Chapter 32: The New Housekeeper by ShadyGreySteele

We spend another long day of sightseeing and shopping but I have to admit even though the scenery is great my mind was swimming with nerves and anticipation over this fucking proposal. We are getting ready for dinner now then I am going to do a scene in the dungeon with her. I have placed a box on the bed with a note and instructions for her. I am beyond excited I have done many scenes in dungeon like setting but not in an actual fucking dungeon and never with a woman that I love. Anastasia is the only woman I have ever and will ever love.

We had a lovely light dinner with a crisp white wine and I have sent her off to have a bath and get changed. I could see the apprehension in her eyes but I know she knows I would never really hurt her. I think she is starting to enjoy a little pain mixed with pleasure. She has even asked me to spank her several times. Part of me feels like a bastard for bringing this innocent lovely girl to the dark side but she has brought me into the light and I am forever in her debt. I was a rotten ruthless, heartless businessman for a while, now seeing all the goodness through her eyes have softened me up a bit although you'll never see me show my staff even the slightest tinges of weakness on my part.

I head towards the lower wing of the castle and take a quick hot shower. I slip on my black leather pants sans shirt to fit in with the medieval décor. I open my case and lay out various implements I have packed in anticipation for tonight. Thomas Tallis seems fitting music for the scene although this castle is around 200 years older. I pick up my phone and send her a quick text

"I'm waiting you have 3 minutes or…"

"Yes Sir, on my way" she replies almost immediately and I can't help but grin.

My heart rate has now accelerated and I fear that I will forget the scene I have planned. Where is my control around her? I'm the biggest control freak and yet this sweet, smart mouthed seemingly innocent creature controls every fucking thought. Grey get it together, she likes your controlling ways don't be a fucking pussy.

I can hear her boots clicking down on the stone floor as she gets closer. She is in a long satin black robe with a hood. As she approaches her head is down in a submissive stance.

"Welcome Anastasia. I hope you're ready for this evening"

She doesn't reply because she has learned true submissive only answers when given permission to speak. "Anastasia, you may answer me when I ask you a direct question. Other than that you are to remain silent unless otherwise instructed."

She stands stock still with her head down and still doesn't reply.

"Good girl, you may answer me now"

"Yes Sir" she mutters breathlessly and I almost laugh but my Dom is here now and I need to keep control to keep her safe and make this long lasting and enjoyable.

I pull a riding crop from my back pocket and swat her hard on her behind through robe and she flinches but remains quiet.

"You are to take your submissive stance when you are in my presence before a scene, in my playroom or this dungeon for tonight" I hiss and she quickly drops to her knees, hands on her thighs, head bowed down.

"Remove the robe"

She unties the robe and drops it off her slim pale shoulders revealing a blood red and black lace corset trussing her breasts up and pushing her cleaving tightly together. She has on black silk thigh high stockings peeking out of her boots and sheer black panties. My cock strains tightly against the leather trying to bust through my fly. I am commando under my leathers and ready to fuck hard tonight. She is mouthwateringly delicious and my excitement level is at an all-time high.

"You look lovely Anastasia; I can't wait to have you but first…"

"Stand up"

"Yes sir"

I cock my head to the side and walk around her. I swat her hard again and she winces in pain.

"You were not given permission to speak" and her breathing changes, full of fear I think. As much as I want her full submission I must reassure her that she is loved and safe with me always. I gently run my hand across her bottom and stroke her sex ever so slightly making sure my thumb traces her clit through her sheer black panties and I am rewarded with a shiver and a smirk as her fear changes to anticipation. I trace my hand across her neck, walk behind her and tug her pony tail back hard and kiss her neck. She groans loudly as I smile against her neck.

"Before we get started I am going to spank you for breaking my rules. You may answer me when I speak but be respectful or your spanking will be worse"

"Yes Sir" is her response. She is so nervous and so hot. I am a lucky man.

"Anastasia you are being spanked for talking back without permission earlier and for not taking your submissive stance at my feet. I will spank you fifteen times, you may count if you'd like"

"Yes master" she tries to be smug but she is so needy right now.

"Stand up Anastasia"

She rises shakily and I take a moment to stare at her. She looks damn fucking hot in this corset and boots up but I'd much rather see her naked. I lead her over to the corner of the dungeon and cuff both hands over her head attached by metal chains that hang from above. I am going to spank her standing up. It's very dark and hollow down here and she can barely see her way around. The must in the air reflects the era and just a few candles flicker on stone sconces giving an eerie effect. I fucking love it here.

