Gill's Thrills


It was a hot, lovely summer's day when it all began. It was a very special day in Skylands, for this day, was Zap's birthday. Everyone was excited for Zap's Big Beach Birthday Party. Poor Zap, for little did he, or any of the other Skylanders for that matter, know that on this day, disaster would strike!

Gill Grunt awakes in a small, cool room. He has no clue where he is. He thinks he must be dreaming. His vision is blurry, but it slowly starts to adjust. He starts to makes out shapes of great, wild aquatic animals. Soon, he realises that he is actually not dreaming, and that he, somehow, is at the bottom of the ocean.

Where exactly is he? Why is he here? What happened? Embark on this great journey with Gill Grunt and friends to find out!

Chapter 1 – A Day of Disaster

It was late morning, and the Skylanders were all still asleep in their assigned apartments of the new Sky Resort. All, of course, but one.

Zap couldn't sleep. He was full of energy and too excited for his birthday party. He was all dressed up, ready to go to the beach. He couldn't wait any longer, he couldn't help himself, he just had to wake the others.

"Gill, Gill!" Zap barked. "Wake up Gill!"

Gill Grunt opened his opened his eyes. "Huh…"

"Wake up Gill! Come on! Let's go to the beach! Wake the others!"

"Oh… Oh! Right! Happy birthday Zap!"

"Thanks. Now let's go!"

"Okay Zap. How 'bout you go down to the beach and I'll get the others!"

"Okay! Great! Thanks Gill. See you soon."

Zap zipped out of the room in a flash. Gill Grunt sat up in bed and put on his Water Jetpack. He grabbed his power hose and left the room.

Gill Grunt's room was the first from the left of the 3rd floor, left from Zap's room and straight forward from the flight of stairs that lead up from the 2nd floor. He went along the hallway, waking the others, one-by-one. He told them to help by waking the others in the higher levels of the building.

Firstly, he woke Slam Bam, whose room was to the right of Zap's. Slam Bam went on to wake Wham-Shell and Chill, who both got ready and went with him to wake the others. Gill Grunt watched as they went up the stairs to the 4th floor. He then turned and went down to wake the others in the lower levels.

Everyone was now on their way to the beach. It was a short walk from the resort and only took a few minutes on foot. But most were there in no time at all, they all flew or sprinted and got there quickly.

Stealth Elf was the first to join Zap at the beach, though Zap hadn't noticed until the next group, Gill Grunt, Jet-Vac, Spyro, Sunburn, Drobot, Cynder, Whirlwind, Sonic Boom and Lightning Rod had arrived.

They had all been racing each other to the beach through the sky and got there quickly. No one was sure who won though because they all got to the beach at about the same time, so they decided it was a draw.

The group stood there talking for a while and then, all of a sudden, a faint, continuous yell sounded. It was gradually getting louder and louder, then… 'SWOOSH!'

Wrecking Ball fell from the skies above and crashed into the sand, skidding across the beach.

"Uh… Ouch!" Wrecking Ball said as he bounced back onto his feet and shook off sand. The others stood in silence for a moment, confused about what had just happened.

"Are you okay?" Jet-Vac asked, concerned about Wrecking Ball.

"I'm fine!" Exclaimed Wrecking Ball. "Just a…"

"WOAH!" Interrupted a voice from above. Everyone looked up and saw Shroomboom plummeting towards the ground. He was coming down fast and everyone was thinking he was going to crash. He was just about to make contact with the ground and then… 'PLOP'…

Time seemed to come to a halt as everyone froze in shock. Then suddenly, in a flash, Shroomboom reappeared, lying on top of a giant mushroom.

"He shoots, he spores!" Shroomboom bragged. Everyone sighed with relief. Shroomboom got down from the mushroom as it shrunk and disappeared into thin air. He smiled at Wrecking Ball and Wrecking Ball smiled back.

"Hehe!" They both laughed. "Tag team!" They then jumped at each other and high-fived, making a loud slapping sound.

Just then, everyone else appeared from over the hill at the top of the beach. They all saw Zap and smiled. They rushed down the hill of sand towards him, almost tripping as they leaped over piles of sands.

