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Trick however seemed to morph into a negotiator. "Since this is MY bar it means that it is my rules." He looked from the ashes to the Scooby gang.

"Fine whatever." The Morrigan hissed looking at her nails.

Lochlyn nodded with his eyes trained on Naia. "That is fine." He looked at Trick. "Shall we begin?"


Trick nodded as he looked from the Morrigan to Lochlyn. "Naia wasn't the only one who was there when the Norn was killed." He told them. "Kenzi was there as well."

Kenzi nodded. "I went there to see if she had heard from my sister. What I never told anyone I knew about the Norn from my great grandmother." She took a breath. "Naia and I are the only living Elemental Gypsies, left." She looked from Lochlyn to The Morrigan.

The Morrigan was shocked and Lochlyn was amused. "I heard that the last of the Elemental Gypsies were killed."

Trick shook his head. "Apparently the Norn knew that Naia was an Elemental gypsy and asked her to take on a task." His eyes went to Dyson and Hale. They kept their hands on their mates shoulders.

"What was the task the Norn gave you girl?" Lochlyn asked raising a brow.

Naia leaned closer to Hale. "She asked me to take out the Ashes from dark and light that way the gypsies could take their rightful place." Her eyes were going from Lochlyn to The Morrigan.

"But you got there before she could carry it out?" Lochlyn looked at Kenzi.

Kenzi nodded. "Of course." She blew her hair out of her face as she glared at the Morrigan. "Like I would let my sista' get in trouble. I could tell she was around somewhere I just didn't know she kept the Norn for company." She smirked leaning back in her chair.

"What's going to happen to me?" Naia whispered taking Hales' hand.

"I think she should be killed." The Morrigan sneered. "She planned to kill us what makes us sure she wont try even if the Norn is gone." Her eyes narrowed.

"No!" Kenzi stood up shoving her chair and Dyson back a little way. "You are not going to kill my sister!" Her eyes flashed to their golden color.

The Morrigan stood. "And what are you going to do about it kid?" She flipped her hair over her shoulders. "You were nothing but a human turned Fae. You are not true Fae thus you should also be killed."

"The hell you will!" Bo yelled standing up in Morrigan's face. "If you wanna take Kenzi or Naia from me then I will kill you." Her eyes flashed their blue color. "And don't think I wont." She finished with a hiss.

"Why don't we all settle down? Hmm." Lochlyn sat in his chair smiling looking at Naia. "If the girl wished to kill us Morrigan then she would have already." His cut his eyes to her then glanced down at her seat.

The Morrigan narrowed her eyes as she flopped back down in her seat. "If we don't kill her then she must chose a side." She leveled her eyes with Naia. "And I don't do traitors."

"I will then let her join the light." Lochlyn turned to Morrigan. "I already have Kenzi joining and with Naia I would have two more than I did before and two more against you." Lochlyn grinned raising a brow.

"Fine." The Morrigan hissed. "I don't need them." She sprung up and walked quickly out of the room.

Lochlyn just snorted as he turned his attention back to Naia. "You and Kenzi both need to do mock battles to see if you can defeat a couple of dark Fae." He explained to them. "You will have to fight one on one because there are two of you I think it would be fair to let Kenzi go first then Naia."

Everyone nodded in agreement. "Is there anything else that is needed?" Lauren asked from her spot by Bo.

Lochlyn nodded. "I would like a full blood checkup done." He smirked as he looked at Kenzi she looked a little green. "Are you ok Kenzi?" He asked softly raising a brow.

Kenzi glared at Lochlyn. "No as a matter of fact I..." Kenzi didn't get the words out of her mouth as she ran to the trash can behind the bar and threw up anything that was in her stomach. Lochlyn wrinkled his nose at the smell as he stood.

"It seems that there is a congratulations in order." He looked at Dyson with a smile. "I will let you get on to celebrating but I will need to meet each of you at different times. Your mate's can set it up for you. I will mend my earlier statement and let Naia go first because it seems that Kenzi will be out of commission for two or three months."

Hale and Dyson nodded. "Thanks." Hale said as he kissed Naia on the neck. "I'll call you some time tomorrow."

Lochlyn nodded. "I look forward to it." He nodded to the others. "I will see you all later." Lochlyn then turned and walked out of the Dal.

Dyson picked up Kenzi and turned to the others as Kenzi snuggled into his side. "I'm going to take Kenzi home." He told them softly because Kenzi started to snore.

Naia smiled and nodded as she curled into Hales side. "Take good care of her for me." She told Dyson as she watched him walk out the door.

"Always." Dyson called back to them as he walked out the door.

Dyson and Kenzi just pulled up to Dyson's loft

Dyson was in no hurry to get back to the loft but he knew that Kenzi had been through a lot in just a few short hours. Smiling he turned the car off and Kenzi stirred beside him. He looked over and found that she was stretching. He couldn't help the growl that came out of his mouth as her shirt road up her stomach. Kenzi chuckled as she pulled her shirt down.

