"Well, I suppose Vulcans can be useful -"

"I've always rather liked them -"

"Well, specific ones like Tuvok -"

"Or Spock -"

"You just don't understand them. I've mind melded -"

"Me too!"

"Spock's never melded with me," Kirk paused and rethought. "That sounded awkward."

Miss Gloria took advantage of the uncomfortable silence that followed to clear her throat. "A-hem," she said. "We have a senior staff meeting."

The captains turned to her and Miss Maria sniggered.

"Sorry," Janeway said. "It's just good to find others who understand the burdens of command."

"I heard," Miss Gloria deadpanned. "So, all in all, how do you think the day went?"

"It went well," Picard said. "In particular, our class was unexpectedly pleasant. I don't believe the script was necessary."

Miss Gloria shrugged. "Well, the way people fight about who's the best captain, one gets the impression that you would hate each other."

"We're much more mature than that," Janeway said.

"Of course," Miss Gloria said. "Sorry I assumed. Anyway, my class went well. The students were suitably…impressed by the text walls. And the sunglasses are excellent."

"I'll tell Geordi you said so," Picard said.

"Did anything go badly?" Kirk asked. "I can't think of anything."

Picard nodded. "I agree. Any day that I am near the Borg Queen and she does not threaten me or my crew is a good day."

"Seven said that she threatened the fanbrats, but never followed through," Janeway said. "But I do agree. We may be able to make this arrangement work."

"I've got a problem that happened today," Miss Maria piped up, and they all turned to look at her. "The replicators went offline."

"Oh, yes," Kirk said. "But that crew member of yours -" he gestured towards Janeway "- was conveniently able to step in."

"Yes, how…convenient," Janeway said.

Picard's eyebrows drew together. "Do you know something about this?"

"Ensign Harry Kim was checking the replicators this morning. Maybe he…knocked something out of alignment." She raised her eyebrows suggestively.

Picard smiled. "Very clever, Captain."

"That's cruel," Miss Gloria said. "But yes, quite clever."

Janeway shrugged. "It's not that cruel. I didn't ask Neelix to make the meatloaf."

Miss Gloria winced and muttered something that sounded like "slorp".

"It seems like this year will be a success," Picard pronounced.

The other captains concurred, and Miss Maria and Miss Gloria nodded solemnly.

A/N Yes, PPC-ers, that was a reference to the Blackout.

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