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At the Dal

Dyson and Hale walked into the bar hoping to find Bo or Kenzi yet neither of the girls were there. Dyson looked over at Hale with a worried look. Hale just shrugged and made his way to the bar. Trick was waiting on a costumer and gestured that he would be right with them. They both nodded back their understanding. It took Trick no time before he was done with his costumer and make his way over to Hale and Dyson.

"What can I get ya boys?" Trick looked from Dyson to Hale.

Hale looked at Dyson then to Trick. "We were wondering if you seen Bo or lil momma around lately?"

Trick frowned. "Not since the celebration here." He looked at Dyson. "Why?"

"We haven't seen or heard from either Bo or Kenzi." Dyson was rather worried about the little human that he had became attached to. "Even Lauren hasn't heard from Bo. She has called. Hell we all have called but no one answers."

Trick looked around the bar. There was on two there beside himself and Dyson and Hale. "Let me close up and I'll go with you to the club house. Today is a slow day." Trick started to close up the bar. His costumers knew that Trick only closed up shop for something important.

Dyson and Hale nodded and headed over to the door to wait. They were all worried about Bo but she was Fae. Dyson was more worried about Kenzi. She had been acting off lately. Coming in less and less to the Dal. Cutting his eyes to Hale he wondered if it was only blood thrall that he felt for Bo. Mentally shaking his head he straightened when Trick came over.

"I'm done." He pulled on his jacket. "I just need to lock the door once we leave."

Dyson nodded. "Alright let's go." He turned and headed out the door with Hale and Trick right behind him.


It took Dyson, Hale and Trick no time to arrive at the club house. As soon as they parked they noticed that Laurens' car was parked in one of the parking places. Dyson was the first out of the car and sniffed the area to see if there were any scents that did not belong. He smelled nothing out of the ordinary.

"I don't know about you but I have a bad feeling." Hale said as he got out of the car. Trick was behind him.

"I agree with you Hale." Trick said as he followed the two up to the club house. He was rather worried now. Yes Bo couldn't get sick but Kenzi could.

Dyson was shocked to see that Lauren was pounding on the front door to the club house. Frowning he moved up beside her. "You were worried."

Lauren nodded. "I called about two minutes ago and Bo answered." She hit the door again. "She told me that she was taking care of Kenzi and that Kenzi was ill. I came over to see if I could help."

Dyson frowned. Kenzi was sick and Bo didn't tell any of them. Shaking his head he raised his fist to beat on the door but the door opened to show a very exhausted looking Bo. Hale looked at Trick then they all 4 rushed in. It took them no time to realize that Bo had not feed. Kenzi was curled up on the couch sleeping. She was covered from head to toe.

"What's the matter?" Trick asked as he stood just inside the door. There was something in the air of the club house that made the hair on the back of his neck stand on end.

Dyson also felt as though something was off. Looking around he spotted Kenzi lying on the couch wrapped up in what looked like millions of blankets. His eyes went to Bo's looking for an answer. "What's going on Bo?"

"Yeah we were all worried about you and the lil momma." Hale said as he moved towards Kenzi but stopped with wide eyes as he rounded the couch. "Oh Kenzi." Was the only thing he said as he rushed to her side and started pulling blankets off.

Dyson and the others froze as they saw Kenzi lying on the couch with what looked like black veins running over her skin. Dyson was at her side in an instant. He could smell death close to her. His eyes went to Bo's. He could tell that Bo was just as worried as him and the others.

"Is this what you have been keeping from us?" His voice was a little harsher than planned. Bo flinched as she took a seat.

"Yeah, Kenzi made me swear that I wouldn't tell anyone." She looked at the others. "She was fine at first. It only appeared on her arm but after the fight it got worse and she wouldn't let me tell anyone." Bo stood and walked over to pull Kenzi's sleeve up. "This is where it started. On her hand."

Hale frowned. "I saw something on her hand not to long ago but she just said it was a rash and would go away." He looked at Bo. "Is that the cause?"

Bo bit her lip and looked at Lauren, Dyson and Trick. "Kenzi told me before she went to sleep that it was when she went to the Norns' to get Dyson's love back that she broke one of her jars." She cut her eyes to Kenzi. "She made me promise not to say anything or she would leave. You have to believe me."

Trick walked over to Bo. "I believe you. I am going to head to the Norn's." He grabbed his jacket. "She might tell me what Kenzi spilled."

Bo stopped Trick with a hand on his shoulder. "Kenzi told me that the Norn said it was a gift. I don't if its a gift for Kenzi or for the Norn." Trick nodded.

"Then I must hurry." Trick looked at Hale and Dyson. "Stay here and try to figure out what is going on. Lauren could help in the medical area."