"Down Kujo." Kenzi playfully slapped his arm. "Lets get upstairs." She said opening the car door.

Dyson glared at her playfully as he jumped out and scooped Kenzi up before she would walk a few feet. "Watch yourself sweet heart." He snapped at her with a grin. "You are going to get it."

"Is that a threat or promise?" Kenzi asked as Dyson set her down that way he could get the door to the stairs.

"Promise." Dyson told her opening the door and letting her walk in. "It was definitively a promise."

Dyson watched as Kenzi started some coffee. He watched as she swayed her hips as she moved around his kitchen. Never before had he believe that he would have a mate and someone in his pack that he cared about more than himself. Of course soon there would be two special someone's in his heart. As soon as Kenzi was far enough along he would be able to tell the sex of the pup. Smiling he walked over behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Have I told you that I love you." He told her kissing her shoulder.

Kenzi sighed and leaned into his arms. "Not that I can remember." She frowned pretending to be thinking.

"Ay, lass I 'ave." Dyson snarled as he picked her up and ran over to the bed and dropping her pinning her with his body. "Howeva' I show ye 'gain."

Kenzi's eyes flashed gold. "Then show me wolf boy." She nipped his neck. "Or are you scared?" She taunted as she rocked her hips upward.

Dyson growled as he tore off her clothing minus the underwear. However her bra was long gone with her clothing, not that she minded. Kenzi shivered at the feel of Dyson using his strength. She smiled as she ran her hands over his shoulders and grabbed his shirt and ripped it down the middle and threw the two halves on either side of them. Dyson smirked as he buried his head into Kenzi's neck sucking and licking where his mating mark was located. Kenzi wiggled under him needing more contact.

Kenzi snarled as she flipped him over and ripped his jeans off his body. She smirked as she ran her hands over his chest and scored his nipples with her short finger nails. Dyson growled softly as he flipped her over and started to kiss his way down her body. He smirked when Kenzi arched up into him as his mouth descended on her breast. His left hand was playing with the other breast as his right hand roamed farther down. As soon as he got to the hem of her panties. Growling against her breast Kenzi bucked against him as she let out a whimper.

"Oh God Dyson!" She screamed trying to wiggle closer. "I need you now." She whimpered as she raised her hips letting him pull her panties off.

Dyson took in a deep breath and smelled her arousal that permeated the air around them. He raised his head and looked into her eyes. "God you smell good." His eyes flashed and watched as hers did the same.

He trailed one finger down her chest between her breast trailing lower and lower. Kenzi sucked in a breathe holding it as he finally dipped his finger between her dripping folds. Kenzi bucked her hips which in return pushed Dyson's finger deeper. Dyson growled at the sensation on his finger while Kenzi whimpered needing more. Pulling his finger out Kenzi opened her eyes to beg however she was transfixed when she watched him bring his finger that was in her to his mouth and lick it clean.

Kenzi couldn't help the feeling that came over her as she watched him taste her. Her hand grabbed his head and brought his mouth to hers as she licked his bottom lip for entrance. Dyson growled as he placed himself between her legs. Both of them naked and Dyson could feel the heat that radiated form her. He needed her now and he couldn't wait any longer. Balancing on one arm he used his other to line himself up with her core. Kenzi bucked against him and he entered her a little bit.

Kenzi broke away from his mouth. "God Dyson put it in already." She cried as she rocked her hips again and this time he obliged her but shoving in until they were connected.

"You're so wet, tight and just for me." Dyson growled against her neck. He could feel his fangs lengthening.

Kenzi's wolf wasn't doing any better. They may have told her that she didn't have a wolf to shift into but she could feel her just beneath the surface. Her teeth lengthened as she rocked her hips signaling for him to move. Dyson grunted as he pulled back and looked into her eyes. They were gold showing that her wolf had taken over. Dyson grinned as he pulled out of her and flipped her around and rammed into her from behind. Kenzi cried out as she felt him fill her once again.

Dyson started the age old movement as one hand held onto her hips while his other and tangled in her hair, pulling her head back, making her arch her back. Dyson growled as he slammed into her over and over. His wolf was breaking the chains he had him in as he bent over her and brushed her hair to the side. Kenzi's walls were fluttering around his length, which told him that she was close. With a few more strokes into her quivering heat he roared and sunk his fangs into her neck then felt Kenzi grip him tight as she found her release.

Both exhausted Dyson didn't even both pulling out feeling safe and secure with his mate in his arms. He pulled the cover over then naked bodies and snuggled up to Kenzi who had already fallen asleep. With a grin and tightening his arms he too followed Kenzi into the land of sleep.

Back at the Dal

Hale, Naia, Bo, Trick, Lauren, Val and Vex were all sitting around stalking when Naia's face broke out into a grin. Hale looked curious along with the others. Naia could only blush.

