So this story is an accumulation of a few different ideas. I have been wanting to write a story about the sweet butts and hang around's, but every time I formed any kind of story arc I ended up hating the main character for being either pathetic, or just a slut. I have also been struggling with my longer story, 'The Lies That Bind' (not posted yet) because it was way too choppy, so I went back and added some scenes and now it feels like there is too much filler. Then a few weekends ago I spent time with my best friend and her absolutely adorable daughter and the thought popped into my head, how would Happy react to this cute little girl? Thus I settled on this, it's a flowing story, but just long peaks into Gabby's life, with no filler between the major events. Hopefully it will break me out of the funk I'm in with my other story.

I'm heading each chapter with the year and Gabby's age because it's all snap shots of her life.

Disclaimer: Do not own, not for profit


Age 3

Happy took one last look around the small dorm he had been given and then slammed the door. He missed his apartment in Tacoma, his clean, nearly sterile apartment, with nice leather furniture, a big screen TV and a mattress to die for, or in his case kill for. He entered the main clubhouse and took stock of his options. A decent enough looking blond had yet to be scooped up by any of his brothers, she was bringing shots to a few of the other women who were more than a little busy with their partners for the evening. He didn't say a word, just snagged her by the elbow, throwing back the last shot in her hand and walked her outside.

A lot of Sons took sweet butts home with them, but home was a good 11 hours away for Happy, so hers would have to do. He walked her to his bike, the woman knowing better than to ask questions and got on, putting on the helmet he handed her. "Address" He said, not feeling the need for any sort of explanation. She quickly rattled off the street address and the relatively simple directions and they took off, leaving the party wearing down behind them.

Happy took a quick look at the house as he was led through the dark hallway, pausing at the living room. He eyed the couch for about 20 seconds before once again grabbing the sweet butts elbow and pinning her against it. She stripped quickly as did he and he bent her over the back of the couch, not caring if she was comfortable. This first hit was for him, rough fast and violent. If the bitch was lucky, and tight, he would stay for more, maybe even get a little more gentle as he wore out.

He woke in her bed, vaguely remembering the second round, starting in the hall and ending on top her bedroom dresser. He focused in on the sound that must have disturbed his slumber. Definitely a creek in the hallway. He looked to the sweet butt, Emily she had said her name was, not that he had used it, but the bitch didn't seem to be disturbed. He debated just leaving, but he also knew he could go another few rounds, and get a decent enough breakfast from this chick who would be elated at waking up with him still in her bed. He was just about to drift back to sleep when the distinct clicking of a door had him jerk upright.

"Just my kid" Emily said from next to him, pulling him down to her side. When she didn't feel him relax she got up and straddled him, "Don't worry, she won't come in here." Emily assured him and then scooted down onto his legs to lavish some attention to his half hard cock; a little midnight head would surely keep this biker from bolting.

Happy got up the next morning, the haze of whiskey and too much road finally cleared from his mind, and eyed the crow eater he had settled for. She wasn't too bad, all things considered. However she was also still sound asleep, probably due to the shots she had consumed previous to him dragging her away. He got up and stumbled into her small bathroom. Not as clean as he liked, but better than the dorms. He pissed and rinsed off in the shower, pulling his jeans back on to stumble out and find her coffee maker.

He back tracked his way through the house, eyeing his cut neatly laid out on the back of the couch. He left it there, but retrieved his prepay, checking for messages. He made it to the kitchen and froze as he looked up. A very young girl, 3, maybe 4, was climbing up the back of a chair to reach something out of a cupboard. Happy quickly replayed last night before remembering the creek in the hall and the door clicking and Emily's comment about having a kid. He was about to back out of the kitchen, not wanting to deal with a startled kid so early in the morning, when the chair the young thing had climbed up started to teeter.

Before his brain registered what he was doing he took the long strides around the table and had the young thing around the waist as the chair slipped down to the floor with a clank. She looked up at him with huge wet eyes and he was half tempted to cover her mouth with his large rough hand to avoid an ear piercing cry when she sniffled once and whispered "thank you" in a slightly terrified tone.

He nodded once and set her on the floor. He eyed the table where fruit loops and milk were sitting and then the cupboard she had been trying so hard to reach and snagged a bowl off the top shelf while she righted the chair that had fallen. He set it down on the table for her and she went about her business of grabbing a spoon and making her breakfast without further acknowledgment of him.

He looked down at himself and fastened his jeans, wishing he would have bothered with a shirt before coming out here and then looked around for the coffee maker, grabbing a mug out of the same cupboard as the bowls. He opened two more cupboards in his search for coffee grounds and sighed heavily as he came up empty.

"Next to the stove." Came a quiet slightly high pitched hint from the girl following the maze on the back of the cereal box with her finger. He glanced at her and then opened the porcelain canister next to the stove relieved to find it full of coffee grounds.

He chose to retrieve his clothes as the coffee brewed, reentering the kitchen just as the coffee stopped dripping and filled up his mug. He looked up as the chair lightly scraped the floor and watched the girl put the cereal and milk away and cautiously walk by him, going up on her tip toes to set the empty bowl and spoon in the sink. She gave him a single cautious look and then tugged on his cut to make him look down.

"I'm Gabby." She said simply.

He looked down and gave her a half smirk, "I'm Happy." He tried to keep the morning growl out of his voice.

"Thank you for being nice to me Happy." She said, and then skipped off, bounding up the stair case just as her mother walked into the kitchen.

"Mmmmm, coffee…" She came and wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Kid told me where it was."

Emily let out a resigned sigh. "She bother you?" Her tone changed and Happy suddenly got a feeling in his gut that he should have kept his mouth shut.

"No." Emily's demeanor once again changed back to morning seductress.

"You want eggs baby?"

"No. Gotta go." He handed her the half full mug of coffee and walked out the side door. Checking himself and his pockets to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything. He glanced back at the house, now studying it in the daylight; there was a small bike with training wheels on the front porch and with a glance up to the second floor, he spotted a window with closed butterfly curtains, glowing from a light on in the room.

He got on his bike and tried to shake his head clear, he couldn't get that kids comment out of his head. She thanked him for catching her, but he hadn't been all that nice to her. He basically ignored her, why would she think that was him being nice?

Happy sat at the bar listening to his brothers talk about their escapades at the party the previous night. Tig had apparently gotten so rough with one of the girls she started screaming for help and Bobby and Piney had burst into the room guns drawn to rescue her.

"You interrupted a beautiful fucking moment man," Tig pointed at Bobby.

"Leave the rough shit for Emily Tig." Clay warned. Happy suddenly took more interest in the conversation.

"Emily's old news." Tig brushed the comment off.

"Ah, come on Tig, she used to be one of your favorites." Bobby teased him.

"I just can't a fuck a bitch properly after I meet their kid. That's what ruined my first god damn marriage. A whore is a whore….till she's a mom. Then she's just a mom." Tig held up his hands to emphasis his point.