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Dunstan's POV

I ignore Atlas and go to where the knives where. I ran my hand along the cold metal and admired the delicate carvings on the hilts. I look over my shoulder and see District 1, 2, and 3 all starting and snickering at me. I glared back at them, successfully silencing the group. I turn my attention back to the knives until the girl tribute from District 8 comes and takes one.

"Hey!" I yelled. She smirked.

"These are pretty nifty." She said twirling the knife and throwing it at an innocent target that just happened to conveniently be in the room. The knife hit the target, deeply cutting it. She turned to me with a smirk on her face.

"What?" I asked.

"Oh Mr. High-and-Mighty you think you're something special?" She taunted.

"Not really." I shrugged. She narrowed her eyes at me.

"Wow, the first tribute from District 5 that isn't cocky. How surprising." She sauntered away, (quite obnoxiously, I have to say), swaying her hips a bit too much. I roll my eyes and go to retrieve the knife. I pulled it out of the target and put it back on the stand. I turned to the trainer (WHAT IS HER NAME) I forgot it. "Oh well." I thought. I see the cocky District 8 tribute girl whispering and giggling to her District partner. I raised my eyebrow at them when she kissed his cheek.

"When do we start training?" I asked him, Sarah by my side.

He shrugged. "Don't know, don't care." Sarah shook her head and looked over to the trainer.

"Now what?" I asked her.

"Dunno, guess we wait." She sighed and sat down. Apparently, Sarah was impatient today.

Half an hour later, I was BORED, so I took out a book I had stuffed in my jacket. I flip to the page with my bookmark and start reading. Sarah looked over at me and face-palmed, "We're in a dangerous place and the first thing you do is read?" she asked incredulously.

"Hey, might as well read while I can." I said, going back to my book. She took the book out of my hand and put it on her lap. I was about to protest until the boy tribute from District 1 came over.

"What a bookworm. This place is for creating havoc and chaos, not for pathetic little boys like you." He sneered. It seemed like everyone was against us today. A small girl from District 12 came over.

"Don't get bothered by him, he's just as afraid as you guys." She said softly then smiled, walking off to sit near the side. Sarah smiled warmly at her and I took this chance to take my book back.

"Hey!" She said, swiping to take the book back. I swiftly moved my hand as she grabbed the air.

"You were saying?" I asked innocently. She playfully glared at me before looking away. Tributes eventually came pouring in as time went by.

Sarah's POV

The rest of the tributes eventually arrived and we all got in a circle around Atlas.

"Alright, so here are the rules. No fighting or interacting with other tributes. No-" I kinda zoned out after the first rule. I took this time to look over the tributes. I noticed a 12 year old looking girl from District 9 with long black hair with bangs. I'll call her Lorax because I can.

"Alright that is it, you may now start to train." Atlas said. Crap! I didn't listen to a word she said! Alright so maybe I did, but saying that I didn't makes it sound more dramatic.

I rubbed my eyes and went towards the swords. I noticed the boy tribute from District 1, Issac was his name, was there. I walked pass him and grabbed a sword. I saw him smirk at me.

Was he doubting my abilities with a sword?

I adjusted the sword in my hands before starting to swing at the targets. I would've called them dummies, but targets sound cooler.

Chop that one's arm off, cut off that one's head, stab that one in the heart.

I saw the smirk on his face fall. I practiced some more with different kinds of swords, ignoring the fact that the Careers were practically watching my every move. I moved on to the bow and arrow station since I needed to work on my aim. I grabbed the silver bow and drew an arrow back. I watched my arrow hit the stomach of the target instead of the heart. I put a another arrow into the bow and pulled it back. I loosened a little and let go of the arrow. It hit higher this time, and I smiled at my progress. I was about to grab another arrow but before I could, Issac and the rest of the Careers came over and stood in front of me.

"Do you need something?" I asked, the smile falling from my face.

"We would like you to join the Career Pack." He said, smiling cockily. I narrowed my eyes at them.

"You must be crazy if you think I would join you, so, no thanks." I replied, walking away.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait." He said, grabbing my arm. I pulled myself out of his grasp and went over to where Dunstan was.

Dunstan's POV

I was practicing with the knives until I saw the Careers walking over to Sarah. I watched them cautiously until Sarah came over to me.

"What'd they want?" I asked.

"They wanted me to join the Careers." She said. "I said no though. I can't imagine myself with the Careers."

I shrugged. "I bet they would've killed you in the first night." She agreed and went over to the Nature Station. (Was that what it was called?)

