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"I must learn to be content with being happier than I deserve." Jane Austen, P&P


Solomon looked around in appreciation.

Everyone seemed to be having a good time and for what seemed like the first time in a while he wasn't worrying about the happiness of any of his sons. He sighed to himself, whilst this move was what Joey wanted and he felt very positive about how things were going for him and Mai; Solomon knew he was going to miss him.

"That's a big sigh my dear, not enjoying the party?" Arthur gave him a slight smile, his knowing eyes scanning the face of his partner. After so much time together, he could read the familiar features with ease and added gently, "I know it's hard seeing the boys start to leave, but you'll still see them all and they're going to be very happy."

Solomon smiled in return, "I know, and I want this for them. It's just…"

"Hard to let go, I understand."

The two stood silently for a while and Solomon felt Arthur take his hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze. Trying to shake off his parental regrets for the time being, he told himself to cheer up; this was not the time or place for this and he wanted to enjoy the evening. "It just feels like so much has changed so quickly," he finished, "shall we get a drink?"

Arthur looked at him fondly, "Absolutely," he replied leading the way, "but I'm expecting a dance in payment later." At this, his partner actually began to laugh, the tension largely seeming to leave him and Arthur was pleased at the success of his small joke.

A few minutes later as they were being served at the bar, they were joined by Marik who grinned at them both. "Get me a beer too would you Arthur? I can't be bothered to queue…thanks."

Marik was clearly enjoying every second of the party. He had gone all out tonight and was immaculately groomed, although in his own style of course. Low rise leather hugged his hips and appeared even lower when paired with his favourite hot pink crop top and pierced navel. Marik's hair was wilder than usual, though clinging in damp spikes about the edges of his face and he not only glittered (that idea had been a definite keeper) but also seemed to glisten, although maybe that was the result of some vigorous dancing. Combined with the full array of his Egyptian bling, which was polished to gleaming perfection – there was no danger he might be overlooked. Not that that was ever really an issue for Marik.

Passing him a bottle, Arthur's face quivered slightly as he again beheld this vision but he sternly controlled the desire to laugh, not wanting to hurt Marik's feelings. He also thought to himself that to be fair, a fairly large number of girls seemed to think he looked just fine.

Marik took the bottle with a smile, although he looked a little concerned, having noticed the strange expression, "you okay Arthur? Your back's not playing up is it?"

"No, no, I'm fine. Taking a breather?" Arthur replied innocently, "I don't know how you have the energy."

Easily diverted, Marik glanced back towards the crowd of bodies moving to the music at the other end of the room. "Not for long," he said excitedly, "I'm just waiting for Tea, she went to the bathroom. We're going to do our routine in a while, make sure you don't miss it."

"I'm quite certain neither of us will miss it," his father said smiling.

Marik looked pleased, but then seemed to remember something. "Hey dad, I just remembered that I wanted to ask you about someone," he began.

"Oh," Solomon enquired, looking interested, "can you be more specific?"

"Well I don't know who she is; but I think she might be here with Pegasus." For a second it seemed that he might launch into a recital of the many excellent things he had noticed (or go into an extended daydream) about his idol. However, (unusually for Marik), he was evidently very interested in this answer and looked hopefully at his parents.

Solomon looked at his son with doubt in his eyes, "I think you must mean his daughter – Serenity," he told his son slowly. "Long brown hair, pretty and wearing a pink dress?" At Marik's nod he continued, "Well I agree, she's lovely but Pegasus is said to be very protective of her," he warned.

"Good," was the seemingly odd response, until it was followed somewhat theatrically by, "she should be looked after…she's adorable. I could hardly take my eyes off her."

At this his father sighed, "Typical," he muttered to Arthur. Then to Marik, "that might mean he won't be pleased to see you being keen on her either," he prompted.

For a moment, Marik looked blankly at him but then he grinned, "No, that won't be a problem – I can always use the rod," he said, whipping it from his back pocket and brandishing it."

"Of course you can," his father replied in a resigned tone, "well…just bear it in mind," he said, apparently giving up, then he looked at Arthur in exasperation, "and you stop laughing," he added.

