Someone once told June Hayes that mankind was crippled by their fear of the unknown. According to June, that was the day she resolved to never let her fear rule her. Her life from then on had never been the same.


The troubled mind of the girl brought her to a distant, unfamiliar world that enveloped her in the cold darkness of her mind. She was a speck, floating in a wide ocean of obsidian blackness. Darkness was all she saw. Who was she? Why was she here? The feeling that something significant was going on somewhere nagged at her, but the feeling was dim and distant, as if she had forgotten couldn't recall what it was. Blurry images teased her at corners of her vision. Suddenly her body jerked and June screamed as memories came rushing back to her. Now that the floodgates were open, the pain flooded in as well. Pain. So much pain. Hot tears escaped her eyes and dripped down her cheeks. The images playing in her mind were too much for her to handle. A lonely child, sitting alone on the playground. June's mother screaming. Her childhood best friend, writhing in pain from the effects that June's abilities brought. The men with the hooded, emotionless faces, cutting into her face and body. Trying to get her to break and give in. 'Am I dead?' She thought wildly. 'No, I'm not dead, I'm still breathing... Oh God there is so much pain...Heaven wouldn't have pain. Or am I in Hell? There's gotta be a lot of pain in Hell. Oh dear Lord I am in Hell. No, no, get a hold of yourself June, your still breathing.'

She gasped like a fish out of water and clutched her throat. Reality intertwined with her nightmares. What was real and what was her imagination? When would they be back? June could almost still feel the knife on her arm, and the screaming pain it caused. The panic boiled in her gut.

'Breath, June.' Her hands fumbled around, feeling the warm, slick, sticky ground underneath her, trying to get her bearings. The cell walls grew closer and closer. Finally June leaned against the grimy wall and gave in. Tears formed in her milky eyes. She curled up tightly in a ball, making herself and small as possible and choking out ragged sobs. IT would soon be here. IT always came when she was conscious.

Sure enough, speak of the Devil, the door soon creaked open. Thumping footsteps made their way toward June. She froze, unable to even cry in his presence. IT leaned over her. She could smells his breath, sugary sweet in a sickly way, wafting in her ear. A chill crept up her spine.

"I told you so." His words crawled down June's throat and latched onto her heart. "But you didn't believe me." A wealthy kick was applied to June's face and June was released into her black world once again.