Dyson nodded as he kept his eyes on Kenzi. Since the small human retrieved his love that he gave away so freely his wolf has been nipping at his heels to spend more time with her. He didn't notice that he was now sitting next to her on the couch holding her in his arms. He felt helpless just sitting there doing nothing. He clenched his eyes tighter together. He could feel the others staring but he couldn't care less.

Hale placed a hand on Dyson's shoulder. "She'll be ok man." He turned his eyes to Lauren. "What do you need to do?"

Lauren bit her lip. "It would be best if Kenzi was at my lab but since she is not in good health I'll have to bring it to her here." She looked around the club house.

Bo shook her head. "No, the clubhouse is to drafty. Kenzi needs to be at the clinic then we'll take her there." Bo looked down at Kenzi. "I know she doesn't like hospitals but she needs professional help. If none of you hadn't called I would of called you soon. I can't lose her. She is my rock."

"Then Hale and I will take her in my car." Dyson said raising to her feet. "I'll hold her while Hale drives us there." With out waiting for a response he picked her up with ease.

Hale jumped as he saw Dyson heading to the door. Bo grabbed her coat and followed after her. Lauren waited for Bo then helped Bo out the door. She could tell that Bo hadn't feed in a few days. She stopped Bo with a hand on the arm. Bo stopped and looked confused.

"What is it?" Bo looked at the way Dyson and Hale went with Kenzi. "We need to hurry."

Lauren shook her head. "Your hungry Bo. You need to feed." She wrapped her arms around Bo's neck and kissed her hard on the lips before she could protest.

Bo tried to move back but her hunger was just to much. In a few seconds she pulled away and shut her power off. She didn't want to hurt Lauren on purpose. Ever since she found a way to feed and not kill she had been so thankful. It haunted her every were she went. She hated the fact that she had killed people so she could live.

"Thanks." Bo whispered as she gave Lauren a quick peck on the cheek.

Lauren smiled. "I know you needed it." She hugged Bo the pulled away. "Come on they're waiting for us."

Bo nodded as took Laurens hand and lead her out the door. Dyson and Hale were already gone with Kenzi but Bo knew that they would take care of her. She just prayed that Trick was having luck with the Norn.


Trick stood at the door to the Norns' place. He noticed that she had a new door. Shaking his head he knocked. He had to stay focused. When the door opened he smiled at her. She moved out of the way and let him in. Trick closed the door behind him. He could tell that she was rather upset. Trick could see the fresh cuts on the old tree.

"You know why I'm here?" Trick told the Norn.

The Norn eyed him cautiously. "I do." She reached out and touched the scar on the tree. "Do you see what that wrenched human did to my tree?" She looked back at Trick.

"That human is the reason I am here." Trick stepped closer. "I wish to know what Kenzi broke."

The Norn snorted. "She is reacting poorly." The Norn spoke as she rose from her chair. "It has been a long time since the Blood King came here for a human." She looked over her shoulder. "Why do this?" She fully turned to Trick.

Trick clenched his fist together. "She is special to Bo as well as the rest of us." He stepped forward and held his hand out. "Are you going to help or not?"

The Norn narrowed her eyes. "I will help on one condition." She held a jar in her hands.

"What is that?" Trick could feel something amiss. "I will not play by your rules. You will get nothing from me if you do this."

The Norn looked him over. "Oh I will receive something." She held the jar out but kept it out of his reach. "You must do something you made a vow never to do again." She eyed him knowingly.

Trick's eyes harden. "And what is that?" He snapped. "There is nothing I won't do to save Kenzi."

"Are you sure about that BloodKing?" The Norn watched as understanding dawned in Trick's eyes. "Now you know what you must do to save the human girl."

Trick had to think this through. The last time he tempted to save a mortal the girl had died during the ritual. He kept his eyes locked with the Norn to see if she would show some king of sign she was lying yet he found none. Could he really do that to save Kenzi? Could he really afford not to?

"Do you accept?" The Norn held out the jar for him to take. "Do you accept this in order to save the human, Kenzi, Blood King?"

Trick stepped up closer to the Norn and took the jar. "I do." He swallowed his nervousness. "I will save Kenzi now tell me what this is?" Trick looked down at the small vile he held.

"The essences of death." The Norn told him. "Now go before I changed my mind. You know the rest thus I do not need to tell you. The look on your face was well worth it." She grinned at him.

Trick watched as the Norn walked out of the living room into one of the back rooms. He knew that she had dismissed him so he took a breath and left. He knew what he had to do however he didn't know if he could actually do what was needed. He needed to speak to Dyson first then with Bo. Since Kenzi was under Bo's protection then he must ask this from her before he even could begin.


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