As Marik plunged back off into a cluster of friends with a raise of his drink in thanks, he turned back to Arthur and laughed himself. "Oh well, at least they're not all going to be ready to leave home just yet." Plainly pleased by that thought, he linked arms with Arthur as they moved to sit at a nearby table.

The evening had started well and gone on from there, the room filling quickly and the bar staff kept decidedly busy.

Serenity had indeed arrived with her father, whose own presence at the party had somewhat amazed Joey. "I know you do a lot of business with him Mai, but do you really think it was a good thing to invite him at the moment? There's bound to be tension between him and Kaiba…and there's Tristan, Duke and Bakura as well."

"He's in town Joey, I couldn't have ignored that," Mai replied, "although I wasn't sure he'd come. Besides, he's a professional and he's here with his daughter. She's a really sweet girl and quite fun – I'm glad she's here. It'll be fine Joey."

Joey looked dubious, "Well if you say so, but I hope you're right," he grumbled before dismissing the matter from his thoughts. His normal buoyancy returning, he swept Mai into a hug, "Whatever you want is fine by me. I can't wait to move now you know," he whispered for her ears alone, "I love you so much Mai, I don't ever want to go through a time like that again. I just want it to be us…together."

Mai relaxed against him. He was so…constant, so loving and so open with her that she found her own fears and doubts had dissolved just by being with him. After feeling essentially alone for so long, she had finally found someone to depend on. Lifting her face to be kissed, she lost herself in the moment.

A juvenile snigger from one side interrupted them after a few moments. Mai sighed in irritation as she turned but Joey's face darkened as he saw the latest arrival, turning to her he muttered, "Oh hang on, there are far more unwelcome 'guests' than Pegasus after all."

Elbowing him in the ribs with a reproving look, Mai greeted Rex Raptor with a cool smile. While he and his buddy Weevil were not people she was overly keen on, they often inhabited the same world and when they had heard about the party from Vivian she had felt obliged to invite them. "Hi Rex, are you on your own?" She asked, trying not to sound too hopeful.

"Yeah, where's the other twerp?" Joey enquired, far less diplomatically.

Rex looked furtively over at a table against the wall and replied unconvincingly, "I'm not too sure, but he's around here somewhere. Congratulations by the way." He added grudgingly.

As Mai and Rex talked to one side, Joey scanned the area, Weevil was certain to be doing something sneaky judging by Rex's behaviour, and he didn't want anything to spoil this evening.

As his gaze drifted again over the area Rex had glanced at, he suddenly saw a head pop out from below the cloth, "What the…?"

As he watched, Weevil performed a manoeuvre which he had plainly perfected on many occasions (judging by the practiced ease with which he achieved it) swivelling around under the table to get a good eyeful up the skirt of a girl standing nearby with her back to him.

"That little creep's a peeping Tom," Joey uttered in disbelief. He thoroughly disliked Rex and Weevil, having endured more than enough of their company while recovering at Kaiba's penthouse. He already thought they were spiteful losers but they were even more pathetic than he'd realised.

As he raised stunned eyes, Joey realised he was not the only one to have spotted the scrawny pervert. Yami and Kaiba had evidently also just arrived and Yami was glaring fixedly at the oblivious Weevil with an expression which mingled distaste and anger.

Kaiba noticed Yami's expression and followed his gaze. As began to move, he caught Joey's eye and for the first time they shared a moment of total understanding before he smiled nastily and striding over to Weevil, twisted his fingers in the back of his collar. Before Joey could move, he had hauled the struggling duellist out from under the table and was propelling him out through the doors.

Joey's attention shifted to his brother who strolled over, looking equally irritated by Weevil and amused by Kaiba.

"I finally get what you see in him," Joey joked, "I could have kissed him myself when I saw that little weasel choking."

"He always believes in actions over words," Yami answered with an obscure little smile, before continuing, "Weevil really is in a class of his own isn't he? But forget him; this evening is about you and Mai…enjoy it." Hugging his brother, he moved to greet Mai before ushering Rex out to find his friend. It seemed a quiet 'chat' was needed with those two to ensure they caused no further problems for anyone.

