A Secret Relationship

Harry's POV

"Ginny! How can you be so okay with this!? It's Draco Malfoy!" I yelled, standing in the common room. It was just me and Ginny because everyone else went to Hogmeade

"Harry, I understand because, it's very easy to tell Draco loves her! And I know how she feels! How would you feel if you this wonderful news and no one cared because it was with the enemy!? I'm glad we broke up! You can be so self-centered!" Ginny yelled at me.

I was about to retort when there was a knock at the door. Ginny walked over and standing there was Blaise Zabini was standing there.

"Zabini, what are you doing here? I'm in the middle of something?" I said.

"Actually, he has a reason to be here, Harry. Meet my fiancee, Blaise." Ginny said calmly.

"Fiancee! Your enganged!"

"Yep and have been for 2 months! here did you think I was when you were at Grimhauld place and I wasn't there? Bye." She said walking out the door.

End of POV

Ginny's POV

"Great timing, Blaise. But I do have some news to tell you before we get to Mione's."

"Yes, darling?"

"Your going to be a daddy!"

Blaise picked me up and spun me around. "That's great, Ginny! Do you know what it is?"

"I don't don't know the genders but, suprisingly, it's twins."

"Great!" He exclaimed.

"I'm glad I told you now because I want to tell you first before I told Hermione."

They finally arrived at the Heads' Dorm and I said the password when Blaise looked at me confused. "Hermione is my best friend. Don't you think she would tell me the password?" Blaise shrugged and they stepped in. Hermione and Draco were kissing on couch.

"Oi! Malfoy! Granger! We don't need to see that!" Blaise exclaimed, making me laugh, Hemrione blush, and Malfoy looked ready to kill.

"How did you two get in?" Malfoy asked.

"Why, Hermione of course!" Blaise said, teasingly. Draco turned to Hermione.

"What?! Ginny's my best friend!" She turned to Blaise," And I'm a Malfoy, not a Granger.

"Whatever." Then both boys muttered,"Women."

We heard this but ignored in and Hermione got off the couch and walked up to me. "So what ae you two doing here?"

"What have some secret news to tell you. Ginny and I have been enganged to 2 months and now Ginny's pregnant with.. twins!" Blase said, as if he just made an award speech. Hermione got really excited.

"Ginny! That's great! But we should go talk to Headmistress. See you boys later." Hermione said, kissing Draco while I kissed Blaise and we left.

End of POV

Draco's POV

"Congradulations, man. How far along?" I said.

"I think she said 2 months. Isn't Hermione 3 months?"

"Yeah. " We sat down on the couch.

"And we're not going to be the only dads in Hogwarts."

"So who else?"

"Let's just say, there are going to be two more Notts in the world. And get this! It's his and Lovegood's! My god, we are going to be some busy dads." Blaise exclaimed.

"Wow. Theodore must have got his crush now."

"Yeah. Ginny and Hermione are supposed to pick her up so she can also tell McGonagall, too. Imagine McGonagall's face!" Blaise started laughing.

"Aww. To bad we get to miss it. Why don't we go find Theo and wait for the girls then go to Hogmeade?"

"Sure." Blaise said and they got up to go find Theo.

End of POV

Hermione's POV

"So let me get this straight. We three are the pregnant women of Hogwarts!" I exclaimed to Ginny and Luna.

"Seems so. Theo was so happy that he proposed. He thought it was a good timing. It was."

"So romantic! On no, it's Harry." Ginny said when she saw Harry walking towards us.

"Hermione, did you know Ginny and Zabini are engaged!?"He exclaimed.

"Yes, I do, Harry. Ginny, how you tell him the even better news? Luna, you too." I said then Harry looked at me confused.

"Well, Harry, I'm pregnant with twins!"Ginny said.

"And I'm engaged to Mr. Nott and am also pregnant with twins!" Luna exclaimed. Harry looked furious.

"What! Traitors! Even you, Hermione!" Harry yell in our faces.

"Should have said that, Potter!" Theodore said, with Draco and Blaise standing next to him.

"You don't to our fiancees and wives that way!" Blaise yelled, taking a step towards Harry with Theodore and Draco next to him, all pulling their wands out. The girls all ran to get begind their signifagant other.

"Get your wands away from Harry, you Slytherins. Wait, Ginny? Luna? I understand Hermione with Malfoy but you two?" Ron exclaimed walking up behind Harry with his wand out.

"Ginny is engaged and pregnant with Zabini and Luna is engaged and pregnant with Nott!" Harry exclaimed, still furious at us.

"Ginny, what are you doing?! I forbid you from him. You to Luna! And you, Hermione!" Ron exclaimed, and somehow picked me, Ginny, and Luna up in a bubble very far.

"WEASEL! PUT THEM DOWN!" The three Slytherins yelled.

"Ok." And the bubble popped and we started falling, no cushins and it looked like the other girls blacked and I went in blackness.

