Summary: A collection of one-shots centered on the Pevensies, set during the Golden Age. Will be updated when inspiration strikes, but I will try to post a few chapters each time. Mix of book verse, movie verse, and my imagination. NO SLASH OR INCEST

Chapter 1: Lucy and Edmund: Aftermath

Author's Note: Chapter 1! I now have a convenient place to put all my little Golden Age one-shots! As stated in the summary, I will update when inspiration strikes. Since I don't have great internet, I will try to post a few chapters at once, so it's not a super long gap between chapters. I will post the Pevensie's ages at the beginning of each chapter.
About the other Golden Age story mentioned in As If We Never Said Goodbye: I will start that eventually...when I have the time...and the inspiration. Hopefully not too long from now :)

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Peter: 13
Susan: 12
Edmund: 10
Lucy: 8

Lucy lied in bed in her large room. It was their first night in the castle, the coronation had been earlier that day, the Battle of Beruna just yesterday. She hadn't realized at the time how close her brothers had been to death. Especially Edmund. She didn't want to think about what would have happened if she had not arrived in time.

Lucy turned over and tried to get to sleep, but she could not shake the image of Edmund lying on the battle field from her mind. The sound of his strangled breathing, gasps for breath, filled her ears. The panic and worry she had felt when she saw him filled her heart; consuming her until there was nothing else inside of her. She saw the dwarf that had come to kill Edmund, to put him out of his misery. Susan's first kill.

Her older sister had become a killer at age twelve. Susan, who was always kind, always gentile. Who wouldn't let anyone smash a fly, insisting on letting it outside.

Lucy sighed, giving up on sleep for the time being. She decided to go see Edmund; she had to make sure. She had to make sure he was okay.

Tiptoeing across her room, Lucy opened the door carefully, trying not to make a sound. The young queen made her way down the hall as quietly as she could. Stopping in front of Edmund's door, she silently turned the knob and entered the room, careful not to wake her brother. The last thing she wanted was to wake him while he was still recovering from the battle. Lucy silently made her way towards Edmund's bed. In the darkness he looked like a silhouette, a mound under the covers.

Approaching as quietly as she could, Lucy hopped onto the bed; trying not to wake Edmund. He stirred in his sleep, his eyes half-opening. Well, that went well thought Lucy. "Lu? What're you doing here?" he asked blearily, sitting up a bit more. The youngest queen looked at her brother sheepishly. "I...I was remembering yesterday, when you..." A single tear rolled down the young queen's cheek.

Edmund mentally slapped himself. He should have known something like this would happen. It wasn't often that eight-year-old girls saw their brother almost die. It wasn't something that could be easily forgotten. In all honesty, he should have expected Susan and Peter as well. He had been separating himself from his siblings for so long that he was starting to forget their habits.

The Just patted the bed next to him, pulling back his covers to make a spot for Lucy. The Valiant scooted over at once, wrapping her arms tightly around her brother, assuring herself that he was there and all right. Nothing could harm him here, Orieus and the guards would make sure of that. And Peter and Susan were right down the hall. If they had seen how her older siblings had fought yesterday, any foe would think twice about crossing them.

Lucy's tears continued to fall, making tracks down her face. Edmund wrapped his arms around her comfortingly, offering reassurance. Lucy buried her face in his nightshirt, needing to know that her imagination had been wrong.

"Sh, Lu, it's okay," Edmund whispered, rubbing her back, "I'm okay." A tremor ran through Lucy's body, she looked up at Edmund. "I k-kept remembering you. A-after the battle. When Jadis..." she couldn't go on, the sobs returned anew. She reburied her face in her brother's shirt, almost soaking it through with tears. Edmund's grip tightened around her, his muscles tensing. He, too was remembering. After a moment, Edmund turned Lucy so that she was facing him, and looked her straight in the eye. "It's okay. I'm okay, Peter's okay. Everyone's fine. Aslan killed her, remember? She can't come back."

Lucy felt better, knowing without a doubt that her brother was alive. The cordial had healed him. Everything would be fine.

Edmund let her sleep in his bed that night, something he never would have done a week ago. Lucy reveled in the fact that her brother was alive, and nothing could take him away from her.

Author's Note: And that wins the award for worst chapter ending ever! The next one has a much better ending, I promise.