Returning a short while later, the crestfallen and resentfully chastened duo trailing behind them before scurrying off, Yami and Kaiba were finally able to get to the bar.

Laughing together at the memory of Weevil's shock, the pair moved to sit at a table, talking quietly for a time as they enjoyed one another's company. Engrossed in their discussion, Kaiba was at first unaware of being watched, but happening to glance in the right direction he met an unsmiling stare and stiffened slightly, "So Pegasus is here."

Following his gaze, Yami too noticed that they were the object of intense scrutiny. He turned to Kaiba, "Are you going to speak to him?"

"Of course," Kaiba replied, his former warmth dying away as he contemplated his associate. "I don't have anything to hide. Pegasus is the one who has some explaining to do. Do you mind?" He asked, his eyes unknowingly softening as he turned once more to Yami. "We do a fair bit of business together so we need to have a discussion and I would like to get it out of the way."

"Of course not," Yami replied, "I agree with you. Pegasus should be given all the facts and you still haven't decided whether to let him in on the deal. Or have you?"

"That will depend on what he has to say," Kaiba decided, directing an assessing look across at the plainly displeased Pegasus. "If he's well behaved, I might throw him a bone."

"Don't enjoy putting him straight too much," Yami teased, smiling slightly as he looked up at Kaiba who had risen from his seat.

A wicked gleam in his eyes and assuming his haughtiest expression as he prepared to deal with Pegasus, Kaiba nevertheless smirked down at his lover. "I'm not promising anything," he said as he left.

As Yami sat with his drink, wondering how Pegasus would react to Kaiba; an unexpected person arrived at his own table.

He had known Vivian would be coming, she was Mai's sister after all but he knew she didn't like him and the feeling was mutual. After all, she had been chasing after Kaiba and things had got particularly nasty the last time they had met. She must know they were together now. How would she react?

"Hello Vivian," he said flatly, his tone cool as he looked up at her. "Is there a problem?"

"Well…um…," Vivian seemed unsure what to say and cast a look behind her before continuing, "I thought we should talk," she said eventually before glancing over her shoulder again. "I mean, we're practically related now."

She seemed to be checking on the presence of a large blonde guy who was leaning against the wall opposite. Yami wondered if she was being stalked, the man looked a bit seedy to be honest. He wore a wrinkled shirt and a bandana on his head and why was he wearing shades, indoors in this dim light? "Is that guy bothering you?" He asked, "Do you want me to get rid of him?"

Vivian looked at him in shock, "Bothering me? Oh no, that's my boyfriend Keith. We met at a party and just started dating. Don't you recognise him? He's a pretty highly ranked duellist," she added proudly.

Actually, now that he considered him more closely, Yami did vaguely recall the man and had seen him in a few interviews. He couldn't really recall much interest in what he'd had to say though; mostly it had all been references to America from what he could remember. Not that he said this to Vivian, if she was involved with someone else and had given up on Kaiba, this was good news. Yami made appropriately impressed noises and she beamed at him.

"So…no hard feelings? After all, you won," she admitted grudgingly. As Yami stared at her in amazement she continued, "I know I was a bit of a bitch and Mai said I should apologise. I've decided she was right. After all, we're kind of family now."

Yami realised in shock that she was right and he would have to do the honourable thing and try to be friendly with her. After chatting a bit awkwardly for a few more minutes, Vivian went back to her new man.

Yami watched her go, 'Oh great,' he groaned internally. He still didn't like her, but at least they had managed to make peace and he would just have to make an effort for Joey's sake.

The arrival of Tristan and Duke earlier had also caused a slight stir. Dressed in black trousers and a white open-necked shirt, his customary lone dice hanging from one ear, Duke appeared his usual dashing self, but he had in fact felt very nervous about seeing so many of his former comrades and his green eyes were wary beneath the spiky black fringe. That hideous evening when he had last seen them was still very much in his mind and he dreaded a repetition, pausing outside the door and taking a deep breath.

"Don't worry so much Duke," Tristan said, he was very aware of the tension his partner was feeling and wanted to reassure him. "I'm right here and I'd never let anyone hurt you."