I went over to the swords and picked one up. I swung at the targets and didn't do that bad. I pretended that is was just a long knife and because of that, I did much better. Apparently, the Career Pack was watching because they walked up to me, smiling.


I turn away from them and walk away until Issac grabs my arm. I turn around to see the entire Career Pack staring me down. I stand up straight and look Issac in the eyes.

"If you guys want me to join your stupid Career Pack, forget it." I said, walking away.

"Wait!" Issac says, grabbing my arm again. "You'll do so much better with us."

I managed to escape from his iron grip and go to where the knives were. I practiced some more until I went to the Camouflage Station and somehow made my arm disappear into tree bark. (Sound familiar? :3) Out of the corner of my eye I see the girl tribute from District 7 watching me. She quickly hid her face and seemed to have disappeared. I slightly tilt my head and go back to camouflaging my arm.

Sarah's POV

Training went by fast. It only seemed like minutes later when we left for our suites. I went to my room where I took a shower and rested on my bed. I looked at the calender.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

It was Movie Night! That means Diana, Clare, Deeandra and a bunch of other people would all be at Diana's house and watching a movie! I grabbed the phone and dialed Diana's number.

Italic = Diana Normal = Clare Bold = Deeandra Bold/Italic = Sarah Underlined = Other Bold/Italic/Underlined = Everyone (Holy crap, good luck keeping track of this)


Hey Diana, it's Sarah.


Hey Deeandra...

Hey Sarah!

'Ello Clare!

How's the Capitol?

Alright I guess... How's Movie Night?

It's just another lonely night, they happen all the time now that you're not around.

How sad. What movie are you guys watching?

Uhh, we're watching The Matrix.

Shut up Key, nobody likes you.

Shutting up now.


I look at the clock. Damn! It was time for dinner.

Got to go guys, cya!


I hung up and headed downstairs where Liz and Dunstan was already eating and talking.

"What took you so long?" Dunstan asked as I took my seat beside him. "Did you go to Narnia or something?"

"First of all, if I went to Narnia, no time would've passed. Second of all, I was on the phone with Diana, Clare, Deeandra and some other people." I replied. He nodded and took a bite out of his steak.

"Where's Brunner?" I asked. As if on cue, Brunner came lazily downstairs and was immediately handed a bottle of red wine.

"What were you doing up there?" Liz asked. Brunner waved her off.

"It's just another wasted call full of alcohol." He said, drinking from the bottle. Liz shook her head, yet made no attempt to stop him. We were soon dismissed to our rooms for the night.

Second Day of Training

We walk into the training center where almost all the other tributes were training. I saw the girl from District 12 stumbling with a sword and Issac laughing at her. I went straight to the bows and arrows where the boy tribute from District 4 was. He smirked at me before completely missing the target and almost hitting Dunstan who was at the station ahead of us. He turned to us startled before focusing on whatever he was doing.

I shook my head and pulled back the arrow. It cut through the air and hit the target, straight in the chest. The District 4 boy sneered at me, then went to where Issac and the rest of the Careers were. I rolled my eyes. Go whine to you daddy you spoiled kid. I thought to myself. It was clear he was younger than me; not by much though. The thought of my dad saddened had left my mom since she was 'lazy and useless'. I despised him now. Every now and then I would run into him on the street and all we would do would glare at each other. We wouldn't speak to each other, we would barely look in each other's eyes.

Did I miss my dad?

Not one bit.

"Sarah? Sarah!" Dunstan said, pulling me out of my thoughts. "You were standing there with the bow drawn for thirty minutes now!"

"Oh," Was all I could think of to say. I held the bow and arrow in my left hand as my right hand rubbed my temple. I drew the arrow back and hit the target in the head. As soon as I let go of the arrow, I remembered that it was my dad who taught me how to use a bow and arrow. I immediately put the bow back and left the arrows in the target. I went to where the swords were, grabbed one and swung aimlessly at the targets. Breathing heavily, I put the sword down and ignored the stares I was getting. I went over to the side and sat down, I need a break. I needed to clear my head.

Why me? Why did my dad leave? Why was I reaped for the Hunger Games. Why am I here?

So many 'Why" questions ran through my head. I sighed and stood up, slightly dizzy. I went to the Nature Station to clear my head.

I laid down on my bed, staring at the ceiling, looking for pictures in the pattern. Dinner was over, and we talked about tomorrow and the private sessions with the gamemakers. I was not looking forward to that. Being honest, I didn't talk much. Just a "Yeah" or a "Sure" thrown around here and there, but that was it. I drifted off to sleep, wishing I was back home.

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