything and she made no attempts to stop him. Her hands feebly trembling and trying to take hold of his as he moved his head down and kissed her genitals through her panties. A strange odd spark ran through her body. It hit her head like a hammer and her vision blurred. His warm breath felt torrid on her folds as he kissed there. She clamped her hand down on her mouth and squeezed her eyes shut, fisting Sasuke's hair in other quite firmly. It felt … really intoxicating.

Sasuke pulled back suddenly and she felt the burden of desire again rise heavily within her. He moved his hands under her buttocks and pulled at her underwear, slipping it gently down her legs. She didn't protest, her body clutched inhumanly within the grasp of her own primal desire. So much so that she felt ashamed. Had Naruto loved her even in the slightest, maybe, just maybe she wouldn't have looked Sasuke's way… but he was so beautiful…

He gently pushed her flowery Kimono aside and unwrapped the sash around her waist. It slipped down her shoulders, revealing her nipples stiff with the heat rising in her body. Her typically pasty breasts were pink and sweaty. Sasuke nuzzled his face against her breasts and took her peach nipple inside his warm mouth.

He sucked hard on it, teething and nipping at it playfully. Almost instinctively, Hinata wrapped her arms around his head, holding his face firmly in place. Her nose buried in his silky black hair. They smelled musky and a fleeting scent of tree-oil tickled and delighted her senses. Somewhere, back in the deep recesses of her mind, she felt the trepidations of her own betrayal.

But she boldly locked them up, leaving them behind the darkness of the memories that were nothing but a cluster of empty-cobwebs … webs that had never caught anything to cling on to. Her breaths were catching in her throat, as she kept feebly clutching Sasuke to herself, parting her legs wide against her will … feeling her genitals' inner-walls pull back to invite him within her as he touched her there again, invading her vagina with a single finger.

It didn't hurt… and that surprised her immensely. A dull throbbing pain began to rise like a crescendo, in credence with her need to be completed. Sasuke gently pushed her on her back, pulling his shirt over his head and throwing it aside. She lay completely naked on the bed, panting heavily. Her flowery Kimono lying balled up under the shadows of the room. Her black hair clung to her sweaty face and arms. Her lips were parted, red and swollen in defeat. She was a delightful sight, he thought.

He parted her legs, running his hands down to her thighs. A thick whitish mucus clung to her inner thighs and her moist swollen lips, giving away her arousal. Sasuke sat between her legs, kissing her flat stomach, feeling a thin trail of hair tickle his tongue. It traced a subtle path from her navel to the jet black curls between her legs.

The smell from between her legs was strangely musky and heady … she was probably one of the few women who didn't mask their scents with scented oils. It was natural and it pumped blood into his penis, hardening it so much that it was becoming unbearable to keep it zipped up behind his pants. Hinata's hands were buried in his hair, skittering through them. Every time he moved down a little lower, her heart beats raced, as she felt her vagina clench uncontrollably against her will.

She arched her back and her breaths came out in a loud moan when she felt Sasuke's tongue on her genitals. That part of her was far too intimate to be touched that way. He placed it flat against her vagina and moved it up, pushing it between the folds of her genitals. She couldn't think straight. A small … a very small part of her wanted to stop him … but it felt so electrifying and good that she wanted to be selfish just this once. Just this once, relish the pleasure he was so willing to give her.

A bit of shame wavered her lust. She never thought she would be pushed so far down the road of betrayals; betrayal of her father and the man she once loved so dearly. A man who never touched her with love and tenderness. Even if this was just lust, she could feel the softness of Sasuke's touch. A strange softness that was taming her will against herself … would this really be a onetime affair? The thought tore her heart open and it bled with the remorse of a sudden realization … he didn't love her.

But it was soon forgotten behind the shameless lust rising in her mind and body like an enflamed phoenix and she threw that forlorn thought out, content with the pleasures he offered. Sasuke chuckled as she desperately yanked his hair to pull his face back and pressed her thighs firmly together around his face as if he would run away if she loosened her grip. A needy moan escaped her lips as he suddenly stopped and pulled back, running his tongue over his glistering lips to wipe away the signs of her arousal.