Duke smiled sadly up at him, "I know that Tris," he replied, "but you can't really blame them for what happened before. We both know I brought it on myself." He sighed, "When I look back now, I can't believe how I behaved, whatever did you see in me to like?"

"Well you are very pretty," was Tristan's teasing reply as he cupped the wistful face and pressed a gentle kiss to his lips, "and it turned out I was right about you anyway, didn't it. Come on, we're together, if anyone gives you a hard time…we'll leave."

Duke needn't have been so worried. When he entered with Tristan (who had a protective arm about his shoulders and was more than ready to defend him if necessary), the pair were greeted enthusiastically. Word had gradually gone around about their new business and life together and it was somehow known (Yami and Ryou had been busy) that he had turned down an offer from Pegasus out of loyalty to Tristan and they were now full partners in everything.

The general feeling at this point was that he had regretted his actions and clearly changed. Although perhaps the remembrance of Tristan's words that evening, and the knowledge of his ready fists hadn't hurt either.

Bygones were clearly felt to be bygones and the two were soon relaxed and enjoying the reunion. More than one of the group snuck glances at Tristan who was looking far better than they had remembered.

He was dressed fairly simply all in black, but Duke's influence could be seen in his changed hairstyle. The strange protuberance at the front was a thing of the past and the messy fringe in its place gave him a very different appearance. In fact…Tristan looked hot but (sadly thought some) he only had eyes for the man at his side. They were obviously very much a solid unit and were rarely far apart.

Also surprisingly, or maybe that too had changed, it was Duke who seemed the most possessive but their devotion to one another was apparent to everyone (particularly during their slow dances together later in the evening). Tristan and Duke were going to last.

Ishizu was always very calm, very considerate and above all very sensible…most of the time.

Tonight she'd had too much to drink. It was a rare occasion…but…

As he watched the commotion on the dance floor, Solomon joked to Arthur, "I knew he got it from his mother's side."

The display would already have been bad enough, without Ishizu's involvement.

Tea and Marik had chosen to do a belly dance, which was probably Marik's idea as he was very keen to 'show off his sexy new jewellery!' Toned abs and belly piercings, the ladies would love it and he had dressed extra carefully tonight, his outfit chosen to highlight the effect.

"No Marik!You have to be one with the music!" Ishizu crooned, intending to sound wise and mystical, but actually sounding extremely drunk. She then began to wriggle like a dying eel (or as she put it 'demonstrate her talent') and the crowd cringed. As Marik watched her in impressed awe, Raphael on the side-lines gave a hoarse laugh and took pictures for posterity.

The scene continued for several minutes, with The Black-Eyed Peas, 'My Humps' providing the music. It had probably never before, been so thoroughly interpreted. Marik, Ishizu and Tea wove around each other making sinuous arm movements and hopelessly wiggling while the rest of the room watched in various stages of amazement and mirth.

At the start of another track (it seemed Shakira too was ideal), Marik was delighted when the young woman he had noticed earlier asked to join them. Ishizu and Tea exchanged glances as he instantly offered to tutor her.

"Wow Marik! You're really good at this…"

"I know! I'm sure I could go professional if I really wanted to," he told her with no hint of irony. "But my real passion is business. It's hard being so talented…" Tea gave them a disbelieving look, but Serenity just nodded solemnly, trying hard to get her wiggle just right.

A small crowd had developed around Tea and Marik following their latest 'performance' and distracted from his irritated thoughts, 'how could he have allowed Kaiba such an upper hand?' Pegasus idly glanced across – it seemed some impromptu instruction was now taking place. He sat up sharply, one of them was Serenity! No wonder that had seemed like a long bathroom break. Trying to seem nonchalant, he moved closer and called to her, "Serenity my dear, I need you for a moment…now I'm afraid."

He watched as she exchanged a rueful remark with Tea, before returning to his chair and tightening his lips as he waited for her.

Normally he would have felt pleased that she was mingling and having fun, she was often such a shy girl…but he hadn't liked the way this Marik looked at her earlier and he definitely wasn't keen on his teaching methods. There was no need for him to be quite so close behind her as he moved her arms in the correct sequence, and the fact that she seemed to be so comfortable there (and wiggling!) - had alarmed him even more.

