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"Ed, you shouldn't go to work, you're sick!" Al said, flustered. Understandable, considering he woke up to Edward staggering into the washroom, holding sick-covered sheets.

"I'm *cough* fine!" Ed said in a weak, horse voice, trying desperately to keep his meager breakfast from making an appearance. With that, he walked quickly (too quickly for his stomach's liking) out the door and slammed it shut before sliding down it into a sitting position, breathing deeply. When his stomach had settled enough to move without vomiting, he made his way unsteadily to the Capitol.

"Here's your *cough cough* damn report, Colonel" Huh, Ed sounds sick. Eh, I'm sure he's fine Roy thought, dismissing Edward's unusually pale face and tired demeanor.

"As usual, your handwriting is barely legible. Maybe it would help if you could see over the top of your desk, Fullmetal Pipsqueak." Roy said, hoping to rouse Edward out of his apparent funk by invoking his ire.

"Mkay well you have any work for me?" Ed said (haha rhyme) his reddened tired eyes pleading for the answer to be no. Roy, having not noticed, answered with a chuckle

"Of course. We've just got a store robber though... Actually, how's about we drive down to the scene now?" The thought of riding in a car nauseated Ed too much for him to answer, so he was pulled along by an overly joyous Roy Mustang into a black, sleek automobile. The smell of leather nearly made him loose it right as the door closed; only sheer determination and a firm hand over his mouth kept the sick at bay, though bile trickled dangerously into his mouth as Roy took a sharp turn. Daring to open his mouth, Ed spoke weakly to Mustang

"Can you... will you slow down? Please?"

"Oh sure," Roy said, putting more pressure on the gas and taking a purposefully sharp right turn. "is it too scary for a baby like you to-"

"Roy! Slow down!" Ed said, moaning softly and clamping a hand over his mouth. Now this got the Colonel's attention; he quickly pulled to the side of the rode and slammed down on the brakes. Unfortunately, this almost whiplash-inducing stop was too much for Edward's sensitive stomach.

"Ed! Open the door!" Roy said frantically in the split-second that Ed's cheeks puffed out before his small framed was wracked with a horrible retch, sick splattering the space between his feet. By the time Ed's second wave of vomit started coming up, Roy had gotten out of the car and opened Ed's door, jumping out of the way as Ed projectile vomited out into the street.

Ed half-fell out of the car and onto his knees as he spewed his breakfast, Roy rubbing small circles into his back, muttering the things you normally say when someone is upset "It's okay," "You're fine," "It happens," "You're safe". Eventually, his stomach out of things to bring back into the world, Edward started dry-heaving viciously, his body like a wave machine. "You need to calm down Ed. You're okay. Relax. Deep breaths," Roy said, his voice full of concern. It took a full hour for Edward to settle back down, panting heavily as sweat trickled down his burning forehead.

My headaches worse, and it feels like Al fell on my stomach Ed thought drowsily, leaning into Roy's shoulder as he was lifted slowly and gently back into the car that Roy had cleaned while Edward had sat hunched on the sidewalk, regaining what little composure he had left. Taking care to drive as slowly as the speed of traffic allowed, Mustang made his way to his house as Ed drifted slowly into a dreamless sleep.

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