Noatak's POV

I had to admit, this girl could take a punch, literally. I was surprised that by now I hadn't broken anything. She wouldn't cry either, just grunt whenever I slapped her or hit her. She was touch, but not tough enough. I punched her stomach once again and she crumbled to the floor in pain. I sent another kick her way, and that's when she let out a small whimper. I remembered the first time I heard a whimper like that come from her.

Senna and I had been good friends. We had known each other our whole lives, we were next door neighbors. We went to school together, did homework together, and when we were younger even played together. It was as if we were a couple with no official title. I even thought that at some point she might have liked me, but everything changed when he came into the picture.

It was our junior year in high school when a new student arrived from Alaska. This year with exception of all the past years we didn't have homeroom together. When I went to meet her, I noticed she was talking to him. She introduced us and I remember not liking him from the start. He was one of those stuck up guys who thought they ruled the rest of who didn't play sports. I was the type who wasn't very into that nonsense; I was a businessman, just like my father and the one before him.

Tonraq was a football all star, a wide receiver. He began to court Senna and I was furious. She had never agreed to go out with me if it was anymore than just to study, but with him she went everywhere. I hated him for taking her away. We graduated and went off to different universities. One day I came home to find her waiting for me at home. I was so happy. I thought she had finally come to her senses, but I was wrong. She wasn't there to be with me. She was there to give me an invitation to her wedding. I nearly killed her right there and then. Now that I think about it, I should have done just that and spared myself the pain of knowing she would never be mine.

Korra's POV

Noatak never loved me. Yeah, I refer to him by his first name because he's never really been much of a father. He's beaten me ever since I can remember. He hates me for what my mother did. She left him. My mother left him for another man, and she left me too. I didn't know who to hate the most: the man who had "raised" me and beat me or the woman who brought me into this world to make me suffer at the hand of her own father.

Truth to be told I hated them both. I didn't know how could a mother abandon her baby and leave her with this monster. But somehow, past all the beating he gave me, deep down I felt sorry for him. It must have been hard to see the love of your life leave with someone else after having your child. But most of the time I didn't care for him, or for anyone for that matter. Well anyone with the exception of my dog Naga and nana Katara. They were the only two people who really did love me.

I was snapped back to my reality when he kicked my side again. I clutched it, praying he wouldn't break anything. Well, he wasn't that stupid. He knew he'd be in big time trouble if he did. Sometimes I wondered if he beat my mom too, and if that was why she left. He hit me again and I bit my tongue, holding back a sob. I promised myself a long time ago I wouldn't cry. No, I wouldn't give him the satisfaction.

Noatak's POV

I tried to talk to Senna. I tried to make her see the mistake she was about to make but she wouldn't listen. He had her completely at his feet and it killed me. She had been the love of my life. She was the only woman I had eyes for but she was going to marry another man. I went on my knees and begged her to leave him, to start a new life with me. I would make her happy.

"Please, Senna. You're making a big mistake," I said while on my knees holding her hands.

She removed her hands from mine and shook her head.

"I love you. I always have, we can start all over. Just you and me."

"But I love him."

"You're crossing the line Senna," I said a little colder. "I've been your best friend. How can you just walk away from me and say you have no feelings for me?"

"Don't draw a line, Noatak," she replied. "I do have feelings for you, but they don't go beyond that of a friend."

I stood.

"If you marry him, consider our friendship over."

She winced a little at that before closing her eyes.

"Don't make me chose," Senna whispered. "Because it will be him. It's always been him."

I took a step back as if I had been slapped. I couldn't believe it. I went towards her and tried to get her to kiss me. Perhaps then she would realize the mistake she was making. Senna struggled against my hold.

"Noatak, no!" she yelled. "I'm getting married and we are having a child!"

I froze and released her.


"A daughter," Senna confessed.

I looked at her, hurt visible in my face. I sat on the couch and ordered her to leave. She tried to comfort me but I yelled at her to get out. A daughter. She was having a daughter with that…and then the idea came to mind. They had hurt me. She had hurt me. Tore my heart out and fed it to the dogs, and I would do the same.

It is needless to say that I didn't show up for the wedding. No. I had a plan to perfect. It had been about a year after our…little encounter. I found out where they lived and set my plan into motion. I hired a few goons to keep them busy. I went into the nursery and picked up the six month old child. At that moment I almost turned back. Almost. The infant had her mother's face, but when she looked at me, she smiled and it was his smile. My eyes grew cold and the infant let out a whimper, letting everyone know she was scared.

"Korra!" Senna shouted.

"We'll give you anything, just don't take her," Tonraq said.

"Please, take me, but leave our baby alone."

I smirked behind the mask that I wore. She could have spared herself all this pain if she had only listened to me. I walked away still holding the infant and ordered them to burn the entire place. I didn't know they survived until a few days later. It was all over the news. They were looking for the toddler, but I got us out of the state just in time and moved to Republic City. This is where I have been for the past sixteen years.

I looked at the girl. She laid there crumpled on the floor, holding her torso. I hadn't broken anything, I wasn't an idiot. I knew if the damage I'd done was visible if have police snooping about. I didn't need that. I kneeled down next to her and I saw her flinch. I had to admit, I relished the fear I'd beaten into this girl. I grabbed her chin and forced her to look at me. She looked so much her damn mother. She made a sound and I realized I'd tightened my grip; I didn't loosen it.

"Just remember little girl, I'm allowing you to live." I released her chin and stood. "Do I make myself clear?"

She nodded slowly. "Yes, sir," she whispered in reply. I smirked, finding it amusing how fast she could go from furious to afraid, from tough to weak.