"Hey!" Zap greeted as each of them reached him at the water's edge. They all huffed and puffed for a while and said hello back.

Flynn, Cali, Hugo, Quigley, Gurglefin and Diggs, accompanied by Persephone, landed on the beach in a hot air balloon. Flynn stood out of the balloon and spoke.

"You didn't forget about us, did you?" Flynn asked.

"Hey!" Zap shouted. "Don't worry, we didn't forget."

"So…" Zap began. "Let's get this party started…"

"WAIT!" Yelled Terrafin. "Aren't you guys forgetting something?"

"Oh! Uh…" Zap started.

"Of course, the giants!" Spyro answered. "Boomer!"

"Huh?" Boomer replied.

"Huh-hum!" Spyro coughed.

"Oh right!" Boomer ran over to Shroomboom. He reached into his backpack and pulled out what appeared to be a colourful stick of dynamite. He lit the fuse and gave it Shroomboom.

"Fling it up! As high as you can!" Boomer commanded Shroomboom.

Shroomboom grabbed the cylindrical stick from Boomer and pulled it back on the band of the slingshot as far as he could. It stretched and stretched, soon it was almost touching the ground, and then… He released the band.

The stick flew up into the air too fast for anyone to see, Shroomboom fell to the ground as the band flicked back and hit him across the side of the face. No one noticed, they just kept watching the colourful cylinder shrink into the sky.

All was quiet for a moment, the only thing that could be heard were the waves gently trembling over each over, and then… 'BANG!'

Everyone jumped. The cylinder exploded into thousands of bright, colourful sparks. It was a firework. It crackled as the sparks and shrapnel descended from the sky.

Slowly, the ground started to rumble, the wind blew with might and the waves grew high. The rumbling grew bigger and a large lump in the ocean began to rise above the water…

Everyone moved slightly apart, trying not to bump into each other. They tried to keep their balance, but the ground shook so hard that it caused them to bounce and fall onto the rough sand below.

"Now here come da' party!" Zook laughed.

Great, big shadows expanded across the beach, blocking the group from sunlight. The ground shook heavily a couple more times, a large blast of water shot up from the ocean, and a loud, almost deafening buzz sounded as the wind blew out of control.

The Skylanders and others all put their heads down and closed their eyes, blocking their ears to stop them from hurting. Then everything stopped. The sound was gone and the ground stopped shaking, the wind had calmed and there was no more water splashing or spraying anywhere.

They all looked up and smiled. There, standing around the Skylanders, were the eight giants: Tree Rex, Bouncer, Crusher and Ninjini were standing directly in front of them, towards the top of the beach. Swarm had flew down and landed beside them to their right, leaving a small crater of sand where he had landed. Hot Head was standing to their left, with Eye Brawl sitting on a cliff beside him; and last but not least, Thumpback, who was standing tall in the water right behind them.

Everyone was standing, staring at the giants, and then Tree Rex broke the silence…

"Let's party!" He smiled. Everyone cheered and smiled. Eye Brawl got off of the cliff and stepped back as Crusher smashed it, he crushed the rocks up and turned the whole cliff side into a giant water slide that lead down into the ocean.

"Hmm… still needs water…" Crusher stated. There and then, Gill Grunt flew straight past his head and up to the top of the slide. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a rubber band.

"Ah-ha!" He smiled. "This will do the trick!" He placed the power hose down amongst some loose rocks and fixed it in firmly. He then stretched out the band and strapped the trigger to the handle.

'SWOOSH'! Water rushed out of the gun and down the slide.

"Works a charm!" He smirked.

"COME ON! WATER SLIDE'S READY!" He yelled at the top his lungs to the others. Everyone shouted and cheered.

"What did he say?" Diggs asked Hugo.

"He said… the water slide is ready." Replied Hugo.

"Oh!" Diggs responded.

Everyone, besides the giants; gathered around the base of the cliff.

"How are we going to get up there?" Asked Wrecking Ball.

"No problem!" Roared Thumpback.

