Pinky Promise

Disclaimer: I do not own Soul Eater! But I do love it :D

"Hey, Soul..."

"Yeah Maka?"

"Promise me that, whatever happens, we'll always be partners."

"I promise."

"Pinky promise?"

"Yeah, pinky promise."

"Soul! Soul get up we're going to be late!" screamed an impatient, wheat-blonde haired girl. The boy opened one eye and looked up to find his meister's clover green eyes staring down at him.

"Five more minutes..." he grumbled and turned in his bed, his back now to her and his face shoved in his pillow. This made her angry.

"Maka..." she began. His eyes shot open.

"CHOP!" she finished. A book was planted in his snow white hair and created a dent in his skull. He sat straight up on his bed and rubbed a hand on his head where the book had been.

"GEEZ MAKA! YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO DO THAT I WOULD HAVE GOTTEN UP!" he furiously yelled at her. She then proceeded to point a spatula centimeters from his nose, a bright smile was plastered on her face and her head was tilted a little. He glanced at the spatula and gulped.

"Breakfast is ready so hurry up and get your lazy butt out of bed before it gets cold," Maka said with an angry tone in her voice, but still held that smile on her lips. She quickly brought the spatula away from Soul's nose, turned around on her heels, and walked out of his room. He sighed and started untangling himself from his sheets. This is how most mornings are with Maka. He slept late, she got angry with him and woke him up with her famous (and incredibly painful) 'Maka-chop', and then...

"SOUL~!" a certain purple-furred feline shouted while she jumped on him. He fell back because of her force and hit his still throbbing head on the hard floor. The cat changed into her human form with a 'POOF!' and remained on top of him. Her large breasts were pushing on his chest.

"Crap!" Soul thought as he felt the blood rushing to his head. Then it came. All the blood gushed out of his nose and spilled on his used-to-be white t-shirt.

"Hee hee hee~!" Blair laughed as she got off him and skipped out of his bedroom.

"He's awake~!" she said in a sing-song voice as she entered the kitchen with Maka standing at the stove tightly gripping her spatula stirring her scrambled eggs in the skillet.

"I know. I just woke him up..." Maka said through gritted teeth. A vain stuck out on her forehead from listening to what had happened in that room.

"Ooops~! Sorry~! Haha~!" Blair said, now in her cat form. She walked over to Maka as she turned the stove off. Maka heard a door creak open and watched as Soul came into the kitchen and slumped down in his chair, letting a huge yawn escape his mouth, exposing his oddly sharp teeth. He grabbed a fork and a knife on either side of his plate and prepared for the food. The vain on her forehead came back as she noticed the blood on his shirt. She took a breath to calm herself and put on a smile. She walked over to the table and gave him some eggs. She sat down across from him and scooped the remaining eggs onto her plate.

"Good morning, Soul," Maka said sweetly.

"Mornin'," Soul replied with a grumble.

Soul and Maka grabbed some toast Maka had placed in the center of the table and began eating. Soul had most of the eggs and three slices of toast while Maka only had a small amount of eggs and one slice of toast. Soul shoved the food into his mouth as Maka took small bites. Even though their portions were remarkably different, they finished at the same time.

"Go get dressed while I clean up," Maka said as she got up from her chair and took his plate to the sink. Soul patted his stomach and nodded. She turned on the water and Soul went to get changed. Moments later he came back wearing his black leather jacket, grey jeans, orange shirt, and black headband. Maka turned the water off and took off her apron. She turned around to face Soul. His ruby red eyes looked at her. She was wearing her usual white dress shirt, green striped tie, covered by a pastel yellow sweater vest, red plaid skirt, and black and white boots. She was putting on her white gloves and long black coat when Soul grabbed his motorcycle keys.

"Ready?" he asked, twirling the keys on his right index finger.

"Ready," she replied as she buttoned the last button on her coat. They walked out the door as Soul locked it behind him. They came to the orange motorcycle and got on, Maka wrapping her arms around Soul's waist from her back seat. He revved the engine and grinned. He slammed on the gas and they sped off to the DWMA. Little did they know that their lives were about to change forever.