It was totally unacceptable. Pegasus rather approved of the boy's look, it had individuality, and flamboyance was his thing after all…but in every other respect he was unworthy of her notice and related to that pesky family into the bargain. All his current headaches related to them - in one way or another. He raised an eyebrow as she approached.

"Oh father," she sighed reproachfully, "you're so over-protective sometimes," but she kissed his cheek fondly as she said the words and seemed happy enough to sit down beside him.

Inwardly he sighed in relief, it was a pity Croquet wasn't here, he could have been sent to explain the situation to her aggravatingly persistent admirer.

Yugi laughed at the comical look of dismay Tea shot him after Pegasus somewhat abruptly removed his daughter from the laughing group practicing with her and Marik.

"I don't think she needs to worry," he murmured to Yami at his side, "I'm pretty sure it wasn't Tea he was concerned about."

Yami chuckled beside him, "no I don't think so either," he agreed. Both had seen the looks of shock and displeasure on Pegasus' face as he observed Serenity in Marik's arms. Seeing his brother's eyes drift towards her again as she seated herself next to her father, Yami laughed again. "He seems pretty keen actually and he's annoyingly persistent and oblivious to opposition when it suits him," he observed. "I don't think he'll give up that easily, Pegasus might be in for a shock."

As his partner resumed her instruction of the others, Yugi turned his attention back to Yami. "So tell me about you and Kaiba," he asked, his big eyes twinkling, "from what you said on the phone, the Duke and Tristan situation didn't turn out such a problem after all. He seems pretty keen on you now?"

Yami looked fondly at his closest friend. Yugi was always empathetic and he wanted to explain how much things had changed, but he felt so strongly about this…and protective of Kaiba. "You were right of course," he finally admitted, "he's amazing…and I shouldn't have doubted him."

Yugi smiled but shook his head. Always the more demonstrative of the two, he gave his best friend a quick hug.

"Thanks Yugi," Yami smiled, "I don't need to ask about you and Tea, you seem closer than ever. Everything else going well?"

"Yes, I'm really lucky," Yugi replied, his eyes drifting back to Tea. "Everything's great. Maybe you and Kaiba could come for a weekend sometime, if you think he'd be interested." He added, suddenly sounding more doubtful.

Yami hid a smirk of his own, "I'm sure I could find a way to convince him," he said raising an eyebrow. When Yugi spluttered over his drink, he chuckled. Yugi was so cute when he blushed.

Yugi too laughed, before changing the subject. "It's great to see Joey so happy," he remarked, "I'm really glad it all worked out."

The pair turned almost as one to look across the room. The music had changed to a slower selection and the lighting had dropped. As they watched, Joey pulled Mai onto the floor and wrapped his arms around her, murmuring something against her hair. If Mai's own blush was any indication, it was lucky no one else would have been able to hear. Dropping her face into the crook of his neck, she relaxed against him and the two moved together, seemingly lost in each other and content just to be that way.

Yugi shot his friend a slightly sheepish look, "I think I'll see if Tea wants to dance," he said. "We can catch up more tomorrow if you're about?"

"Yea, give me a call and we'll meet up," Yami replied.

He watched as Yugi made his way to Tea. Her face lit up as he arrived and they went together to the dance floor.

Yami's thoughts of his friends were interrupted by the sudden proximity of a warm body behind him and soft breath caressed his neck as a husky voice spoke quietly from close to his ear. "Feeling left out?"

He cast a provocative glance over his shoulder at Kaiba, "is this your way of suggesting we dance?"

"I don't dance," came the reply, but the tone lacked conviction and Kaiba's arms wrapped about his waist.

Yami smiled. "Well if you don't take me, I might get a better offer," he teased and received a warning growl as the arms about him tightened in response. Laughing, he turned in the circle of that lose embrace, "dance with me Seto," he asked, looking deeply into the blue eyes now fixed intently on his face.

Kaiba smirked, "well since you asked so nicely…"

Of course he danced well.

