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"Mommy…?" The little girl asked, looking at the grave. Alice Liddell lies under the earth at the feet of her 8-year old daughter. She died from the disease that took her mother and older sister. The young girl began to tear up. Her mother was gone and she was now alone in the world. She was being cared for by Edith, her mother's younger sister. Edith didn't really enjoy being with Alice or the young girl. If anything, she resented them. She would call her niece a bastard child for she was never told who the father was and Alice had never been married.

The girl was alone in the world. Alice knew this would happen, so she hatched a plan. Every day on her death bed Alice would talk to her daughter, tell her what she needed to do when she died. Alice's last words to her daughter rang within her mind. 'Leave this cruel world, live where you were always meant to be.'

The girl turned and ran. It was time for the plan to commence. If she failed her task, she had failed her mother's last wish. Tears pooled in her emerald eyes as she darted back to her home. Her dirty blond hair whipped around in the wind. Her black dress that she wore to the funeral tapped at her knees as she ran. The mansion was in view. She pushed open the door to find the house full of people. They were at the funeral. All of them, never glancing at the girl who pushed past them. Only talking amongst themselves.

"Did you hear she went insane?" A woman whispered. "One day she randomly showed up, pregnant, talking about some world called Wonderland."

The girl continued to push past the masses of people until she reached her room. The comfort of home reached her at this time as she wiped her eyes. She remembered when her mother would tell her about Wonderland as a bedtime story. She would tell her about her daddy too. She reached for the bag that her mother had already prepared for her. It contained many things that her mother said would be essential to the trip. She threw the backpack on and turned to leave, then paused. She ran to her bedside table and dug through the drawer. Within it was her most prized possession. A blue ribbon edged with gold trim and a red heart. It belonged to her mother and it was a gift to her when her mother began to get sick. She remembered the day she received it.

"Mommy! Let's go out and play~" the girl yelled, entering her mother's room. Alice smirked at the girl.

"I'm sorry honey but I am to stay in bed. Why don't you go find someone else to play with?"

"I only want to play with mommy…" she mumbled. She climbed into the bed with Alice. Her hand unconsciously ran through the girls golden hair.

"Sweetie, I have something for you." Alice said. The girl's eyes grew wide as her mother pulled on the ribbon within her hair.

"But mommy, that is your hair tie!"

"But I want you to have it. You will look so beautiful with it."

Her sweet smile was still embedded in the girl's memory. She mentally shook herself to return to the task at hand. It was like a game. Escape the mansion without anybody noticing. That was easy though. None of the adults ever noticed her. The back yard was large. She continued to walk until she reached the edge of the trees. Her mother told her to never enter the forest until the time has come. It was time and now the girl stepped into the trees and wandered into the darkness.

The next objective was complete in her game, to find the large hole within the trees. She sighed to herself. 'What an easy game.' She smiled before jumping into the hole. Wind rushed around her as she fell into the darkness. Everything was black….


She awoke in the darkness to find herself cold. She was lying on a stone ground, the chill seeped through her dress. The moon was shining and she smiled to herself. She saw the clock tower. She heard the metal gears moving as she walked toward the door. It was shut, but never locked. She smiled to herself as the door creaked open and she silently slipped up the stairs. She heard voices on the other side of a door. She silently put her ear close to it and listened.

"…my office? Why? Why can't I just work alone?" A voice grumbled. Another man laughed at the others comment.

"It isn't good to always be alone, clockmaker." He said.

"I am not alone. I have these clocks, they are people too." He grumbled. Suddenly the door that the child was leaning on opened and she fell face first into the room. All eyes turned to her as she picked herself up and dusted herself off.

"What are you doing here?" growled the man behind the desk. It was the first voice she had heard. His eyes were like piercing silver daggers as he glared at the girl. His hair was long and blue. Glasses were found to be perched at the tip of his nose. The other man, the one she assumed he was arguing with also had blue hair, but a lot shorter. He had a lizard tattoo on his neck and his yellow eyes watched the girl. The man who answered the door had an eye patch and a grayish purple eye. His hair was silver and longer than the lizard tattoo man's hair but a lot shorter than the 'clockmaker'. A grin had found itself onto the man's face.

"I got a letter for a Mr. Julius Monrey." She squeaked.

"That would be me." The man behind the desk stood. She paused, gawking at the man.

"Mommy said Mr. Monrey was a very kind man. You seem like a giant grump." She said. She took off her bag. She dug through the small pack and found a mound of letters pulled together by a rubber band. Released the mound of letters and began to search for the one she needed. She began to toss the letters around. The man with the eye patch looked at one on the floor and began to pick it up. The girl slapped his hand and hissed at him.

"Mr. Monrey is the first to receive a letter. Mommy's orders." She began to look through the letters before finding the one that read 'Mr. Julius Monrey. Letter the 1st' She tugged it out and ran it to the man behind the desk. His eyebrows furrowed as he took the letter. He slowly opened it and looked at the small writing on the page.

"Dear Julius," He read out loud. "If you are reading this then I, Alice Liddell, am dead." He paused and looked at the girl in surprise. The girl refused to look at the man by looking at her shoes. He then turned his attention to the other blue haired man. He too had a surprised look. Julius continued to read the letter. "The girl you have just met is my daughter, Angel Liddell."

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