Princesses Don't Perspire - Ch. 4, Prince Andrew

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Prince Andrew's POV:

I watch as the lovely Princess Rosalynn begins to open the small package from the disgusting little ogre. She slowly pulls out a silver chain.

"What is it?" I inquire, not appreciating the fact that the ogre didn't give the gift to me and not liking the fact someone else is opening it when I am obviously the bravest out of everyone here. Plus we weren't sure if the gift was safe, it could be magical and turn the poor, weak, pretty princess into a toad or something of that matter.

"A necklace." Princess Rosalynn responds as she cocks her head to the side in befuddlement. Poor confused little creature.

"Let me see." I say bravely and stick out my hand ready to accept the silver chain. But instead of listening to me, the fragile princess gently pulls the chain onto her neck and clasps it on.

I stare at the necklace. It is a flimsy, old looking, silver chain with a very (very, very) small blue gem hanging off of it.

"Well what kind of gift is that?" I ask in disgust. "It seems to be very old and isn't likely to be worth much." I spread my knowledge with the rest of the group. After all I know how to buy an acceptable piece of jewelry for a girl. Bigger gems, newly made, and gold not silver.
"I think it's sweet." I hear the girl respond to me. I shake my head at the kindhearted, confused creature. Of course the poor girl thinks this necklace is an acceptable gift. I will have to show her riches and gems much more impressive.

"Shall we continue on, now that the bridge isn't being blocked." I scowl at Prince Nathaniel for interrupting the next brilliant sentence that I had been about to say. Then I scowl further when I see Rosalynn nod at him and appraise him.

"Brilliant idea."

All of us walk off the bridge and enter the forest again walking deeper and deeper. I walk in front of the group, knowing that I am the best leader out of the princes I always have had and still have a brilliant sense of direction. I tell everyone this too and Princess Rosalynn agrees readily, obviously not surprised by the fact that I have an impressive trait such as this.

I grin widely at her and offer my arm to help her walk over the rocks. I don't want her to stumble and fall and scratch her delicate, pretty, little self. Rosalynn seems not to notice my proffered arm because she asks Nathaniel a question that distracts her from it. I shrug it off. It's probably safer for the girl to step behind me rather than beside me anyways. It will be easier to save her from any peril in the long run.

"What's that?" I hear the meek Prince Gregory ask from behind me. I search for what he is pointing at and find a spiral of smoke twisting through the air above the trees.

"Perhaps a dragon!" I claim excitedly.

"Or maybe a house?" Suggests the Princess. I shake my head at her and pat her on the head.

"Don't be silly girl, no one lives out here." I see her face fall sadly, as I say this so I quickly correct myself, as to make her feel smarter. "Although it could be, we shall go check it out!" I claim valiantly. Her face smiles and she informs me of what an excellent idea this is.

"Of course." I reply and stalk off towards the trail of smoke in the air, behind me I hear Prince Gregory whispering away.

"It's not really a dragon is it? I don't much like dragons. They are terribly big and scary and blow fire..."

"No worries chap." I tell him. "I'll fight off any little old dragon."

"It could be a house." The Princess reassures Prince Gregory.

"Hopefully for your sake." I hear the annoying Prince Nathaniel voice, "After all, you'd be the first to get eaten." I laugh joyously at the idea of the competition being eaten. After all that's all the other two Princes are, competition for the fragile, beautiful Princess
Rosalynn's heart. Although they aren't much of an opponent, either of them. Compared to me, no one is competition. I have no doubt the Princess will pick me to marry.

So with those happy thoughts I gallop off towards the dragon.

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