"Spill girl." Hale said pulling her closer. "What do you know?" he raised a brow.

Naia smiled wider. "Lets just say that I don't think anyone should bother Kenzi and Dyson for the next couple of days." She blushed a darker red.

Val hissed as she went back to looking at her nails. Vex chuckled as he slammed his shot back and asked for another. Lauren was sitting on Bo's lap with Bo's arms around her. "I am very glad that we can finally relax." Bo said kissing Lauren's shoulder. "Kenzi needs a break after all this and I even finished my case without even having to lift a finger." She smirked wide as she picked up her beer and took a drink of it.

"Of course my girl and lil' momma did all the work." Hale said picking Naia up and placing her on his lap then kissed her neck.

Naia blushed even more as she ducked her head underneaths Hale's neck. "She hurt Kenzi and tricked me don't you think that she deserved what she wanted to do?" She glanced around the room.

"Of course Naia." Trick assured her. "You did a great thing killing the Norn however we don't know what the consequences are for killing her." He shrugged. "It could be nothing but I just don't what you to lower your guard." He pointed them all a look.

Bo waved him off taking the last drink of her beer. "Quite worrying Grandpa and fill 'er up." She slid her glass over to him.

Trick rolled his eyes as he picked up her glass and went back to the bar. The others around them laughed. They were quite happy on how things were going. Dyson finally admitted that he loved Kenzi and they were waiting for their little miracle. Hale found his girl and was not alone any longer. Bo had Lauren and while Val and Vex didn't have anyone they had fun annoying the others.

6 ½ months later

Kenzi was on her back with Lauren at her feet with her legs spread wide. Her eyes were flashing from blue to gold as she looked at Dyson.

"I WILL KILL YOU!" Kenzi snarled at Dyson trying to keep breathing. "This is all your FAULT!" She used her other hand to point to her expanded belly that was trying to push their pup out.

Dyson chuckled knowing it was a faze and kissed her forehead. "I love you Kenzi just keep breathing." His eyes cut to Lauren. "Its not much longer."

Kenzi snarled at him as she tried to calm her breathing however another contraction decided to start. She gripped his hand to where Dyson looked in pain. A keening wail came from Kenzi as she held her stomach.

"Can I push yet?" She asked trying to breathe.

Lauren looked up and smiled. "On the next contraction push." She looked back down to where she was needed. Bo was on the other side watching. It was Kenzi's idea.

Kenzi nodded raising up on her elbows. Dyson moved around to where he was behind her. Just then another contractions hit. "Ok Kenzi push!" Lauren cheered her on.

Kenzi bared down and let out a noise that was between a yell and cry. Dyson winced at his mate's nails digging into his arms. When the contraction was over Kenzi leaned against Dyson breathing hard. Bo wiped Kenzi's forehead as she cut her eyes to Lauren.

"On more time, Kenzi I can see the babies head." Lauren coached her.

"You're doing great Kenzi." Dyson whispered to her as he saw her muscles start to contract again.

Kenzi bared down one more time and within a few moments a loud wail from a newborn could be heard. Kenzi went limp against Dyson as he leaned forward and cut the cord with his claws. Bo took the baby and cleaned it up before handing it to Kenzi and Dyson who still hadn't moved. Lauren was cleaning Kenzi up that way she could be switched to a regular bed. Bo finally came over with a pink blanket and handed Kenzi's and Dyson's daughter to them.

"She beautiful!" Kenzi cooed as she held her daughter in her arms.

Dyson leaned his head on her shoulder looking down at the beautiful baby in his mates arms. "Angel Bo." Dyson murmured quietly.

"What?" Kenzi cut her eyes over her shoulder to Dyson, frowning.

Dyson cleared his throat. "Angel Bo Thorn." He looked at Bo who had tears in her eyes. Kenzi smiled and nodded.

"I like that." She looked at Bo. "Well BoBo?"

"I love it Kenzi." Bo said taking Lauren's hand after she was done.

Lauren smiled as she pulled Bo out of the room. Leaving Kenzi and Dyson alone. Kenzi didn't say anything but then again Dyson didn't need her to. The look in her eyes were enough for him to know how she felt. Leaning down he captured Kenzi's lips with his. Angel started to goo at the sight.

Kenzi chuckled as she leaned back and closed her eyes. Giving birth was a piece of cake but she was awful tired now. Dyson mauvered them around were Kenzi was beside him while she rested. He took his daughter and turned on his side facing Kenzi who was facing him. Angel Bo between them fast asleep. Dyson decided to sleep since he had been up with Kenzi since she arrived the night before.

They could finally live happily.

Naia and Hale were at the door watching as they slept. Naia, three months pregnant, with her hands rubbing her stomach. Hale was behind her with his hands on her. They were happy as they watched their friends/sister. All was right as long as nothing decided to shake things up.


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