Black Dynamite at Ghoul School

It was another standard day in the black community… if you could call it that as a dark red Cadillac Eldorado parked in front of a building which read

"Whorephanage: a Place for Whores and Orphans"

As everybody watched as the driver get out. He wore a brown jacket, red pants a white button up shirt and had a black afro, he was none other than the most respected Pimp, Vigilante, and Kung-fu master: Black Dynamite. As he entered the Whorephanage he saw Honeybee looking thru envelopes

"Black dynamite, I don't want you to get in a bad mood, but I think you should read this" Honeybee said handing Black Dynamite an envelope

"What is it" Cream Corn responded turning off the TV

"It's from the IRS, you owe them" Honeybee

"IRS! I already paid those bureaucratic sons of B*tches!" Black Dynamite yelled

"That was last year, you have to pay them again" Honeybee said

"I know the IRS taught us a lesson last time, it's that those F*ckers will kill you, if you miss by a dime" Bullhorn said

"We need money and fast, anyone got any ideas, and don't say Richard Pryor, I'm don't doing that Sh*t again" Black Dynamite said as Cream Corn flyer

"I found this on the street, this girl school is looking for a gym teacher" Cream Corn said

"Cream Corn, that's gotta be the dumbest idea you've ever had" Black Dynamite said

"Sorry BD, I'll throw this flyer away" Cream Corn said walking away

"Wait, sometimes the dumbest idea you have is the smartest idea you have, and so far that's the only idea, so it's also the smartest, and you always go with your smartest idea" Black Dynamite said as he looked at one of his B*tches

"Euphoria, I need you to look after the orphans while the four of us leave" Black dynamite said

"Fine, because Black Dynamite will make everything alright" Euphoria said in sarcasm

"Euphoria, Shut the hell up, what did I tell you about talking back" Black Dynamite snapped getting in his car as the four of them drove off



(After an extensive road trip)

Black dynamite's Eldorado stopped at an old brick building as Cream Corn read the sign

"Calloway Military academy"

The four of them kept driving until they found the sign they were looking for at an old mansion

"Grimwood's Finishing School for Ghouls" the old sign read as they pulled up

"Ok, let's get this over with so we can pay your damn taxes" Black Dynamite said walking to the door