Kon'nichiwa minna –san! I'm making a story that is involve the Inazuma Eleven in the Football Frontier Internationals! And yes, I'm accepting OCs as well. All I need is 15 OCs. The reason is because I'm already going to use my OC in this story if you want to look it up then go to my profile. And the team will be the one I make that up which is also a pop idol group. And the songs will be based on the J-POP songs like Berryz Koubou, Buono, Morning Musume, etc.


Now then, here is the OC submit form:

Name: (last,first)

Nickname: (if your OCs had)

Age: (probably the same age as the Inazuma Japan I think…)

Appearance: (hair color, eye color, hair styles, and/or extras)

How your OCs dress: (like her casual clothes it can be anything or from somewhere else)

Family Members: (older or younger siblings, parents, deceased parent/s, grandparents, etc.)




Crush: (taken: Kazemaru Ichirouta)

Team: Prism Stars (if you don't like I'm sorry)

Hissatsu and Details: (If you guys want to put details or I'll make something up)

School: (before the FFI starts)


Element: (wood, wind , fire, earth, water, light, ice. It can be more than one if you want)

History/other information:

If you have questions let me know. And if you guys like J-POP, that's really great. If your OC has the crush on the same guy as mine, I'm sorry I already call it… But if you guys have other crushes like mine feel free!

Okay everyone, start typing your OCs and I'll put on the results on the OCs and the username!

That's all for today! Sayonara!