End of POV

Blaise's POV

"Ginny!"I yelled, trying to find a way to catch her.

"Luna!"I heard Theo yell.

"Hermione!" I heard Draco scream.

Just then, they frooze mid-air and they looked and found Professor McGonagall was watching the girls worridly. Weasley and Potter ran off before anyone could stop them.

Just then Madame Pompfrey came in, three muggle gurneys and took them to teh Hostpital Wing with us running behind.

When we arrived, Headmistress asked us what happened.

"We heard Potter call the girls traitors for being our fiancees or wife!" I said.

"When we went to defend them, Wealsey showed up and tryed to take them away from behind us."

"He lifted them up high in the air and when we said let them down, he just dropped them. We were so worried, we forgot all spells."

"I heard you boys yelling there names from my office. Now tell me, is Ms. Lovegood and Ms. Weasly pregnant?" McGonagall said. We nodded and I added," Both with twins."

"Well, good thing Madame Pompfrey is making the Room or Requirment a bed room. We shall add 2 more nurserys and 2 more bedrooms."

"What happened?" We heard Luna say from her bed.

"Weaselbee tried to drop you three from mid-air." Theo said.

"I will go talk to them. Goodbye." And McGonagall left.

"Draco." Hermione said from her bed and Draco went over to her," Yes, sweetie?"

I saw Theo say, " Whipped." and Draco shot him a glare.

"Can I have some water? I really am thirsy." And he got her some water.

"Blaise." I ran over to Ginny."Hey." I said, knowing if she had wanted anything she would have said Zabini.

Madame Pompfrey came in and said," If you three drink this, you are able to leave." They all drank and we left for Hogsmeade.

End of POV

Hermione's POV

5 hours later

"I still have no idea how we got to stay out that long." I exclaimed.

"Yeah, I thought you girls would want to go home after 1 hour." Blaise exclaimed.

"To bad we couldn't have gotten drunk." Ginny said.

"Just a bit but now we will have our own kids. That willl be a bit better then getting drunk." Luna said, rubbing her stomach.

"We're already together. Blaise, Ginny, Theo, Luna, wanna stay the night? I can tranfisgured some small beds." I said.

"Sure." Blaise answered.

"Ok." Luna answered.

And they head off to bed.

The next morning at breakfest

"Here comes the owls and Phropet." I said, with everyone sitting at the Head students' table. Yes we got our own table. The Phrophet landed on the table mad me yell.

"Skeeter found us all in Hogsmeade and now are insulting us all!" I exclaimed. "Listen." And I started reading:

A Secret Relationship: War Hero's are now Traitors! By Rita Skeeter

Biggest War Herione, Hermione Granger, and smaller War heros, Ginny Weasleyand Luna Lovegood, were seen in Three Broomsticks with Death Eaters Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, and Theodore Nott.
To the looks of it, Hermione Granger is Hermione Malfoy and several anonoymus sources tell us she been a traitor for 5 years! And now she's pregnant with twins.
Now we believe she has influence Ginny Weasley, who will become Ginny Zabini, and Luna Lovegood, who will become Luna Nott. The source also tells us that the two are also pregnant with twins. It seems that "Mrs. Malfoy" is the farthest along with 3 months and Weasley and Lovegood are 2 months.

Rita Skeeter signing off...

I started crying. Being called a traitor. Draco leaned over and comforted me and I saw tears coming down Luna and Ginny's faces.

" I'm sorry, Hermione." Draco said.

" No. Don't be sorry. it's not your fault." I said, wiping my tears. " We have to get to class." I said getting up with everyone following me. We got in to potions. Galdly, since we were repeated 7th years, Ginny is now in our classes now.

"Hello class. Today we will be making Polyjuice Potion in partners." Slughorn said, walking into tthe room. Then he walked up to Ginny, Luna ,and I.

"I'm sorry, ladies, but this potion cannot be inhaled or drunk by pregnant women. I'm sorry but you may go do whatever you three want but must be back by the next class." He finished and went back up to the board. We packed up our stuff and said bye and left.

"Well, atleast we all have Astronomy next."

"Yeah, and pregnant women can do almost anything there. " We started laughing and waiting in the Astronomy Tower for it to start.

End of POV

Draco's POV

After Potions

"Snape is better then Slughorn. Atleast he gave me O's all the time." Blaise complained.

"Because your also his godson!" Theo exclaimed.

"But still Draco gets O's! And he used to be horrible in Potions!" Blaise yelled.

"Because I have help from Hermione. Speaking of Hermione..." I said when I saw Hermione and kissed her while the others kissed the others.

"Lets go in." Hermione said.

When we got in, Hermione looked ove rthe railing at the veiw, as she always does, btu with Ginny and Luna. I saw Pansy stand right behind Hermione. I started to head that way but it was to late.

Hermione turned around, bumped in to Pansy, started losing her balance and fell over the railing.

CLIFF HANGER! Almost literally. I will tell you that Hermione doesn't die. I'm not stupid!

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