This is the prologue to A Day Before. Enjoy! Or don't enjoy...

Run. Forever running. Forever running away from them. The Gamemakers. Liz Crown. President Snow. The Capital.

Clare ran beside Deeandra, Diana and Sarah. Her three best friends. Running into the forest. Leaving everything behind. Food. Shelter. Family...

They had no choice. They saw the whipping. The whipping that killed Dunstan and Key. That is what driven them to insanity.




Don't stop. They will make it. They had to make it. The sound of horses hoofs were familiar to them. Hearing the sound of whips behind them. They were getting closer. And closer. And closer. The whip was raised, ready to whip the youngest of them all.


Before the Gamemaker could whip her, he had a change of plans. He turned towards Clare and smirked.


He missed. He raised his whip again and whipped Clare. She fell and laid on the ground. The cold ground that was slowly getting covered with her blood.

"Clare!" Sarah yelled, her voice filled with despair.

"Clare!" Sarah yelled in her face. Clare groaned and rolled over. The three other girls laughed.

"C'mon Clare. Get up!" Diana said, a book in her hand. Clare grunted and didn't move. Sarah and Clare looked at Deeandra for help. Deeandra cleared her throat and started to sing.

"I'm on the edge, of glory! And I'm hanging on a moment with you!" Clare pushed Deeandra off of her bed and got up.

"What the heck do you want?" She said, her voice slightly raspy. "But first of all, how the hell did you get in my house?"

"Your mom let us in." Diana said, reading her book.

"Whatever," Clare got up and grabbed some clothes from her dresser and headed to her bathroom to get ready. The nightmare kept replaying inside her head.

"Yesterday's lesson must've got included with my nightmare somehow." She muttered, looking at herself in the mirror. Yesterday they had learned about slavery and how they were whipped if they had tried to escape. She shook her head and got ready.

Clare walked out of the bathroom to see three pairs of eyes looking back at her.

"What are we going to do today?" Clare asked.

"We're going to Diana's backyard to talk and shit." Sarah said. Clare nodded and went downstairs to eat breakfast. The other girls waited for her and when she was finally done, they went to Diana's backyard and sat around in a circle.

I know it's short, but it's a prologue, what did you expect?