Peter had slipped in to the meeting room unnoticed by an Avengers and was sat in the top corner of the room. After a few minutes, Tony Stark (AKA Iron Man) turned around, during one of his dramatic speeches about how Hulk and Thor shouldn't be allowed in the kitchen after hours because they keep eating his pop tarts, and noticed the Web Slinger stuck there.

"Well, well bug boy. Late again?" He frowned at Spider-Man and the rest of the Avengers followed suit. Well all the Avengers except Clint, who was lying back in his chair and grinning at Peter, and Carol (Ms Marvel) Danvers who was smiling at him for some reason.

"I don't know why we let you on the team! You are the most unpunctual…" Suddenly Hawkeye broke in.

"Sir, this isn't very fair" Stark looked puzzled.

"And why not Barton?"

"Well you see sir…" Spider-Man held his breath at what the archer would say next.

""…Peter has been here the whole time" Stark looked very shock at this.

"Explain yourself Barton!"

"Sir, I didn't want to say anything but every meeting Spidey sits in that corner and no one takes notice of him. He makes funny comments and interesting contributions and no one listen to him"

Stark looked really sad all of a sudden, which is weird for Tony Stark.

"Jesus Parker, I'm so sorry" He looked down at his feet and then got back to the meeting.


In the Avengers downtime (or Rec) room Hawkeye was seated in front of the television, Spider-Man began to slowly slide down behind him on a strand of web. He got right down behind the archers head and squinted his white eyes in his red, web clad mask. Thor and Hulk were playing cards and had stopped to watch. As he swung from side to side like a pendulum, the Asgardian and The green goliath began to snigger. When he realised Hawkeye hadn't noticed him he pulled his mask up over his mouth and screamed.

"AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHH!" Hawkeye jumped up in shock, did a (S.H.I.E.L.D trained) roll and aimed his bow at Spider-Man's head. Thor and Hulk began to roar with laughter, both at the same VERY loud volume. Spider-Man flipped down and landed on the couch. Hawkeye sighed and shook his head and sat down beside him.

"Every single time, Web-Head!" He frowned at his best friend. Spider-Man pulled off his mask and smirked at Hawkeye.

"Well buddy, you shouldn't be so easy to scare" Peter smiled at Clint and Clint smiled back. Ever since Peter Parker (or Spider-Man to be accurate) was made an honorary member of the super-hero team The Avengers, Clint "Hawkeye" Barton has been his best friend. Hawkeye had shown him the ropes and who to annoy and who to leave alone; That was usually Hulk. They went around playing games, mainly to the annoyance of their team mates, during down time such has "Who can lift Thor's hammer?" (The answer is Thor. ONLY Thor) and "Who can draw a full marker moustache on Wolverine without waking him?". They tended to get in a lot of trouble during down time. When they trained, they trained together. Spider-Man could dodge all of Hawkeye's arrows due to Spider Sense and Hawkeye could hit all of his web targets due to his pain-in-the-ass accuracy. Spider-Man and Hawkeye even went out drinking on days off and usually wound up getting in to crazy shenanigans of which they can't remember. Spider-Man sat beside his best friend on the sofa and fiddled with his web shooter. God he was bored.

"Psst Barton?" He whispered to his friend. Clint, who was watching some pointless game show on the T.V, looked at Peter and smiled.

"Yes Parker?" Spider-Man gestured toward the door to his right.

"Want to go spray whipped cream in Stark's helmet?" Hawkeye grinned.

"Does Deadpool like to shoot at things?" They both grinned and ran off to cause mayhem in Stark Tower.