Son of a Watchmen

The date was July 4th, 1976. A young man of about 18 rustled his dark red hair nervously as he walked down the empty New York street, feeling uncomfortable and uneasy. It was the day he'd been waiting for since he was a kid,since his mother told him the truth. The truth that his father was not dead. Now, the boy was free, with his mother buried. Free to finally meet the man most important in his life, the man he never knew.

He rounded the corner, coming across the mansion he hoped his father would be at. According to the description his mother gave him while on her death bed, his father was not one for partying, or joy for that matter, and therefore would not be celebrating the nation's birthday in the streets as everyone else.

Quickly, with the grace of an Olympic gymnast and the speed of a marathon runner, he clamored over the gate separating the beautiful mansion from the dark and dusty streets of the Big Apple. He slowly walked up towards the doorway of the mansion, considering his actions. It isn't too late to back out now , he thought, you heard what she said about him. You know who he is. What he is. It isn't too late to leave.

He stoped right in front of the door, a pensive yet determined look appeared on his face. No, he thought. You can't quit now.

He rang the bell on the intercom. "He...hello?!", an old and somewhat tipsy sounding voice called out to him via the speakers, "Who is this? How'd get in? The gate's closed".

"I climbed. Will you please let me in, it's very important."

"You didn't an..answer me", the drunken voice replied, "Who are you?"

The teenager sighed. "My name is Walter Kovacs Jr., now please, let me in".