English 1

23 August 2012

The Most Dangerous Game Essay

Zaroff gave a deep bow and said "let the duel commence."

Rainsford, being next to the bed stand, grabbed the nearest thing, a small steak knife, and lunged at the general with it.

The general had nothing but his wits and his bare fists.

This being said, all did not end well for the general.

Rainsford stabbed the general once in the thigh and again in his lower abdomen.

The general fell with a huge thud and grasped his stomach, if trying to stop the blood from flowing.

Rainsford, with his now sweat covered bangs plastered to his forehead, crouched beside Zaroff.

"It seems general, that the better man has won."

The general had a look of pure terror on his face and pleaded with Rainsford.

"Please Rainsford spare my life we could hunt here, together."

Rainsford chuckled and looked down at the once powerful general.

"Alas general, a good huntsman never lets his pray go."

Rainsford then leaned down, grabbed the general by his heels, and dragged him outside to his hungry dogs.

"Thanks again general for a most enjoyable game."

He then lifted and threw the general in with his hounds.

As Rainsford turned to leave, blood curdling screams could be heard in between the growls and snapping of the hounds.

As for Rainsford, he had never slept in a better bed.

~ End~