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I walked down the brightly lit London street, gripping Greyson's hand in mine. I could feel the layer of warmth from his skin, even though we were both wearing gloves. He squeezed my hand a little gently as we both stared awestruck at the beautiful frosty street with the bright lights illuminating the chilly air.

"How beautiful is this?" he whispered, his breath tickling my ear as he pulled me just a little closer to him. "This street with these lights?"

"It's amazing, Grey," I replied, tearing my eyes away to look at him. He was smiling his beautiful, pearly smile as he looked all around with wide, childish eyes. I leaned my head on his soft shoulder, loving the feeling of his worn leather jacket against my cheek as I breathed in his sweet, Greyson-y smell. I thanked God for the thousandth time that He had sent me Greyson.

"There's only one more thing in this whole world that's prettier than this city," Greyson said in a soft voice, and his breath was white against the air.

"What?" I asked, reaching up and tucking a strand of my hair behind my ear.

"You, my little London girl," Greyson ran his fingertip across the tip of my nose in a single, swift motion and I giggled.

"That's so sweet, but I hardly think visiting London once with you constitutes me being a little London girl."

Greyson chuckled and stopped walking, so I did too. His eyes found and locked on mine as we stood on the deserted, quiet street facing each other.

"This is so lame," he said with a shy grin. "But I can't stop thinking about how beautiful you look tonight."

"Aw, Greyson," I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him close to me. He leaned forward a little, close enough for me to count the light freckles sprinkled around his nose. His beautiful, baby brown eyes sparkled as I leaned in a little too and our lips met to form sparks brighter, even than the city lights.

"I was wrong," Greyson's soft, sweet lips parted from mine as he whispered. "There is something else more beautiful than these lights."


"A perfect kiss from the perfect girl in the perfect place."

I felt my cheeks glow and my smile grow.

"Thank you," I reached up to push a lock of his brown hair out of his eyes. He reached up and held my hand to his cheek for a moment with his eyes closed, and then pulled away,

"I wish we could stay out here forever, but unfortunately I think my toes might be frostbitten."

"It is cold," I agreed with Greyson, linking our fingers together again as we started to walk. Part of it was for warmth, but mostly it was because I just wanted to hold Greyson's hand.

We found our way to the hotel we were staying at, and walked into the giant, circular doors.

"Greyson," I laughed, reaching for him as I stepped forward into one of the turning cubicles.

"Nooo," he chuckled, reaching out to me and walking into the on behind mine. We stared at each other as we turned with the sheet of glass separating us.

Greyson mouthed something, but I couldn't make it out. Giggling, I stepped out of the doors and into the hotel.

"What were you trying to say?" I asked as we walked to the elevator.

"I was telling you I loved you," he said, pushing the button for our floor.

"Oh, well I love you too," I couldn't help but smile as our hearts soared and our stomachs plummeted. The elevator dinged and we got to our floor. Greyson pretended to push the doors open, and then flexed his muscles as they pushed apart automatically.

"Wow, how'd you do that?" I teased.

"I've been working out," Greyson joked, and I grinned as I swiped the key card to our hotel. We walked inside the room, and he closed the door.

The floor was modern wood and the two beds were enormous, grandly built and with snowy white sheets and feather comforters. In the corner was a kitchen area, and next to the door was a bathroom.

"Bed time?" Greyson suggested with a yawn. I glanced at the clock over the wall mounted TV and saw it was well past midnight.

"I think so," I nodded, wandering over to the suitcases. I glanced from my pink matching luggage set to Greyson's green one, then bent down over the latter.

"Will you do me a favor, Greyson?"

"Of course."

"Will you close your eyes so I can be extremely sneaky and steal one of your shirts so I can wear it to bed?"

"Okay," Greyson clamped his hands over his eyes adorably. "Just tell me when you're done."

"I hope you're house never gets robbed," I laughed at him.

"That makes two of us, I'd let them take whatever they needed."

