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When the two golden haired teens entered the cafeteria, Bella Swan couldn't help but stare. She knew who they were, of course, in the small town of Forks news traveled fast, but this was the first time she had ever seen the Elric brothers, Edward and Alphonse, in person.

Edward, she had been told, was the older brother; slightly shorter than Alphonse. She examined him covertly not wanting to be caught like the rest of the school gawking at the new kid; she knew all too well how that felt. He wore his long, gold hair in a loose ponytail with bangs framing either side of his face. Bella felt a slight pang, the hairstyle reminding her all too much of Jacob's. That wasn't what caught Bella's eye though, it was his eyes they we're gold. Not a tawny, amber like her Edward's was (Edward Cullen that is), but a molten gold, as if some goldsmith had melted it down and trapped it behind his eyes.

Alphonse on the other hand had more of a sandy-blonde hair to Edward's gold and his eyes were a warm, hazel color. Most significantly in contrast to Edward's scowl Alphonse wore an open, easy grin.

"Admiring the new students?" Edward Cullen murmured into her ear. Bella blushed ducking her head and peaking up at him, "Was it that obvious?" she muttered, a bit mortified.

Edward chuckled, smiling, "No, I don't think anyone else noticed…except Alice of course."

Bella made a face, "I don't know if that really even counts."

"Try telling that to her." He said, raising a brow.

Bella rolled her eyes and glanced back over at the brothers, who had sat away from everyone else and we're currently engaged in a heated discussion by the looks of it.

"They're in almost all of my classes." Edward told her, "Very smart, brilliant actually for high schoolers."

Bella's eyes widened, hearing that from Edward was some endorsement, "Really?"

"Really. There's also something off about them…" he murmured, trailing off, and thinking.

"What?" Bella prodded.

"I can't get a solid read on either of them; it's kind of similar to your father's mind I can only get impressions. Vague images…some feelings connected to them but not words or actual thoughts."

"Huh. That's new."

"Yes, it is." Edward agreed. "And I don't like it."

"You wouldn't." I laughed and then sobered, "Think there's something supernaturally up with them?" I asked him.

He pursed his lips, thinking, "It's a possibility. I'll have to talk to Carlisle."

Then the bell rang signaling the end of lunch, and putting an end to their discussion.

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