Dead Friend

[Black Mesa Soundtrack: Unforeseen Consequences OR Blast Pit 2]

McKay started thinking about his dead friend Harper.

He sat on the ground.

They had known each other since they had joined the UNSC, two years ago. They had joked and insulted each other a lot. For two years, they had fought side by side, always requesting to be put in the same unit.

He always thought they would both make it. Now that he looked back on it, that was a stupid hope. There was little chance of that happening and they both knew it. He thought if one of them was going to die, they were going to go out fighting. At least he did just that. But at the hands of some parasite? That was the worst death of them all. McKay felt revolted that his friend was now probably one of those...THINGS.

How he wished he could go back in time to safe his friend. He got angry at himself.

I had my chance and I blew it. He could have thrown a grenade to stop them from getting his body, at least.

He sighed. I have to stay alert for any baddies. So he stopped thinking about it, and started cleaning his knife, not very enthusiastically, though.

He sighed again. I need something that will take my mind off of it. He tried to think about his awesome new knife, but his mind drifted back to his friend. He stabbed the knife into the ground, angrily grumbling.

If only I could bring back my dead friend.