"Okay, I'm done," I giggled, making my way to the bathroom with Greyson's worn, gray plain v neck and a pair of my fluffy shorts in my hands. I closed the bathroom door and changed quickly, then brushed out my hair and took off my makeup. I brushed my teeth, and then walked back out to where Greyson was. He stood, already changed in a pair of gray sweat pants and a Hard Rock Café pullover sweatshirt.

"I was gonna wear that shirt," Greyson laughed, pinching the fabric of his gray t that fit me perfectly.

"Well you look cozy anyway," I said. I walked over to my bed and climbed in as Greyson walked into the bathroom to brush his teeth. He came out a minute later and walked to my bed.

"May I tuck you in?" he asked with adoring eyes.


Greyson leaned over and pulled the sheets up to my chin.

"Okay, the art of tucking someone in is an ancient and noble one," Greyson said in a faux British accent. "You need to make sure you really tuck them preciously."

Greyson pushed the folds of the sheets in at my waist, burrowing them under me. He did it all the way from my toes to my chin until I was swaddled in and couldn't move.

"And then what?" I asked, looking down at myself.

"And then," he continued in the same accent. "You have to gently glaze the top with the blankets."

He did the same thing with the blankets, his accent making me giggle until I was stuck completely and couldn't move.

"Okay, now that I'm stuck what's next?" I asked, batting my eyelashes at him.

"Well, next this happens," Greyson's hands drifted over the blankets and he started to tickle me.

"Grey," I wiggled and giggled and wiggled some more. "I can't get out! Stop! Ahahahaaha! This should be illegal!"

"And that," Greyson was overcome with laughter as I succeeded in un-tucking myself. "Is the proper way to tuck somebody into bed."

"You need to rethink that," I said, throwing the blankets off. "I'm not sure but I bet there's a more…calming way to."

"Okay, okay, lemme try again," Greyson watched as I settled myself down on the bed again. He retrieved the sheets and drew them up over me, then did the same with the blankets. Then he gently tucked them into me, and leaned down to kiss my forehead.

"How was that?"

"Perfect," I beamed up at him. "You're an expert now."
He grinned and reached down to brush my hair off my face.

"Goodnight," he said quietly, and he started to walk to his bed. "Sweet dreams."

"Greyson, wait," I called after him and he turned around.

"Yes sweetheart?"

"Can I please have another kiss?"

He smiled and walked over to me, and then sat beside me on my bed.

"Where?" he breathed, looking from my plush pink lips to my rosy cheeks, wondering which was the best to plant a kiss on.

"Surprise me," I closed my eyes and found Greyson's lips pressed onto mine in a slow, careful kiss. He pulled away after three or four seconds then met my eyes with a grin.

"Thank you," I said, turning onto my side contently and pulling my legs up under me. My bed was so soft and comfortable and warm, rain had started to splash against the windows in a lullaby, the golden lights of our hotel room were comforting and the city lights were all around us, but didn't compare to the light of the sparks between Greyson and me when we kissed. I felt so grown up, and so content, and most importantly, so loved.

"Love you, Grey."

"Love you too," he walked over to his bed and shut the lights off. The room was cascaded into darkness with nothing but the sound of rain hitting our windows and the lights which I could still see from our window. A few shut off as I watched, the buildings they belonged to closing for the night.

I listened to him as he settled in and his breathing slowed down in a methodic, lullaby like sound. I found myself drifting off, before I realized something was wrong. I didn't like being separated from Greyson, even though we were still in the same room. My half-asleep mind transformed those few feet of hardwood floor into a perilous ocean that got harder to cross the longer that I waited, so I sat up and tumbled out of my bed.

I found Greyson's bed with my eyes only half open and collapsed into it.

"Hi," I whispered. Even though his eyes were closed, I saw him smile by the lights outside our window.

"I was just going to come into your bed," he mumbled to me, turning and wrapping me in his arms. I rested my head on his chest and heard his heartbeat, the most beautiful noise in the whole entire world.

"Goodnight, Greyson."

"Goodnight, my little London girl."

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