Bella changed gratefully out of her P.E. clothes and tried not to think about how she had lost her and Angela (her good friend, not best unfortunately…her best friend wasn't in the picture currently) every badminton game they'd played today and the fact that the racket had slipped from her hand…it had flown over the net and nailed David Neilson in the face. Only me…Bella had thought mournfully as she had apologized to David a thousand or so times.

As the final bell rang, Bella swept her hair back into a ponytail, grabbed her bag and raced out the door to meet Edward. Her breath caught in her throat as always when she laid her eyes on his perfectly sculpted face.

"How was P.E.?" Edward asked her, slinging his arm around her shoulders.

Bella raised an eyebrow at his determinedly straight face and grimaced, "I think you can guess."

His lips twitched, "That bad, huh?"

"Worse…" she moaned.

"Well, after eighth hour we can go do…something."

Bella laughed, shaking her head at him, "You sure know how to cheer a girl up."

They headed down to their class, advanced lit which was taught by Miss Poshem (Which sounded suspiciously like 'possum') taking their usual seats at the empty table. This was an unfortunate side effect of the fact most humans were too intimidated to get anywhere close to Edward, however, they were surprised to find the two vacant seats filled…with the Elric brothers.

"Hello," Bella said immediately after taking her seat, "How do you like Forks so far?"

Edward Elric glanced at her and she was once again struck by how his eyes were simply gold, not amber or tawny but gold and he shrugged at her. Alphonse sighed and said to his brother, "Ed, can you at least try and be polite?" Ed said nothing but just rolled his eyes and tilted the chair onto its back legs.

Alphonse sighed again then looked at Bella and Edward his face crinkling into a sweet smile, "I'm sorry about my brother he's a bit short on manners." Ed righted his chair with a bang that made the rest of the entering students look over, he glared at Alphonse, "Who you calling so short he can't even look over a school desk?!" Ed growled.

Bella and Edward glanced at each other but Alphonse laughed, "Well, now that you're talking again. Would you say hello?"

Ed turned slowly to look at Bella and Edward, "Hello." He muttered a muscle jumping in his jaw.

"Ummm…hi," Bella responded.

"Good to meet you." Edward nodded with a small smile.

"I apologize again for Ed, he's just not very happy about all this." Al waved a vague hand.

"All this?" Edward raised a brow.

"Oh. You know high school in general."

Bella laughed, "Well who is happy about having to go to school?"

"I suppose that's true," Al replied with a slight smile, "We just haven't been to school in so long…and even before then it was…old-fashioned to say the least."

Ed snorted at Al's comment which caused Bella and Edward to look at each other wondering exactly what they meant by that.

"So…umm…what did you do for school exactly before Forks?" Bella asked looking at Ed but when it seemed apparent he wasn't going to answer Al intervened, "We had a private tutor for a while but then once we'd finished we had a job that took us around a lot."

"Oh," Bella leaned forward, interested. "So you've been all around America?"

Ed and Al exchanged sly looks, "Something like that." Ed responded with a smirk, golden eyes dancing with poorly concealed mischief.

Bella furrowed her brow in confusion and glanced at Edward entirely not surprised to see the look of total concentration on his face as he tried to read the Elric brother's thoughts.

Al seemed to take pity on her as he noticed her apparent confusion, "We've been all over the world. We were researching scientists so the field took us all over. That's why after so many adventures this environment seems a bit dull to my brother in comparison."

Bella resisted the urge to roll her eyes and shout, 'Well, duh!' but it was a close call.

"Why'd you even come back to high school then if you both are already so advanced?" Edward asked his tone soft but filled with curiosity.

Ed and Al exchanged another look but this time it was unreadable to both Edward and Bella. "Some things came up." Al said in a carefully neutral voice.

Before Edward could pursue the matter further, Miss Poshem called order to the classroom to begin her lesson.

Edward Elric forgot how much he hated school. He didn't understand the purpose behind the whole thing anyway it's not like you actually learned anything anyways. The place seemed like an institution to leech away people's individuality and stress them out to no end.

That is if the boredom didn't kill them first.

Truth be told he really wasn't all that angry with Al he was more angry about the fact they were wasting seven hours of precious research time.

It was the only reason they had come to this little town in the middle of freaking nowhere. They were following a lead on how to get back home.

The journey here had all started with rumors of wolf-chimeras.

The little reservation of La Push had stories dating back to ancient times about men who could transform themselves into wolves at will. Apparently it was genetic and that made he and Al all the more intrigued into how the first of the line was created.

Alchemy, perhaps?

Ed sighed, running a hand through his hair. They had to find out this world and fast. The Truth had merrily made the deal with him to get Al's body back if he and his brother 'took care of a little something' for it.

Ed was starting to get a sinking feeling it had something to do with the town of Forks, Washington.

He just wished he knew what.

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