My hand gently caresses her bottom over the fine sheer material then I yank them down to her knees. They are being stretched apart because her legs are spread about a foot and a half apart. My cock is so hard already and the pain from the leather is starting to rub. I walk in front of her and unzip my fly freeing my cock and she swallows hard but doesn't say a word.

I swat her quick in succession three times before she has a chance to blink and her soft pale cheeks warm to a soft pink.

"Three" she mutters and I swat her again two more times. I drag the crop under her ass and drag it back over her sex. She is so wet and her arousal glistens on the crop. I hold it up to my nose and inhale deeply. I swat her five more time now very quickly and watch as her arousal drips down her thighs. I rub my cock against her now very warm hot pink ass and she groans.

"Quiet" I hiss and she struggles to stand up. "You may only count"

"Ten" she whispers and I swat her five more times but not in succession. I spread the pain bringing the blood to the surface. "Fifteen" she croaks out" and again I almost laugh instead I plunge two fingers in her and she fights back her groan.

"Don't come Anastasia, we have a long night, if you come now I won't let you come later and we have lots to do baby, you may speak"

"Yes sir I won't come" she whimpers and my fingers slowly circle her. I can feel her start to tighten and I pull my fingers out and trace her lips. "Suck" and she sucks on both my fingers as her eyes roll back in pure ecstasy.

I Unchain her arms and massage them deeply then I pop each button of the corset open as I stroke her back and place feather light kisses from shoulder to shoulder. I remove her panties and remove each knee high boot leaving her in just her stockings.

Over the next few hours I flog and fuck and whip her. I suspended her in the air for the first time as I fucked her ass, made her suck my cock, ravaged her sex with my mouth like a starving man and eventually made sweet love to her. The night was magical, carnal and everything I hoped for and more. If I wasn't sure how much I loved and wanted her before well I simply couldn't bear to live without her now. This was one of the greatest nights of my life and I know I want her for all eternity. I love this woman she is the one, the only one I can see my life with. It's like other women simply do not exist to me anymore, she is my everything.

After a night in the dungeon we take a long hot shower together then I massage her down with oils and rub the soreness she must be feeling away. She is usually so sleepy after we play but tonight she seems to have gotten a second wind. She is awake and vibrant and happy and lovely as always.

"God Christian, I didn't think I could love you more than I already do but I just feel like I love you a little bit more every day, every minute." She takes my face into her soft sweet hands while we lie naked facing each other and kisses me gently.

"I don't think you could ever truly know what you mean to me Christian, it's indescribable the love I feel for you" she speaks softly against my lips and smiles lovingly at me. I can feel the tears backing up behind my eyes and fight to keep them there. I don't ever cry but I love her so much it feels like I'm about to. I'm just overwhelmed with emotion and then suddenly they fall silently. I try to look down but she holds my face and kisses each tear. She doesn't say anything she just holds me close as I lean down and bury my face into her neck kissing her softly. We lay like this for a while then eventually get up put on our pajamas and plush robes.

"I'm so hungry, let's go raid the fridge" she whispers excitedly as those baby blue eyes light up and I instantly smile. All this sex is giving her a good appetite. She barely eats and of course I know why so without a second thought we hold hands and make our way through the castle to the kitchen and just eat whatever we can find then spend the rest of the evening talking and laughing and just enjoying each other's company until we can barely keep our eyes opened. She even sang to me and almost made me fucking cry again. I scoop her up into my arms and carry her to bed and we both drift off quickly holding each other. I love her so much.

"I love you Ana, sweet dreams baby"

"I Love you baby" she whispers back sleepily.

Ok so I just really want to thank you if you are reading this chapter. I know it's long overdue but if you have been following this story then you know I have been facing some very tough times. They are still very present but I really missed writing and felt I owed it to myself and everyone who sent me encouraging messages and comments to continue. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to get through this tough time. I'm so very sorry if I didn't reply to any messages. I have basically been offline and all social media for months. I have been on fan fiction but only as a reader I wasn't even logged in because I just felt crappy about not posting or writing. Don't know when I'll post the next chapter but it wont be long I promise then onto finishing my other open stories as long as time allows.

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