Warning: There are small mentions of afterlife ideas in this chapter that may be a touchy subject for some. None of them reflect my views or are meant to be taken as fact. It is just my opinion of how Ed and Al would perceive things.


Jacob Black had learned a lot of things about his family in the past year.

Some things like:

The ancient treaty that ran the lands was actually true and kind of a big deal

And the fact that he was a werewolf descended from werewolves…


He still wasn't sure what to make of all that, but the biggest blow he received was that he found out the girl he was in love with was dating a bloodsucker (Or the more friendly term of 'vampire').

Lately though everyone on the reservation was on high alert because of the two foreigners; Edward and Alphonse Elric.

They had shown up not too long ago asking tons of questions (most about weird scientific crap) but they seemed to know about us…about our secrets…(except they called us 'chimeras' or something ridiculous like that).

The elders and Sam (our alpha) had clammed up and refused to answer any questions but Jacob personally didn't think it would stop the two boys; they had this fire of determination in their eyes that wasn't hard to miss. It was the fire that said 'I'm going to burn this place to the ground if I don't get the answers I want', so he figured it was better just to tell them and get them to keep the secret than have them dig up things that should stay buried.

Plus he actually liked to hang out with Ed and Al, Ed had a sarcastic but witty sense of humor while Al was kind, and thoughtful with a hidden wicked streak about him, the wolf in him knew that if it was possible they would've been welcome additions to the pack.

Jacob sped towards First Beach on his motorcycle, where Ed and Al had promised to meet up with him after their first day at Forks High. Breaking fast, he swung himself off his motorcycle and plopped himself down on the bench next to Ed and Al who were flipping through complicated books that he didn't even bother to read the titles of.

"You were right, Cullen is creeptastic." Ed said in greeting without looking up from the notebook he was currently scribbling complex circle diagrams in.

I felt a smirk creep across my face in response, "I told you. He looks like a Ken doll somebody dipped in white paint."

Ed snickered and Al looked up with an admonishing gaze that made even the most hardened criminals feel guilty, "Brother! Jacob! Be nice! He seemed very kind and considering when we spoke to him."

Ed and Jacob exchanged sheepish glances before mumbling half-hearted apologies to Al.

"So...erm- what are you researching?" Jacob asked hastily not wanting to incur Al's wrath any further.

Ed raised an eyebrow at him as if to say 'real smooth' but he answered the question anyway, "Science and how it's compatible with the legends we were able to dig up around here."

Jacob leaned forward alert and interested, "How-what does that mean?"

"Well," Ed began, "Tracing the line of these so called 'spirit warriors' we wondered how they were initially able to detach the souls from their bodies, you see the soul needs a medium and also a container to survive in our realm so they couldn't have been sailing around in the wind (or whatever) as it's described in the legends…"

"Okay," Jacob scrunched up his brow in thought, "So…what do you mean by a medium?"

"A soul is basically pure energy," Al interjected, "So it requires a medium to keep it tied to our world otherwise its medium disappears into everything or non-being you could say."

"So…you guys don't believe in any afterlife I'm guessing?"

Ed and Al exchanged a loaded glance before Al answered almost sadly, "Who's to say that when you disappear into the non-being you're really going to heaven? We'll never know for sure."

"Okay…" Jacob bit back a sigh, he was always saying that while around these two (better to just agree with the geniuses and ask more questions so that maybe when he talked to them he would feel less of an idiot), "Back to the medium thing."

"A medium is something that keeps the soul in place, it has to relate to that object or host one way or another but you have to be careful because the soul can just as easily reject it's container as it can accept them. It's tricky work." As Al finished his explanation Ed looked away with barely concealed sadness as if this subject brought up painful memories. It made Jacob wonder exactly how these two kids his age knew about all this crap and seemed to believe it.

"So what were the spirit warriors medium?"

"Dunno," Ed shrugged, "We think it might've been the land itself, but we haven't had enough hypotheses for a sound theory."

Jacob just shook his head in wonderment, "You guys are such nerds."

Ed's eyes flashed with a more playful kind of fire as though he was used to such insults, "That's rich coming from the mechanic freak."

Jacob held up his hands in surrender, "Woah there pipsqueak put the claws away."

"Did you just call me a-" Ed growled but was cut off by Al's laughter, "You know, Brother, he reminds me of Winry sometimes…"

Ed's anger abruptly disappeared as he smirked, "True. Both obsessed with their mechanics."

Jacob bristled, "It's not an obsession. It's an art."

Ed's smirk stayed permanently etched in his face as he opened his mouth to make another (most likely insulting) comment when a howl pierced through their conversation causing Jacob to shoot to his feet.

"Ineedtogo…" Jacob called his words slurring together as he bolted into the forest disregarding his motorcycle, all the while wondering what could be so damn important that had caused Sam to alert the pack in the middle of the day.


Jacob was naked as soon as he was under the cover of the tree line (no need to scar anyone) and not even a moment later his form was shifting until all four paws hit the ground solidly.

At the same moment his head was filled with the minds of his pack.

For Jacob the sensation never ceased to shock him, for he knew all the minds connected to him, he knew absolutely everything about them more than anyone else would know certainly and they knew about him too. The way they all knew about each other scared him sometimes but at the same time where was he going to find a group of people that knew everything about him and still accepted him?

Awwww...we love you too Jake! Quil teased cheerfully, and he could hear the rest of his pack's mental snickering. Jacob was glad that wolves couldn't blush because he knew he'd be beat red, why did he always seem to loose himself in his thoughts when he knew his pack could hear every one of them?

He skidded to a stop as he reached the clearing where the rest of the pack was sitting in a circle.

He quickly took his spot on Sam's right, eager as everyone else was to hear about the reason for this meeting.

Is this about Ed and Al? Seth piped up curiously, as soon as everyone had arrived.

No, I've spoken with the Elders about them and we've come to the decision that if they find out the truth on their own we will confirm it but we can't risk breaking the treaty with the Cullens at this time. Sam explained calmly.

Then why the hell are we here? Leah growled in irritation.

While on patrol last night, Paul and I came across some unknown vampire scents. Everyone needs to be on guard and I'll be increasing patrols until the intruders are dealt with.

Are we informing the Cullens? Jared asked, curiously.

I growled a bit at the name and huffed at Sam's affirmative.

It's best to get confirmation that we are dealing with a vampire who is not friends with the Cullens. Sam said patiently before doling out the schedule for patrol for the next couple weeks.

As the meeting disbanded, Jake readied himself to run back and get his motorcycle. He hoped that Ed and Al would be gone by the time he got back because he didn't really have an excuse for running off like a mad man in the middle of their conversation.

As he ran he thought about the mystery vamp that was causing trouble and got a sinking feeling in his stomach that there as more to it than met the eye and for some reason he felt it was connected Bella.

Oh joy.

His life really sucked sometimes.


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