My heart began to beat heavily and my hands were sweating. Why was I feeling this way? What did it mean? I looked over at him, is this all because of him? He was a nerdy boy, I had definitely dated more attractive and yet I had never felt this way before. And there he stood with Clary. She didn't deserve a friend like him. She had broken his heart and yet he still loved her. Why did I even care? He was just a mundane…oh wait a vampire now. And yet, my eyes kept falling to his. Stop it, I told my heart as it beat faster and faster. Could this be what I think it was? No, I knew better than that. You're in looo-vvv; I stopped my mind from thinking what I didn't want to be true. No I'm not! It doesn't exist I told myself. Just look at my parents. I watched as he pushed his glasses up his noise. He was wearing a shirt that said "Made in Brooklyn". He didn't even have a since of fashion! So why was I feeling this way? I tried to take my mind off of him but it wasn't working well. I don't like him; I don't like him I kept telling myself. I told myself that so many times that my mind was actually starting to believe it. But my heart was another story. I could feel the fast beats of my heart and tried everything in my power to stop it. I thought of Jace, giving his heart away so easily to Clary. And then I thought of my other brother Alec. He too had given his heart away so easily. They seemed so happy but I knew that was only a mask of what was to come. My mind shifted to my parents. They too wore the mask of happiness. I was the only one who knew the real truth. Something I wished I didn't know and something I didn't wish to witness. Hearts are breakable I thought to myself. I looked back up at him, my heart continued to beat. I guess you could say I was afraid. Yes, I Isabelle Lightwood was afraid of something, afraid of being heartbroken. You're in loo-vv. No, no I'm not! It was a constant battle with myself. I wasn't going to give in. You're in loo-vvv. No! But no matter how much I kept telling myself, I knew the truth. I was in love, in love with Simon Lewis.