Hinata looked a bit frustrated, her chest rising and falling rapidly with fresh desire. It was obvious Naruto never bothered to touch her this way. To him, she was this untouchable, someone he didn't love. Sasuke could never understand this ludicrous logic of his. What man would deny a decent looking woman in bed … at least from time to time? Naruto was quite the mystery despite being as simple as a straight arrow … simple-minded and convoluted, a living breathing oxymoron. And despite himself, he always found Naruto's strange sense of loyalty quite laughable. This time, he would end up learning it the hard way …

He lay down between her legs and unzipped himself. Hinata panicked when she felt something hard and hot against her inner thigh. Her eyes stretched out and she moved her hands between their bodies to push him back. "W-wait…what are you…no…" she managed in a voice that sounded foreign to her. It was still laced with desperation and need and it humiliated her a bit.

Sasuke looked down at her with an incredulous expression, unable to fathom the 'what'… she couldn't be serious at this point? "What's wrong?" he asked through clenched teeth, keeping clam even if his own desire was making him far too impatient.

Hinata, still clasped by unimaginable lust and awe at his feral desire denuded before her on his beautiful features, opened her trembling lips to speak, "it-it hurts…I…it always h-hurts…" She bit into her lower lip and looked away. She had never told this to anyone; it was her only secret, and unlocking herself before someone for the first time made her feel so vulnerable and small. This time … she was at Sasuke's mercy … before him, it was Naruto. Even if the choice was hers, she was still a woman without an anchor.

A moment of silence became a momentary lull in the palpable lust. "Your husband just doesn't know what he is doing," Sasuke said in a mellow voice that had that strong note of arousal and gave her a lustful smile when she looked at him. "Relax … and … enjoy," he said hotly with long pauses against her ear as he slid inside her.

A slight tinge of pain bothered her as his member rubbed against her wounds that still had to fully heal from her last ordeal … and then it was all pleasure. The pleasure and thrill of touching her fantasies was so intoxicating. The dull pain within her was gone, replaced with this hot delicious feeling that pooled in her stomach.

He moved within her at a gentle pace, allowing her to adjust to him … he thought he was being generous. But a little tenderness wouldn't hurt for an almost virgin girl; virgins were always so thrilling and electrifying to claim. They reacted to slightest of touches and Hinata was no different. She lay beneath him, delirious with raw lust. Half of her face was mantled under the curtain of her sweaty hair. Her swollen lips were parted as she panted heavily with the unimaginabily intense experience of her first pleasure.

Sasuke's own beads of sweat trickled down his face and fell down on her lips. She moaned loudly as he pushed himself inside her completely, feeling her clamp her walls down on his length hard. She was quite taut from being left untouched for so long. He was almost surprised she felt as pleasurable as Mei … almost … as taking her to fulfill her vengeful leanings was quite the delight.

Vengeance was always sweet. He didn't know what was going on in her mind, but he didn't care. It was her choice and her burden to bear. He just enjoyed the feeling of her walls tightening wonderfully around him. He changed his pace repeatedly to revel in the feeling of her warm, slick, and silky walls loosen and tighten madly with the approaching orgasm. He knew she wouldn't last that long … even if he was very willing to keep going. So he kept slowing down, taking her to the brink of complete abandonment and letting her relish just a bit of climax before he yanked her back. He watched her as she wrapped her arms around his neck and her soft legs around his waist to pull him closer to her.

Sasuke always loved having the power of will taken from people; their reins within the palm of his hands. He was sure she wouldn't mind feeling a bit more of this heady lust and the lasting feel of sex. He grabbed her thighs and pulled her in, invading her with hard, quick thrusts. Hinata's breaths tore from her lips as quick, loud pants. She felt something bearing down heavily on her.

She didn't know what it was but she wanted him to unfurl it, so that she could find that feeling of ease in this state of utter restlessness. Sasuke pressed his lips against her neck and wildly licked and kissed her skin. Hinata had never seen him without his visage of control. He had completely abandoned it in these moments and she found it very sexual, yet… unreal.

It didn't take long for her to completely yield herself before the apex of her building pleasure and just after a few more thrusts, she clenched painfully around his hard length. Sasuke squeezed his eyes shut, clenching his fingers and gritting his teeth. Despite the hard wall of his control, he lost himself before the crushing weight of his orgasm.

After a few seconds of enjoying the evanescing taste of pleasure, Sasuke propped himself up on his elbows and breathed heavily … his eyes opened and lust left him so fast that he didn't think he had ever felt it. He took her without any protection at all? Hinata mewled lovingly under him, pressing her hands down on her lips to stifle the sounds. And he kept looking at her with a blank face … feeling quite stupid …

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AN: Finally got a bit of free time and wrote this in one go – something I almost never do these days because of the work load. Exams can be quite tough …