"Uh were standing right here" a young redheaded werewolf said

"Sorry, but to the point how about you introduce yourselves" Black Dynamite said

"Well as you know I'm Sibella, I'm 13, Count Dracula's daughter" Sibella said

"Name's Winnie, I'm 9, you can probably guess my father, I like sports and am very tomboyish" the wolfgirl said

"I'm Phantasma but you can call me Phanty, I like music I'm 14, my father was the Phantom of the opera" the blue ghost said

"My name's Elsa, I'm 16, my father was Dr. Frankenstein's monster" the stitched up girl said

"I'm Tannis, I'm 6, and I'm a little shy, I don't need to explain my family, but I was born in Egypt" the mummy said

"Well my name is Black Dynamite, that's Cream Corn, Honey Bee, and Bullhorn, we'll be your teachers and starting tomorrow, as for now were gonna catch some Z's and by your outfits is safe to assume the same" Black Dynamite said noticing the girls were wearing pajamas as the girls led to the rooms

"Just Howl is you need anything" Winnie said heading to her room as the 4 went in their separate rooms

(The next morning)

Black Dynamite was sleeping in his bed when his door opened as a figure entered and approached the sleeping Black Dynamite as a punch came out of nowhere and landed an inch away from Winnie's face.

"Winnie what the hell, it's four in the morning and Black Dynamite is trying to sleep" Black dynamite said

"It's time for our morning exercises, we usually do it before the sun rises, I want to let you know and uhh… could you put some pants on… I can't stop staring at your D*ck" Winnie said blushing



"Scram, I say scram, split the scene Winnie… I'll see you after I get dressed as Winnie left the room giggling as Black Dynamite got dressed and left the room and met up with the others as the girls showed up in their day clothes

"Ok girls, let's start with some ballet" Miss Grimwood said

"Ballet, why would they need to do that?" Black dynamite asked as the girls all went to change into tutus and got back when they started ballet dancing

"Because Ballet keeps the ghouls nimble and limber" Miss Grimwood said

"Honey Bee, you're doing this, because there's no why the three of us are wearing a dress" Cream Corn said"

"Fine" Honey Bee said as she went to change into a tutu

"Black Dynamite I know you feel you're stuck in tar, how about us men go the gym and spar" Bullhorn said

"Now Sparing is more of Black Dynamite's style, Call us when you're done dancing and the exercise will begin" Black dynamite called out as the three men left