Kaiba did everything well, and resting his cheek on the chest of his taller partner, Yami sighed in utter contentment. He could feel the slow, strong heartbeat of his lover beneath the smooth silk shirt he wore and turning his face into the side of his neck, he drifted.

Clasping each other tightly, the two moved together in silence for some time and Kaiba too was lost in the peace of the moment. every line of their bodies in perfect harmony as the sounds of Prince's 'Soul Sanctuary' drifted across the room.

In the dim light at the back of the dance floor, Ryou tucked his head beneath Bakura's chin and sighed in similar contentment. Closing his eyes, he breathed in the scent which was rapidly becoming both dear and familiar, slightly spicy and clean, but most of all…just Bakura.

As they moved slowly to the music he snuggled closer as he thought how wonderful this felt, so secure, so wanted, so…he froze momentarily, Bakura was now clearly feeling more than just romantic.

"If you will be so irresistible and press yourself closer…" The husky whisper was close enough to tickle his ear and he gave a shiver as his body reacted to Bakura's evident desire. He looked up and Bakura gave him a crooked smile as those dark eyes met his own.

"Stay over tonight?" He asked softly.

Ryou looked back at him, his expression dubious but full of his own longing, "I can come over for a while but I'm not sure that I can stay, dad might be want me there a…"

A demanding mouth descended on his, silencing the rest of the words. By the time Bakura raised his head he was panting slightly.

"You don't need me there while you're asleep." But Ryou's resolve was weakening and Bakura, sensing this went in for another kiss.

Ryou's senses swam as this even deeper kiss stole away reason, but his next rational thought was, 'Bakura really wants this, wants to be with me. He means this,' heart pounding, he looked up at him.

"Wrong answer," Bakura breathed, "stay."

Another burning kiss was pressed to his lips.

"Shall we get our coats?"

Hugging him tightly, Bakura laughed, "let's do that, we can say our goodbyes on the way."

From his seat at the side of the dance floor, Pegasus watched the two old men dancing together. More formal than the other couples swaying together, they nevertheless exuded a feeling of comfort and intimacy and he sighed, raising his glass to his lips… 'Oh my Cecilia,' he thought.

His eyes wandered about the room, as almost in reflex, he sought the presence of his daughter. Serenity was unlike her mother in colouring, but so similar in temperament, how he loved her. What would he have done without her?

Spotting her laughing at a table at the far end of the room his eyes softened, until he realised whom she was with. That brother of Yami's, again! Thinking furiously to himself, Pegasus got to his feet and made his way towards them, the boy might show some flair in his appearance, but he was not at all suitable in any other respect.

Not that he wanted Serenity to favour anyone yet – she was too young, but he had thought that in a few years…maybe Kaiba. Catching sight again of that tall figure, head bent to murmur something to Yami who was in his arms, Pegasus shook his head feeling irritated, clearly that idea was out. What was it about this family?

As he neared his daughter and her unwelcome attendant, he caught snatches of conversation. The boy was in full flow, animated and passionate, "Creative freedom…business leader…world domination," the words floated to Pegasus and surprised, he paused to listen further.

'Hmmm, the boy has ambition, a certain sense of style and plenty of nerve'. Perhaps there was something he could work with here after all.

As Marik led Serenity out to dance, his lips were pursed in thought and this time Pegasus did nothing to prevent them…

As the sounds of one Prince melody died away, another took its place – this time 'Slow Love' (clearly the DJ had a thing) and Yami felt the utter pleasure of this moment.

Kaiba had actually relaxed against him, resting his cheek against the top of his head and to Yami that was another indication of how far they had now come. They had both had a lot to learn and still did, but he felt they would make it, they had chosen each other and together... they could deal with anything.

"Seto," Yami whispered, raising his head.

"Mmmm?" Kaiba responded almost reluctantly.

Yami smiled, he was definitely learning to like this, "How much longer do you want to stay?"

At this Kaiba looked down and met his eyes, "You're ready to leave? Good. Are you going to stay over?"

"Yes, I'll let dad know on the way out."

As they left the building, headed towards Kaiba's bed but also their future together, for the first time - they reached for each other's hands at precisely the same moment.

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