Chapter 1: It was cold at the titan station Isaac woke up to someone say…. ISAAC! Wake up! Isaac woke up. The man said Isaac you're in grave danger. Suddenly a necermorph stabs the unknown man through

The heart. Then stabs a needle in the unknown man head. Then the man grew arms with claws at the top of his shoulders then his face skin ripped off is head and Isaac had blood all over his face. Then the man turned to a necermorph Isaac struggled to get the corps off him

Then Isaac ran to the nearest door and got out of there. Then he walk and walk and walk and then he found a survivor tied to a bead with a plasma cutter pointing at his neck then Isaac tried to help him but a necermorph stabbed him 10 times then he died. Then Isaac ripped the plasma cutter from the mashing then shot the necermorph it died instantly. Then Isaac found a store then got an engineer suit.

End of chapter