Thumpback stepped out of the water and onto the warm, rough sand. He went to the cliff and pulled the chain of his anchor tight. He sat the anchor on top of the cliff and buried the other end of the chain into the sand.

"Here! Climb this!" He smiled.

The group cheered once more and some of them began to walk up the chain, while the rest flew to the top of the cliff. Zap was the first up the chain and didn't wait for the others. He just zipped onto the slide and off he went.

"Whoa!" He screamed. He smiled and chuckled down the entire slide. When he reached the bottom he spun and twisted across the shallow pool of water and straight into the sea.

A few others came after, then a pile up in the shallow pool began after Bash came down and got stuck in the sand. After everyone had got up and brushed themselves off, they all just started laughing.

After an hour or so everyone was still having fun and running around, playing games.

Chill, Stealth Elf, Hex, Cynder, Sonic Boom, Sprocket, Flashwing and Whirlwind were all playing beach volleyball with Ninjini as a referee and Wrecking Ball… as the ball. He didn't mind though.

Everyone else were surfing, swimming, building sand castles, flying, going down the water slide and competing in different beach sports. A large stereo was pumping loud music. Tree Rex was dancing to the music, swinging his arms and stepping from side to side.

Everyone was having so much fun that they didn't notice the dark clouds forming overhead. Small rumbles came from the sky but they didn't hear them over the music. In a flash the sky lit up and…

'CRACK'! A bolt of lightning struck the stereo and blew it to pieces. Everyone stopped and gasped. They were all stunned.

"What a bummer!" Bouncer sighed.

"That sucks!" Added Jet-Vac.

"MWUHAHAHAHA! Fear my giant floating head!" A voice from above taunted.

"Kaos…" Tree Rex grumbled.

"Yes! That is my name, and you shall fear it… and my giant floating head!" Kaos replied.

"I'm sorry but your party's over!" He added.

"It's time I got rid of you, all of you! My little device here… Uh… Glumshanks... Yes, thank you… As I was saying! My device here shall destroy you all! Anyway, let's get on with it shall we?"

'BEEP'! A loud beep went off as Kaos hit the on button of the gadget he was holding. He laughed at the Skylanders and smiled…

"Goodbye! See you later! Doubtfully! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" The hologram of his head then disappeared into thin air and his ship flew away.

No one noticed anything happening… they stood there for a little while thinking it was a joke. But all of a sudden, Slam Bam pointed out a big tsunami coming towards them. It got bigger and bigger as it got near.

Everyone screamed and began to run inland. Flynn, Cali, Hugo, Diggs, Quigley, Gurglefin and Persephone rushed to the air balloon and immediately took off.

Everyone tried to flee the beach as fast as possible, but the wave was too fast. It caught up to everyone that was on ground and pulled them in with great speed and might.

Lightning bolts and thunder shocks knocked around the ones that tried to fly away. Many of them were knocked into the ocean where the wave got them. Some of them crashed into the land first, being swept away afterwards.

Fortunately for Flynn, Cali, Diggs, Gurglefin, Quigley and Persephone, this didn't happen to the air balloon and the group got away safely.

The giants managed to keep their ground and they tried to help the others, but it was no use. They were all swept away too fast.

Gill Grunt tried to dodge the wild weather, but it the thunder was too strong and the lightning too fast. He was sent flying towards the ocean from high above and landed with a loud splash. The impact of hitting the water knocked him unconscious…

Gill Grunt slowly awakened in a dark and cool room.

He half opened his eyes. His vision was blurry and he could not make out what he was seeing. He blinked his eyes and then opened them wide. His vision began to adjust and he soon realized what he was looking at. He was looking up through a large glass window at many rare aquatic animals that only swim in the deepest parts of the Great Ocean.

"What…" He mumbled to himself, thinking he was dreaming.

"It can't be…" He couldn't believe that he was really at the bottom of the Great Ocean. He had heard rumours of this place before, but never did he believe that they were true.

His slow awakening was soon interrupted by a short, yellow Gillman; much like himself. He cleared his throat and began…

"Good morning. The king would like to see you!"