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Note: All the names of the characters are going by the Japanese version

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"t" talking

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Untitled Love

Chapter One

Seto groaned at the sight of the paperwork set in front of him, having just slid into his shiny black, leather chair at his office in KaibaCorp. He was especially tired today, since he only slept two hours the night before, due to the fact that he had to stay up and finish fixing all the flaws in the scripts in his latest innovation. Though he loved his work at his company, sometimes it was just too much for him, and he just had to go away and just relax. But if he do that, he'll just put KaibaCorp in jeopardy, and all the other competitors will get the better of him. Hmmph, better to be safe than sorry. Sighing, he grabbed his pen from the tiny glass cup that was located on the right of him, grabbed the first stapled illegible sheets, and started to read through it.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"Bye Anzu, see you next Monday!!!" Yuugi said to his childhood friend, waving, along with Jounouchi, and Honda arguing who can kick people's butts better, and Ryou sweatdropping at the sight of them.

"You couldn't even kick your own butt!! I have to help you on that one!!!" Honda yelled at Jounouchi, making his veins pop.

" Says who, you want me to kick your butt right now??!!" Jounouchi screamed back at his best friend, now an enemy.

"You guys…" Anzu saw the point of being humiliated in public just by being near her two friends, so she simply waved, slinking farther and farther away from them, sweatdropping also.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Now far, far away from them, Anzu let out a breath of relief. She had taken her last final of the year, and now she didn't have to worry about having to take notes or having to study for anything, as she waited for the last few weeks of school to end. To have that burden lifted off of her, she felt extremely giddy, and a childish thought in her wanted Anzu to skip all the way home, but then again she wasn't eight years old, she was sixteen.

'Besides, what would Yami think if he knew about that? He'll probably laugh at me, that's for sure."


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