The New Housekeeper

Okay here's another "What If" scenario for you. I have been working so so so hard on this so I hope you like it. It's my favorite so far. Again though it's very racy and has explicit sexual descriptions throughout the story. I will still continue to update my other stories. I just haven't had time and then I got all into this one and I'm a scatterbrain but I'll get to it.

Anyway hope you enjoy this one for now :)

Anastasia has a different back story. She applies for a housekeeping job to make ends meet in Christian Greys Escala penthouse while Ms. Jones is on temporary leave caring for her ailing sister. He has an active submissive but will sweet Anastasia Dominate his Megalomaniac heart?

This part is in Christian's Point of view. I will consider doing hers as the story progresses. Xo. No copyright intended.

All characters and similarities to the 50 shades trilogy belong to E.L James and all the rest was thought up by my Grey obsessed mind! This storyline is my work and property apart from 50 shades names and direct quotes.

Well it's been a rough couple of weeks without Mrs. Jones here since her sister has become ill. I have had 3 replacements in the past 6 weeks and had cleaning crew here yesterday I don't have time for this shit, I have an empire to run, I'm a fucking billionaire CEO I can't worry about this shit. I like Gail working for me; I don't like change when it comes to my home staff. I mostly miss her delicious meals she would prepare for me and she was comfortable with my lifestyle, didn't judge me and would even prepare weekend meals in case my subs weren't very good cooks.

My current sub Kelsey is shit at cooking so I don't even bother. She is however quite a good fuck and a well-trained submissive. In reality outside of her she's not very submissive at all, she works as a bartender at a gentlemen's club here in Seattle and has a reputation for being a bitch. She's not aware that I do full background checks on all my subs as well as occasionally have a PI check up on them outside of here to make sure they are complying with the NDA they have signed. Hers has extra clauses for privacy and if she even mentions knowing me to anyone I have enough pictures and documents to keep her from ever holding a job anywhere in any city or state in the US. I can be very persuasive and a small donation from me to any business will guarantee my warning to her.

This is her 5th Dom/Sub relationship and the others ended amicably. She knows not to cross that line with me or her punishment will be grounds for a safe word followed by her being permanently dismissed. She's a bit of a gold digger and loves all the clothes and the car I have gifted her with so as long as I keep her happy then she fully submits to anything I want. She has a tolerance for pain like none of my former subs but I would never even consider taking this relationship anywhere but my playroom. I have never even kissed her or let her touch me. She is just a fuck doll to me honestly, she resembles the crack whore more so than the rest, and maybe that's why I'm so hard on her. I sent Kelsey home last night because she had a family issue so she wont be here until Friday evening, usually I would spend today working from home and fucking or whipping her 5 or 6 times today so I'll have to maybe hit the gym later to blow off some steam.

One of my mother's housekeepers Audrey has been here the past 4 days as a favor from my mother and she's fine but she's been working for my parents for 6 years and mother will not let her go so easily. Yesterday was her last day and mother's driver picked her up about an hour ago. It's a rainy Sunday morning and a new girl is coming here for an interview today as a temporary cook and light housecleaning..Her name is Anastasia Steele and her background check came up the cleanest I have ever seen. She is a 21 year old former college student who attended WSU Vancouver. She took a year off due to financial reasons and moved back to Seattle.

She is a single, honor student with no current relationships or children, no criminal history and very little family none which live within this state. She's lived in foster care since the age of 12 and been on her own since age 16 and has attended school full time and held a job. She is currently living in a studio apartment here in Seattle and is looking for live in work as a housekeeper/cook so she can put away money for tuition. She has no experience in this field and her former jobs include working at the school library and part time at a hardware store and waitress. At one point she held all three jobs at once. For one so young she seems driven for what though I'm not sure.

She is also currently working part time at the local library here in Seattle not too far from my apartment building. I am giving her an interview for 2 reasons. First Ms. Jones recommended her after meeting her at the library; she said they struck up a conversation about English literature that led to a two hour talk about their favorite authors and love of cooking. She said the girl was shy, well-educated and kind and even though she is poor she volunteers every Wednesday and Sunday evening feeding the homeless for the past two years. The second reason is that anyone who would sacrifice cleaning toilets and work 3 jobs to pay for their education shows dedication and perseverance. I normally don't these interviews but because she will be living in my home potentially I need to meet her and make my own assessment.

She will need to sign an NDA before we even exchange pleasantries. I will also require that she prepare a meal of my choice and one of hers to sample her cooking, if she can't cook she's out. I also really hate having to explain my lifestyle to anyone so I need to make it clear that what goes on in my playroom is my business and she is never at any time to discuss it with me for any reason at any time ever. She is to clean, cook and keep out of my personal and business life.