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Chapter 33

The New Housekeeper. By ShadyGreySteele

I'm up early as usual, too early but I can't sleep I'm anxious as fuck. I usually sleep more thoroughly next to Ana but today is different. Today is the day, the day I'm going to ask her to be my wife. I always envisioned my future alone. I was content on growing my billion dollar companies and being a wealthy megalomaniac CEO childless bachelor my entire life.

I was fine with that. I had I everything I needed, everything anyone could ever want. I had women in my lifestyle at my beck and call, wonderful loving parents who took a chance and adopted a broken little four year old boy who came into their lives under horrific circumstances , who gave me amazing siblings, and all the tools needed to succeed in life and the opportunity to obtain unimaginable riches and control of everything I came in contact with, nothing is out my reach ,still isn't.

So here I am now not giving a fuck about any of that stuff. I could be broke, lose everything and yet as long as I have her I'd get by. Who knew this young brilliant beautiful girl would come unexpectedly in my life as my housekeeper nonetheless and pretty much steal my heart?

I would have laughed at just the thought of that a few months ago until she walked into my home office in those worn out ballet flats ,shapeless skirt and eyes, it was all in those incredible big blue eyes as soon as we locked eyes I knew my life was forever changed I just didn't know how much or happy I could be. I thought I was happy with my life before but that shit was nothing. I was like a cold white empty room. Now it's filled with brilliant vibrant color , endless amounts of love and hope and emotions that I didn't know I possessed.

Even though I will never 100 % forget my early life I know now I have real hope of putting it to rest finally. I have Anastasia, I can talk to her about anything and she always helps me see the best of everything even in my darkest times.

I can't wait to marry her if she will accept my proposal. I have never been more certain of anything in my life.

Maybe I should practice my proposal I mean my speech may sound a bit formal and she's all hearts and flowers. Do I get down on my knee the traditional way? Maybe I should put it in her champagne glass? too cheesy. Fuck I have no clue I'm just going to give her the ring and hope I don't lose all my ability to speak.

I can hear the shower running, Fuck I'm so nervous.

Okay ill just act casual, we have a lot to do today anyway, we are traveling to London tomorrow afternoon for a few days then Paris. Maybe I should wait and propose in Paris that would give me a few more days to calm the fuck down and get it together so I can propose properly. My hand has been glued tightly to the ring in my pocket for a few hours now and shes gonna see if I dont put it away.

"Christian, are you okay?' she asks surprised

"Huh? What?"

"Well you are pacing back and forth and mumbling about calming down. Is everything alright? I dont want to pry about your business but I've never seen you look so nervous" she says calmly and takes both my hands.

I look into her beautiful eyes and just breathe and she strokes my cheek and kisses my neck gently as she holds me.

"Marry Me" I just blurt out.

She stands frozen for a moment then closes her eyes. "What did you just say?" she whispers.

I sink down on to one knee and pull out the little Cartier box out of my pants pocket and pop it open.. okay here it goes...

"Anastasia Rose Steele, I love you more than anyone can ever love another person. I cannot imagine a life without you. You brought life into my cold empty lonely heart. . I never thought I was capable of giving or receiving love but that because I didn't know what love was until I met you baby."

"Anastasia, you are everything to me and everything I have is nothing compared to the riches you have brought into my life. You saved me from myself and made me see and appreciate all that's good in this world. You are the strongest woman I have ever met.

You have been through so much worse than me and yet you always have the strength to keep going, never dwelling on the negative stuff. You are the most beautiful woman inside and out. I promise if you marry me that I will spend every moment of the rest of our lives striving to make to happy and give you all of my love my heart and my soul forever. I would be honored if you would become my wife" I barely choke out.

I stand up and look into her teary blue eyes. She is crying softly but reaches out to dash away my tears.

She begins to nod silently and whispers "Yes"

I grin broadly at her and take her hand and slide the ring onto her soft feminine finger and she smiles broadly back out me holds her hand up admiring the ring. She grips my face tightly and kisses me hard.

"Yes Yes Yes I will marry you Christian. I love you so much" then she just breaks into a sob and drops to her knees still in her towel with her long hair dripping wet.

I bend down and scoop her into my arms and carry her into the bed.

"You are mine now forever Mrs. Grey" and she nods in affirmation.

"I love the sound of that, now love me" she whispers seductively and bites her bottom lip.

The End...

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