Dear Hubie
I'm home with my family now and it has been that way for a few months. I hope you and your family are doing well back home. I want you to know now that I am truly of debt for getting me and my brothers home. You and Rocko are the best friends I've ever had and can't wait for the day when I will be able to come back to you in your beautiful home in the rookery.
Your Friend,


San Diego, California 1996

This was a time not so long ago when I lived in a lush part of the planet Earth known as San Diego, a land where cultures come together, people arrive from all around, and the magical connection between land and sea is celebrated. The year was 1996, 3 years ago. What I love most about the city is I have a home right on the beach and my favorite place in the world, Seaworld Adventure Park is just moments away. My name is Sarah Bennet. Every night, i walk up to the balcony of my room and I can see the Shamu fireworks blasting across the sky. When the show is over, I look at the sea and my love of the creatures that lay just beyond waiting to be seen. Besides Killer Whales and Dolphins, another creature, the penguin excites me. When I was at the age of 3, I dreamed of heading to the far ends of the Earth where any animal i can see can treat me like the Princess I am in my family's eyes. After my trips to Seaworld, I think to myself, "Magic is everywhere as long as I see it looking upon the ocean and the sunset". In fact, I'm going to tell you a story about a few special friends I made after I turned 10.

My family and I were taking a trip aboard a spectacular cruise ship on a trip across the Atlantic. My brothers Cody & Greg were all excited for the trip. I would not go anywhere without my lucky dolphin necklace. As the day goes by, the family was enjoying different activities and food to eat. Little did I know that how my met my friends was about to ruin what I predicted was going to be the most relaxing family trip ever.

It was a howling night at the sea after my dinner with my family. I was asleep on my bunker when all of a sudden, I was thrown off the bed when the ship was suddenly rocking back and forth. "What, what's going on?" I asked myself. I opened the door, but another jolt threw me down to the floor. I started running from all the shaking while avoiding from falling down. I had reached the boat deck, but I slipped and slid to the railing, which I had caught, and I see that the ship was in a terrible storm, with big waves hitting the ship.

I heard shouting, turned and saw Cody and Greg holding onto the railing. "How did you get out here?!" I called.

"I don't know, but the weather was like this when we got here!" Cody shouted.

"One minute everything's cool, but the next minute, the storm came!" Greg added.

I struggled toward my brothers from all the powerful winds. "I'm coming!" I said. "Hang on!"

But when I got to them, a huge tidal wave struck the ship and washed us overboard. The impact caused the lifeboat to snap loose and fell in the water with us, as I could see. I got in the lifeboat and helped my brothers up. Seeing the ship drift away, we call for our parents, but no avail due to the weather's wind.

"Oh, now we'll never get home!" Greg sobbed.

"We'll get back to them," I said. "I don't know yet, but we will get back to our parents."

The next morning, we woke up, and a chilly air had us feelign cold, so we looked for clothes to wear, but when I found the survival pack floating by the lifeboat, I managed to pick it up with the help of my brothers, and we opened the lid to see jackets and coats and pants and boots and gloves. So we put them on, and we were warm again.

"This is more like it," I said. "Now I'm warm again."

Just then, we saw icebergs in teh waters. We looked around to see the icy area of icebergs.

"What is this, Alaska?" Greg asked.

"No, I think it's Iceland," said Cody.

I looked at the penguins on an iceberg. We couldn't have found ourselves in either Alaska or Iceland.

"Guys? I think we're in Antarctica," I said.

"Antarctica?" Cody and Greg asked.

"It's a place with seals, polar bears, and penguins," I replied.

"That's ridiculous," said Greg.

"Hey, haven't they taught you anthing at school?!" I snapped.

"So what if we hadn't learned anything?" said Cody, talking back.

The lifeboat bumped on the ice of a strange thing the penguins call the rookery, except we didn't know that.

"We're sinking!" cried Cody.

We weren't sinking, but Cody was just annoying to think.

"No, it's just a bump." I siad. I put the anchor on the ice. "Come on, guys, let's take a look around."

"I hope it's nothing scary," said Greg.

I groaned in annoyance. "Greg, for goodness sakes," I said.

As we walked around, I looked around to see penguins...what is this? They're wearing hats and scarfs. What is this, are they too cold without scarfs and hats or what? I guess it doesn't matter, since I'm here to see the penguins, no matter what they wear. Just then, these three birds came flying by, one with a bow on her head, which seems kinda weird, considering why animals here wear clothing.

"You're not from around here, are you?" the bird with a bow asked.

I was shocked. Could animals really talk? Am I really dreaming?

"Uh, no," I said. "I got here by accident, I think."

"I think you're just a trespasser," said the blue bird.

"Oh, Beanie," said the girl bird, glaring at the blue bird. She then turned to me with a smile. "Forgive Beanie. He's just a grump."

"I think you look cute," said the small brown bird.

I giggled. "You're so kind, even for a bird," I said. "So, what's with those penguins?"

"Oh, they're just looking for pebbles to mate the ones they love," said the bird with a bow.

"Oh, really? That's biologic to me," I said, thinking.

"Oh, we haven't gotten to introduce ourselves. I'm Petra," said the bird with a bow, now known as Petra.

"And I'm Timmy," said Timmy, the brown bird, "and I'm sure Petra mentioned you about Beanie."

"Oh, that's mushy stuff," said Beanie.

"Beanie," Petra said, glaring at Beanie, who crossed his wings.

"Would you, uh, care to give me a tour about the penguins? Just a little one," I asked.

"Sure, no problem," said Petra. "Follow us."

And so, I followed the birds, where I had learned about the penguins' mating process.